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2017 Reunion Reservation Form
Killough Family - NC Branch Facebook Group
Killough Reunion Association Home Page
Killough massacre - Wikipedia
Family Reunion History
Two Centuries Back - (1922 Newspaper article)
Officers & Committee Members
Peter Richardson, Biography
Ken Kalloch - Autobiographical Page
KFRA Bylaws (doc)
Kalloch Family History Quilt
Quilt square descriptions page
Reunion Minutes Index Page
148th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2015
147th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2014
146th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2013
145th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2012
144th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2011
143rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2010
142nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2009
Thomaston First Baptist Church - Presentation by Peter T. Richardson
2009 Reunion Photos Page
141st Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2008
2008 Reunion Photos Page
140th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2007
2007 Reunion Photos Page
Boyds and Kallochs - 2007 Reunion presentation
The Scots in Maine - 2007 Reunion handout
Scottish Place Names in Maine - 2007 Reunion handout
139th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2006
2006 Reunion Photos Page
Amazon.com: Book - "Anna May E: 82 Years in New England", by Julia Hunter
Don Pitcher Photography and Travel Writing
138th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2005
2005 Reunion Photos Page
"A Family Affair" - Article about our Reunion Association - Family Tree Magazine, Dec. '04
137th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2004
2004 Reunion Photos Page
History of 22 Mechanic St., Rockland, ME
136th Kalloch Reunion Minutes- 2003
2003 Reunion Photos Page
History of 22 Mechanic St., Rockland, ME
135th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2002
St. Andrew's Society of Maine - SASME
Amazon.com: Books: How the Scots Invented the Modern World
2002 Reunion Photos Page
134th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2001
"Fly-Rod Crosby - The Woman Who Marketed Maine"
133rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2000
Dean Mayhew - Story About Our Immigrant Ancestor
South Uist in the Scottish Outer Hebrides
Isles of Shoals, (NH Seacoast)
Clan Donald USA
132nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1999
Union, ME Historical Society
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Dean Mayhew Kalloch Arms Update
131st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1998
Montpelier, Home of General Henry Knox
"From Stump to Ship", (A 1930 Logging Film)
130th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1997
Isaac Kalloch
129th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1996
128th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1995
127th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1994
126th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1993
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
New England Historic Genealogical Society(NEHGS) - New England Ancestors
125th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1992
1992 Reunion Photos Page
124th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1991
123rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1990
122nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1989
121st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1988
120th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1987
119th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1986
118th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1985
117th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1984
116th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1983
115th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1982
114th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1981
113th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1980
112th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1979
111th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1978
110th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1977
109th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1976
108th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1975
107th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1974
106th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1973
105th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1972
104th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1971
103rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1970
102nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1969
101st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1968
100th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1967
99th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1966
98th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1965
97th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1964
Quoddy Loop defined
96th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1963
95th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1962
94th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1961
93rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1960
Grandma Moses - Wikipedia
Tufts University - Wikipedia
92nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1959
91st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1958
RushLight Club
90th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1957
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
89th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1956
88th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1955
87th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1954
86th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1953
85th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1952
84th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1951

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2017 Kalloch Family Newsletter
The Millay House Rockland
The Millay House - Facebook page
2016 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2015 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2014 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2013 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2012 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Whitehall Inn - Edna St. Vincent Millay
2011 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Red Barn Publishing
Elmer Rising photo page
2010 Kalloch Family Newsletter
6 Generation Fan Pedigree Chart
2009 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Father and Son, Matthew and Hanse Kelloch, Honored
2008 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2007 Kalloch Family Newsletter
T.S. STATE OF MAINE - Training Cruise 2007
2006 Kalloch Family Newsletter
DAR | Daughters of the American Revolution
Maine Maritime Academy-world's best seamanship instruction.
