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Also please note that the newest Kalloch family photos are now added directly to our
Kalloch Family Reunion Association Tree's Media Gallery on Ancestry, as of 8/20/19 there are 16,777 photos.

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Allen, Nannie Kalloch - page
Ames, Edwin Gardner - page
Ames, John Keller, and Sarah Albee (Sanborn) - family page
Andersen, Doris Ardelle Keller family - page
Andersen, Richard Charles - page
Avery, Barbara Fox - page


Benko, Debbie Heffernan, - (group picture with son David, Aug. 2000)
Berry, Edna Corine (Keller) Plummer - page
Bill, Ronald Edward & Penny Gail Dietz - family page
Blackman, John A., Jr. and wife Dorothy
Blackman, Irving W. "Bob" - (group picture - John A. Blackman, Sr. Birthday, Aug. 1978)
Blackman, Irving W. "Bob" - (childhood - group picture with Doris and Fred)
Blackman, Olive Kalloch & family page
Blondin, Lori Anne (DeGaetano) & Michael Jay - page
Boyd, Capt. Adam, family gravestones page
Boyd, Capt. George W. - page
Brandenburg, Ethel May Gregory - page
Brewer, Dorothy Rose (Kalloch) - family page
Butler, Eliza Kalloch - page


Chamberlain, Charles Drummond - page
Chouinard, Bruce Leonard & Marilyn Rae Glacer - family page
Chouinard, John Pierre & Marion Jean Kalloch - page
Crie, Rosanna (Kalloch) Libby-Hathorn
Christie, Augusta Kalloch - page
Collemer, Nathan Colby - page
Coombs, Samuel F. - family page
Crie, Rosanna (Kalloch) Libby Hathorn - page
Crockett, Ann Wall - page
Cross, Isadora (Keller) - family page
Cross, Julettie B., photo of grave stone - (wife of Carl H. Kalloch)


DeGaetano, Daniel Paul & Joyce Ann Maclean - family page
DeGaetano, Edna Gertrude (Keller) & Nicholas Francis - page
DeGaetano, Raymond Neil & Gianina Ann Ferrara - family page
Dietz, Michael Earl & Nicola Marie Bays - page
Dietz, Walter E. & Bonnie Rose Kalloch - page
Donovan, Linda Marie (DeGaetano) - page
Dow, Ethel Kalloch - family page
Drewett, Bertha Winifred (Kenniston) - page
Drinkwater, Capt. James J. - family gravestones page
Dunbar, Emily C. (Kalloch) - page
Dunbar, Rev. Maurice - page


Estabrook, Abigail Kalloch - page
Estabrook, Ronald A. & Ila Poyner - page


Fairweather, Maude Beatrice (Keller) - family page
Farnham, - family gravestone page
Farrand, Gladys Viola Keller - family page
Farrand, Richard Ernest "Red" - family page
Farrand, Robert Allen - family page
Fernald, Anita Louise (Gross) & Allen Charles Fernald - family page
Fontaine, Dorothy Roselle (Kalloch-Vickery) - page
Frisbee, Alice M. Kalloch & Dwight Frisbee - page


Gardner, Rochelle Mary (Vickery) - page
Gay, George Finley - family gravestone page
Geer, David Larkin, and Lucy Lermond Kelloch - page
Gould, Edward Kalloch - page
Gould, Charles D. & Marguerite
Graves, Clyde Kalloch - page
Graves, Jack & Bev - page
Graves, Mercy Kalloch (Hathorn) - page
Gregory, Emma Eliza Galbreath - page
Gross, Glennys Ava (Kalloch) & Lloyd Osborne Gross - family page


Hall, Ezekiel D. - gravestone page
Hall, Fred Oliver - page
Hall, Glenn Karl - page
Hall, Woodbury Kalloch - page
Heald, Rose Emma (Keller) - family page
Heald, Doris Mary Leonard - family picture
Heltemes, Jolene Jene (Chouinard) & Duane - family page
Herman, Laurence & Florence (Dingle) - family page
Hills, Hazel Lois (Kenniston) - page
Howard, Albert S. & Harriet F. (Kalloch) - page



