2006 Kalloch Family Reunion Photos
Taken by Eleanor Richardson 8/19/06

139th Kalloch Reunion Group Photo - August 19, 2006

This years reunion was held at the Old Town House in Union, Maine, which was built in 1840
and has been carefully maintained and updated by the Union Historical Society.


June Parmenter & Evelyn Kalloch

Deb Lovely
Our New Reunion Association President!

Bob & Agnes Crabtree and
June Parmenter standing to their right

Bob & Agnes Crabtree - Longest married couple
66 years!

Historian Peter Richardson with
Don and daughter Maura Sack

Co-Historian Ken Kalloch with Anita Nelson
& sister Jeanine Laurence looking on

Historian Peter Richardson
with Gail Clark

Philip and Dave Kalloch

Kathy Kalloch looking at the Kalloch
family photo album from our website

Maura & Don Sack with Zame
Crocker to their right

Pat Stephen

Phillip Kalloch

Gail Clark

Bob Nelson & Vickie Levesque

Fred Kalloch

Jeanine & husband Victor Lawrence

Group photo taken during business meeting
held before lunch

Vice president Ruth Wade leading
the business meeting

Zame Crocker and Ruth Wade
Zame Crocker won the award for the attendee
longest traveled - she came from San Diego, CA

Evelyn Kalloch reading the
Treasurer's report

Evelyn Kalloch - Reunion Association
 Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary
and editor of Kalloch Newsletter

Peter holding photo of Alexander Kalloch III,
his great-great-great grandfather and father
of Rev. Joseph and many notable Kallochs

Henry Sleeper and Linda Crosby

Pat Stephen and Nancy Greenwood

Our featured speaker was Civil War historian Blaikie Hines

Blaikie Hines, a passionate Civil War historian and artist, dressed in a Civil War officer uniform, and using a huge 1862 American flag as a backdrop, and authentic military and personal items, told reunion attendees about the Civil War and culture of mid 19th century America. 

Civil War Volunteer Sons of Connecticut - Blaikie's book -link to Amazon.com.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (Recommended by Blaikie) - The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War.

139th Kalloch Reunion Minutes

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