Maine Lighthouse Museum
Zora Louise (Killough) Cunningham - In Memoriam
Chief Seatle - Drawing by Raphael Coombs
City of Deadwood
Black Hills - Wikipedia article
Mount Moriah Cemetery (South Dakota)
2005 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Austen.com (Jane Austen) Front Door
Skagit River Journal
Life of Amariah Kalloch III, by Noel Bourasaw
Finley Keller IV and Jane B. Robinson, by Marilyn Morrison
2004 Kalloch Family Newsletter
2003 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Luke Kalloch's CD - "Your Weekly Guide to Life in Midcoast Maine"
2002 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay
"State of Maine flies its flag, up to a limit" - Jim Kalloch article
2001 Kalloch Family Newsletter
"Fly Rod Crosby: The Woman Who Marketed Maine", (book review)
Maine State Museum, Augusta, ME
Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Morse's Sauerkraut, (Kalloch relative, David Swetname purchased business)
2000 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Union, ME Historical Society
1999 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1998 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Kalloch Family Quilt
Montpelier - Henry Knox Museum
Battleship Kearsarge
1997 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1996 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Four Spiritualities - (Book by Peter Tufts Richardson)
Kalloch quilt
1995 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport
Edaville Railroad
The Maine Two-Footers - (Book by Linwood Moody)
1994 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1993 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1992 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Edna St. Vincent Millay
1991 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1990 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1989 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1988 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1987 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1986 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1985 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1984 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Clan Donald-USA
1983 Kalloch Family Newsletter
Amazon.com: Books: My Backyard History Book
1982 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1981 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1980 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1979 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1978 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1977 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1976 Kalloch Family Newsletter
1975 Kalloch Family Newsletter

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Family Tree Maker Software
Practice Safe Genealogy! - Cregan Ancestry Privacy Issues
Killough Reunion Association Home Page
The Killough/Kellough Family in Ireland, Canada and The United States
Kalloch Message Board
Killough Message Board
Kalloch Gen-Forum
Killough Gen-Forum
Kalloch Arms Report
Kalloch/Killough Family Researchers & Web Links
(Ellis, Norma Millay - founder of) - The Millay Colony for the Arts
(Ellis, Norma Millay - president of) - The Edna St. Vincent Millay Society
(Gould, Edward Kalloch - Mayor of Rockland) - New Eng. Carnegies: Rockland Public Library
(Graves, Rodney - member of) - The Bill Williams Mountain Men
(Hall, Woodbury Kalloch) - Profile by: M. Morrison & N. Bourasaw
(Hawley, Jean Gannett) - Guy Gannett Communications history - Wikipedia
(Joyce, Roy E. Joyce - engineer & crew chief in) - B-17 Flying Fortress
(Kalloch, Catherine E.) - Concord SPCA
(Kalloch, Catherine E. - member of) - National Grange
(Kalloch, Catherine E. & Eleanor - members of) - Warner, NH Historical Society
(Kalloch, Capt. W. Ralph - served on) - Battleship USS Kearsarge,
(Minotto, Agnes Sorma - buried near) - Kleist's Grave - Internet City Guide "Berlin Hidden Places"
(Minotto, Agnes) - Agnes Sorma - Lessing-Theater, Berlin
(Minotto, Agnes) - Countess Agness Minotto
(Minotto, James - gravesite) - Yavapai County, Arizona
(Minotto, Julia Elizabeth - gravesite) - Yavapai County, Arizona
(Minotto, Walker, Ida May) - Grave - Yavapai County, Arizona
(Nelson, Mabel M. - member of) - National Grange
(Reed, Kenneth R.) - Maine Lighthouse Museum
(Swift, Gustavus F.) - The Yankee of the Yards. Gustavus Franklin Swift
(Swift, Gustavus F.) - Wikipedia article
The Killough/Kellough/Kalloch Connection
Killough Family Association Home Page
Historical Background of the Killough Family
Peoples of Caledonia - (Picts, Scots, Britons, Angles, and Northmen)
Saint Columba - Wikipedia
Kingdom of Northumbria - Wikipedia
St. Duthus Church in Tain
The Normans - Conquest of England 1066 - Wikipedia
Moray Scotland - Wikipedia page
Battle of Bannockburn
University of St. Andrews
Battle of Flodden
Martin Luthur and the Reformation
Mary Queen of Scots - (Official site of the Marie Stuart Society of Scotland)
The Scottish Migration to Northern Ireland
The New Model Army
Siege of Drogheda - Wikipedia
The Curse of Cromwell
The Twelfth - Wikipedia
History of Our Name
Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
Kellogg Genealogy Forum
Sacred Springs and Other Water Lore - (Archived version)
Kellow Genealogy Forum
Historical Introduction & Scotch-Irish Links
Boyds and Kallochs - 2007 Reunion presentation
The Scots in Maine - 2007 Reunion handout
Scottish Place Names in Maine - 2007 Reunion handout
Maine Ulster Scots Project
On the Trail of Scotch-Irish Ancestors, by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG
Old Bushmills Distillery - (Discover Northern Ireland)
Rev. Craighead - (Archived version)
Ulster American Folk Park
Scotch-Irish Emigration to America
The Scotch-Irish Killoughs
Sue's Genealogy Recipes - The Scotch-Irish
Early Killough/Kalloch History
Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park
South Uist in the Scottish Outer Hebrides
Isles of Shoals, (NH Seacost)
Kelloch's in The American Revolution
Valley Forge National Historical Park
Heights at Castine, (The Penobscot Expedition, 1779)
Fortress of Louisbourg
Henry Knox
Montpelier - Maj. Gen. Henry Knox Memorial

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Photo Album Index Page - (223 Album pages)
Allen, Nannie Kalloch - page
Ames, Edwin Gardner - page
Ames, John Keller, & Sarah Albee (Sanborn) - page
Andersen, Doris Ardelle Keller - family page
Andersen, Richard Charles - page
Avery, Barbara Fox - photo - page
Berry, Edna Corine (Keller) Plummer - page
Bill, Ronald Edward & Penny Gail Dietz - family page
Blackman, Olive Kalloch - family page
Blondin, Lori Anne (DeGaetano) & Michael Jay - page
Boyd, Capt. Adam, family gravestones page
Boyd, Capt. George W. - page
Brandenburg, Ethel May Gregory - page
Brewer, Dorothy Rose (Kalloch) - family page
Butler, Eliza Kalloch - page
Chamberlain, Charles Drummond - page
Chouinard, Bruce Leonard & Marilyn Rae Glacer - family page
Chouinard, John Pierre & Marion Jean Kalloch
Christie, Augusta Kalloch - page
Collemer, Nathan Colby - page
Coombs, Samuel F. - family page
Father Asa Coombs gravestone photos at Find A Grave
Samuel Coombs and Rachel Boyd - Essay by M. Morrison
Chief Seattle in drawing by Raphael Coombs
Crie, Rosanna (Kalloch) Libby Hathorn - page
Crockett, Ann Wall - page
Cross, Isadora (Keller) - family page
DeGaetano, Daniel Paul & Joyce Ann Mclean - family page
DeGaetano, Edna Gertrude (Keller) & Nicholas Francis - page
DeGaetano, Raymond Neil & Gianina Ann Ferrara - family page
Dietz, Michael Earl & Nicola Marie Bays - page
Dietz, Walter E. & Bonnie Rose Kalloch - page
Donovan, Linda Marie (DeGaetano) - page
Dow, Ethel Kalloch - family page
Drewett. Bertha Winifred (Kenniston) - page
Drinkwater, Capt. James J. - family gravestones page
Dunbar, Emily C. (Kalloch) -  page
Dunbar, Rev. Maurice - page
Estabrook, Abigail Kalloch - page
Estabrook, Ronald A. & Ila Poyner - page
Fairweather, Maude Beatrice (Keller) - family page
Farnham, - family gravestone page
Farrand, Gladys Viola Keller - family page
Farrand, Richard Ernest "Red" - family page
Fernald, Anita Louise (Gross) & Allen Charles Fernald - family page
Fontaine, Dorothy Roselle (Kalloch-Vickery) - page
Frisbee, Alice M. Kalloch & Dwight Frisbee - page
Gardner, Rochelle Mary (Vickery) - page
Gay, George Finley - family gravestone page
Geer, David Larkin & Lucy Lermond Kelloch - page
Gould, Edward Kalloch - family page
"Montpelier", the Knox Memorial, (Edward Kalloch Gould - Chair of Trustees)
Graves, Clyde Kalloch - page
Graves, Jack & Bev - page
Graves, Mercy Kalloch (Hathorn) - page
Gregory, Emma Eliza Galbreath - page
Gross, Glennys Ava (Kalloch) & Lloyd Osborn Gross - family page
Hall, Ezekiel D. - gravestone page
Hall, Fred Oliver - page
Hall, Glenn Karl - page
Hall, Woodbury Kalloch - page
Hall, Woodbury Kalloch - historical profile
Heald, Rose Emma (Keller) - family page
Heltemes, Jolene Jene (Chouinard) & Duane - family page
Herman, Laurence and Florence (Dingle) - family page
Hills, Hazel Lois (Kenniston) - page
Howard, Albert S. & Harriet F. (Kalloch) - page
Johnson, Elinor Collemer - page
Joyce, Lillian - page
Kalloch, Adam B. Kalloch - family page
Kalloch, Albert M. - page
Kalloch, Alden G. - page
Kalloch, Alexander, III - family page
Kalloch, Alexander, IV - family page
Kalloch, Alonzo T. - page
Kalloch, Rev. Amariah - page
Kalloch, Amariah III - page
Pony Express - Wikipedia article
Life of Amariah Kalloch III, by Noel Bourasaw
Kalloch, Amos Amariah - family page
Kalloch, Arthur Dean - family page
Kalloch, Belinda - page
Kalloch, Benjamin & Esther Libby Family - Memorial & gravestones page
Kalloch, David Harold - family page
Kalloch, D. Elaine, Rogers, Curra - family page
Kalloch, Edwin Bruce - page
FuneralPlan.com - Ed's photo & obituary
Kalloch, Edwin J. - page
Kalloch, Elmer D. - page
Kalloch, Frank Seavey - page
Kalloch, Fred - page
Kalloch, George W. - page
Kalloch, Halsey Knapp - page
Kalloch, Harold & Maria Tolman - page
Kalloch, Harold Lorrain - page
Kalloch, Harris Edwin - page
Kalloch, Harry Lorrain - page
Kalloch, Herbert - page
Kalloch, Horace W.  - page
Kalloch, Howard Lincoln - page
Kalloch, Rev. Isaac S., - page
Ottawa University - Founding - Isaac S. Kalloch
The Golden Voice - Book review of M.M. Marbery's book
The Kearney-Kalloch Epoch - Museum of San Francisco
Chinatown Declared A Nuisance! - Museum of San Francisco
San Francisco History - Alcaldes and Mayors
Wikipedia - Isaac Smith Kalloch
Find A Grave  - Isaac Smith Kalloch
Kalloch, John Lindsey - page
Kalloch, Rev. Joseph - page
Kalloch, Joseph Ellis - family page
Kalloch, Joseph Henry - page
Kalloch, Kenneth D. - page
Kalloch, Laurence F. - page
Kalloch, Leroy Theodore - page
Kalloch, Lewis Howe - page
Kalloch, Lewis V. - page
Kalloch, Maurice Boyd "Monty" - family page
Kalloch, Maurice Elwood "Mike" - family page
Kalloch, Maurice Lester - family page
Kalloch, Melvin "Mike" - page
Kalloch, Dea. Mero - page
Kalloch, Merrill Rudolph - family page
Kalloch, Mervyn Ray - family page
Kalloch, Nathan Libby - page
Kalloch, Niven Crawford family gravestones - page
Kalloch, Norman Rice, Sr. - page
Kalloch, Olive Louise - page
Kalloch, Dr. Parker Cromwell - page
Kalloch, Phillip Carroll & Evelyn Nuppula - family page
Kalloch, Phillip Carroll, Jr. - family page
Kalloch, Ralph - family page
Kalloch, Richard Dearborn - family page
Kalloch, Robert Mero, II - page
Kalloch, Robert Mero, III - page
Internet Movie Database -  Robert Kalloch - Costume designer
Rita Hayworth Fashion Page -Pt. I of III
Jerrold de Wolfe Biography Chapter 4
Internet Movie Database - Ida Lupino
Kalloch, Rodney E. - page
Kalloch, Rufus Gilmore, Jr. - page
Kalloch, Rufus Gilmore, Sr. - page
Kalloch, Spencer M. - page
Kalloch, Sumner Boyd - family page
Kalloch, Thomas M. - family page
Kalloch, Warren James - family page
Kalloch, William Singer - page
Kellar, Angelina (Vose) - gravestone page
Kellar, Benjamin & Lucena (Robbins) - page
Kellar, David - gravestone page
Keller, Capt. Albert W. - page
Keller, Albion M. & wife - gravestones page
Keller, Alexander & wife Jane - gravestones page
Keller, Capt. Charles D. - family gravestones page
Keller, Clinton Everett - family page
Keller, Daniel McKenzie & Julia Calderwood - family page
Keller, David Josiah  & George Keller families - page
Keller, Findley & Hannah (Gardner) Keller - gravestones page
Keller, Findley B. & Harriet Libby - page
Keller, Findley Chaney & Laura Bell Babbidge - page
Keller, George Gregory & Susan Annis - family page
Keller, C. D. (Gilbert Dodge) - gravestone page
Keller, Goddard Dodge, Sr. - page
Keller, Grover Everett - page
Keller, Henry Lamson & Gladys Maxcy - family page
Keller, Capt. John & Susan Phinney & family - gravestones page
Keller, John Ernest & Florence Elizabeth Taylor - page
Keller, John Ernest Storey - family page
Keller, John Storey - family page
Keller, Josiah P. - page
Pope & Talbot History
HistoryLink.org- Port Gamble Cybertour
Keller, Moses & Asenath Tolman - page
Keller, Percy Raymond & Grace H. Andrews - gravestone page
Keller, Vendelyn O. & Martha (Meservey) - family page
Kelley, Marjorie Eleanor (Plummer) - page
Kelley, Norma Ernestine (Keller) - family page
Kelloch, Adam Boyd, Sr., - gravestone page
Kelloch, Finley, I  - Farm Site - Warren, ME - page
Kelloch, Hanse Robinson - gravestone page
U.S. Daughters 1812 Chapter - USS Enterprize
Sarah Kalloch and the Snows
Kelloch, Capt. Josiah family - gravestones page
Kelloch, Ludwig S. - gravestone page
George Hearst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Black Hills - Wikipedia article
City of Deadwood
Mount Moriah Cemetery - Lawrence County, South Dakota
Dialogue Between Nations - Lakota perspective of the Black Hills
Kelloch, Matthew & Shepard T. - gravestone page
Kelloch, Matthew - page
Daughters of the American Revolution, Bremerton, WA
Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park
King, George Edwin - page
Kinney, Dea. Matthew family - gravestones page
Knowlton, Henrietta Heald - page
Langston, Helen Augustus (Keller) - page
Levesque, Victoria Gail (Kalloch) - family page
Logan, Thomas Frederick & Karen Marie (Kalloch) - family page
Long, Esther Kalloch - page
Long, Mildred Eudora (Gilmore) - page
Lopez, Florence Evelyn (Keller) - family page
MacLaughlin, James & Sadie (Benner) - family page
Macomber, George E. - page
Maple, Ebba Louise (Kalloch) - page
Marshall, Mabel M., - page
Mayhew, Dean R. - family page
Millay, Edna St. Vincent - page
Edna St. Vincent Millay - Wikipedia article
The Academy of American Poets Website
About Edna St. Vincent Millay, by Elinor Collemer Johnson (from 1999 Kalloch Newsletter)
Amazon.com - Savage Beauty - The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay, by Nancy Milford
Edna Millay - Renascence and Other Poems
AmericanPoems.com - Edna St. Vincent Millay
Edna St. Vincent Millay - Poems
Women Who Left Their “Stamps” on History
Miller, Richard Leroy & Gail June (Kalloch) - family page
Moody, Lena Marcia Kalloch - page
Moody, Linwood - page
Edaville USA home
City Point Central Railroad Museum
Morrison, Homer & Marilyn (Sherer) - page
Munson, Emily Talbot (Keller) - family page
Voyage of the Toando, by Marilyn Morrison
Nelson, Anita Louise (Gross-Fernald) & Robert Charles
Olsen, Rev. Arthur - page
Olson, Christian Henry & Abbie Hannah (Kalloch) -page
Oxton, Alfred John - page
Oxton, Mehitable (Keller) & Sanford LaForest - page
Oxton, Roy Gordon & Elva Atwood (Newton) - page
Pearson, Dorothy - page
Pearson, Edith Adellau Kalloch - page
Pepper, Barbara Leno - family page
Place, Flora Alfretta (Kalloch) Peavey - family page
Richardson, Elford H. & Eleanor Pearson - page
Richardson, Rev. Peter T. - family page
Peter's biographical page
Red Barn Publishing - Books by Peter Richardson
Rising, Elmer - page
Elmer Rising to be Inducted into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame
YouTube video of Elmer's daughter Linda Rising Buddenhagen talking about him and his art
The Pen Renderings of Elmer Rising New England in Black and White
BookFinder.com: The Pen Renderings of Elmer Rising
Rising, Laura (Kalloch) - family page
Robinson, Leola F. - page
Rocha, Olive Edna (Livingston) - family page
Rollins, Mabel Thomas Kalloch - page
Rowe,  Glennie Emma - page
Sherer, Dana & Myrtie (Kalloch) - family page
Sherer, Dana Edward - page
Sherer, Lester Raymond - family page
Sherer, Nancy Jane - page
Simmons, Samuel & Sarah R. (Hawes) - page
Skiles, Frances Dumble - page
Smith, Alicia Kay - page
Smith, David Vinal & Julia Ann Shea - family page
Snow, Capt. Henry A., and Eliza H. (Kalloch) - gravestone page
Spear, Clarence & Lottie May Kalloch - page
Spring, Faustina Robinson - page
Stover, Mary Jane - page
Swift, Louis F. - family page
Thomas, John & Naomi (Boggs) - page
Thurston, Joseph & Jennie Asenath Kalloch - family page
Tobey, William H. - family page
Tollefson, Mary Estelle Brandenburg - page
Waldron, Marion Adelia (Sherer) - page
Wall, Nancy L. Kalloch - page
Watts, Capt Edward A. & Emily Judson (Kalloch) - page
Whitcomb, Nellie (Cross) & Eben - family page
Willis, Anges "Angie" (Kalloch) - page

Notable Kallochs (frames)  / Notable Kallochs (no-frames)
John Keller Ames
Augusta Kalloch Christie
Edward Kalloch Gould
Alonzo T. Kalloch
Amariah Kalloch III
Rev. Isaac S. Kalloch
Parker C. Kalloch, Jr. & Eunice (Gronvold) Kalloch
Robert Mero Kalloch
Josiah P. Keller
George E. Macomber
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Robert Mero Kalloch
Elmer Rising
Famous Kallochs - (1986 Kalloch Family Newsletter)

Family Book List (frames)  /Family Book List (no-frames)
Ben Ames Williams
"Come Spring", (historical novel, by Ben Ames Williams)
Union Historical Society
"The Golden Voice"
Rev. Isaac Kalloch
"The Pen Renderings of Elmer Rising"
Elmer A. Rising
Peter Richardson - Biographical page
Red Barn Publishing - Books by Peter Richardson
Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Freeservers.com - Free Web Space and Site Hosting
Amazon.com: Books: HTML 4 For Dummies® : Quick Reference
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International Webmasters Association Pro-Ethics Pledge
About Kalloch Family Webmaster
The Killough Reunion Association Home Page
City of Concord, New Hampshire
Portrait pedigree of the progenitors of Kenneth D. Kalloch
Photo album page of Kenneth D. Kalloch
Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch
Tuck Library - NH Historical Society
Facebook page of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Favorite Links (frames) /  Favorite Links (no-frames)
Armadale Castle Gardens
Museum of the Isles
Clan Donald USA
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Ireland & Northern Ireland
About Gina - (Gina Kalloch)
About Gina - (Gina Kalloch)
Kalloch/Killough Family Researchers & Website Links
About Gina - (Gina Kalloch)
A Killough Family Home Page - (Mitch Fincher)
Don Pitcher
Geer Family Association
Julie's Genealogy - (Julie Sefton) (Archived version)
Killough Massacre 1838 - Wikipedia article
Killough Family Association Home Page
Athena Dreams Design - Liz Kalloch's graphics and mixed media design
My Irish Roots - (Debbie Gallant)
www.larryshort.com - (Larry Short)
Red Barn Rockland
City Guide for Rockland, ME - From DiscoverOurTown.com
The Farnsworth Art Museum
Maine Archives and Museums
Maineguide.com -Maine's Home on the Internet
Maine Office of Tourism
Maine State Tartan (and other State symbols) - (Archived version)
Rockland-Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce
The Maine Lobster Festival
Maine Exile Products
Maine DOC Industries
Maine Ulster Scots Project
Maine Jokes
Tim Sample & The Maine Humor Company
The Wicked Good Guide to Mainah English
A Semi-Wicked Good Maine Page
How to Eat A Lobster
MELobster.Com -- Your source for Maine Lobster info!!!
What is a Sept?
Clan Donald USA - Names and Families of Clan Donald
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Ireland & Northern Ireland.
Maine Ulster Scots Project
NH Highland Games
Old Sturbridge Village - living history museum
Saint Andrews Society of Maine
Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots) Links
Scottish Tartans Museum
Strathspey and Reel Society of NH
Strawberry Banke - Portsmouth, NH

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