Johnson, Elinor Collemer - page
Joyce, Lillian - page


Kalloch, Adam Boyd, Jr. & family page
Kalloch, Albert M. - page
Kalloch, Alden G. - page
Kalloch, Alexander, III - family page
Kalloch, Alexander, IV - family page
Kalloch, Alonzo T. - page
Kalloch, Rev. Amariah - page
Kalloch, Amariah, III - page
Kalloch, Amos Amariah - family page
Kalloch, Arthur Dean - family page
Kalloch, Belinda - page
Kalloch, Benjamin & Esther Libby Family - Memorial & gravestones page
Kalloch, Bonnie J.- (group picture with Alice Frisbee - Spring 1983)
Kalloch, Carl H., (with brother Elmer)
Kalloch, Carl H., photo of gravestone
Kalloch, Carl H., Jr.,
Kalloch, Capt. Charles W. (Italy photo)
Kalloch, Capt. Charles W.
Kalloch, Colby and Leonie Butt
Kalloch, Dan R. - (group picture with Alice Frisbee - Spring 1983)
Kalloch, David Harold & family page
Kalloch, D. Elaine, Rogers, Curra - family page
Kalloch, D. Elaine - (group picture with Dow children ca. 1926)
Kalloch, Edwin Bruce - page
Kalloch, Edwin J. - page
Kalloch, Elmer - page
Kalloch, Ethel Dow - page
Kalloch, Frank Seavey - page
Kalloch, Fred - page
Kalloch, George W. - page
Kalloch, Halsey Knapp - page
Kalloch, Harold  & Maria Tolman - page
Kalloch, Harold  Lorrain - page
Kalloch, Harris Edwin - page
Kalloch, Harry Lorrain - page
Kalloch, Herbert - page
Kalloch, Horace W. - page
Kalloch, Howard Lincoln - page
Kalloch, Rev. Isaac S. - Notable Kalloch's page
Kalloch, John Lindsey - page
Kalloch, Rev. Joseph - page
Kalloch, Joseph Ellis - family page
Kalloch, Joseph Henry - page
Kalloch, Kenneth D. -  page
Kalloch, Laurence F. - page
Kalloch, LeRoy - page
Kalloch, Lewis Howe - page
Kalloch, Lewis V. - family page
Kalloch, Maurice Boyd "Monty" - family page
Kalloch, Maurice Elwood "Mike" - family page
Kalloch, Maurice Lester - family page
Kalloch, Melvin "Mike" - page
Kalloch, Dea. Mero - page
Kalloch, Merrill Rudolph - family page
Kalloch, Mervyn Ray - family page
Kalloch, Nathan Libby - page
Kalloch, Niven Crawford  family gravestones - page
Kalloch, Norman Rice, Sr. - page
Kalloch, Olive Louise - (daughter of Sumner & Ethel Kalloch) - page
Kalloch, Dr. Parker Cromwell - page
Kalloch, Pearl Snow - (group picture with Alice Frisbee - Spring 1983)
Kalloch, Phillip Carroll & Evelyn Nuppula - family page
Kalloch, Phillip Carroll, Jr. - family page
Kalloch, Ralph - family page
Kalloch, Richard Dearborn - family page
Kalloch, Robert Mero, II - page
Kalloch, Robert Mero, III - Notable Kalloch's page
Kalloch, Rodney E. - page
Kalloch, Rufus Gilmore, Jr. - page
Kalloch, Rufus Gilmore, Sr. - page
Kalloch, Spencer M. - page
Kalloch, Sumner Boyd - family page
Kalloch, Thomas M. - family page
Kalloch, Warren James - family page
Kalloch, William Singer - page
Kellar, Angelina (Vose) - gravestone (1818-1840) page
Kellar, Benjamin & Lucena (Robbins) - page
Kellar, David - gravestone (1755-1846) page
Keller, Capt. Albert W. - page
Keller, Albion M. & wife - gravestones page
Keller, Alexander (1765-1844) & wife Jane (1777-1868) gravestones page
Keller, Dr. Benjamin Henry
Keller, Capt. Charles D. - family gravestones page
Keller, C. D. (Gilbert Dodge) - gravestone page
Keller, Daniel McKenzie - family page
Keller, David Josiah - family page
Keller, Findley & 3rd. wife Hannah (Gardner) Keller - gravestones page
Keller, Findley B. & Harriet Libby - page
Keller, Findley Chaney & Laura Bell Babbidge - page
Keller, George Gregory & Susan Annis - family page
Keller, George David - family
Keller, Capt. Goddard Dodge, Sr. - page
Keller, Henry Lamson - family page
Keller, Capt. John & Susan Phinney & family - gravestones page
Keller, John Ernest & Florence Elizabeth Taylor - page
Keller, John Ernest Storey Keller - family page
Keller, John Silas - family page
Keller, Josiah P. - page
Keller, Moses & Asenath Tolman - family page
Keller, Percy Raymond & Grace H. Andrews - gravestone page
Keller, Vendelyn O. & Martha (Meservey) - family page
Kelley, Marjorie Eleanor (Plummer) - page
Kelley, Norma Ernestine (Keller) - family page
Kelloch, Adam Boyd, Sr., - gravestone page
Kelloch, Finley I - Farm site in Warren, ME - page
Kelloch, Hanse, - gravestone page
Kelloch, Capt. Josiah family - gravestones page
Kelloch, Ludwig S. - gravestone page
Kelloch, Matthew & Shepard T. - gravestone page
Kelloch, Matthew - page
King, George Edwin - page
Kinney, Dea. Matthew family - gravestone page
Knowlton, Henrietta Heald - page


Langston, Helen Augustus (Keller) - page
Levesque, Victoria Gail (Kalloch) - family page
Logan, Thomas Frederick & Karen Marie (Kalloch) - family page
Long, Esther Kalloch - page
Long, Mildred Eudora (Gilmore) - page
Lopez, Florence Evelyn (Keller) - family page


MacLaughlin, James & Sadie (Benner) - family page
Macomber, George E. - Notable Kalloch's page
Maple, Carl G. - obituary photo
Maple, Ebba L. (Kalloch) - page
Marshall, Mabel M., - (grandmother of Kenneth D. Kalloch) page
Mayhew, Dean R. - family page
McDaniel, Loyer "Lola" (Kalloch)
Merriam, Paul & Doris Blackman
Millay, Edna St. Vincent, - Notable Kalloch's page
Miller, Richard Leroy & Gail June (Kalloch) - family page
Moody, Lena Marcia Kalloch - page
Moody, Linwood - Notable Kalloch's page
Morrison, Homer & Marilyn (Sherer) - page
Munson, Emily Talbot (Keller) -family page


Nelson, Anita Louise (Gross-Fernald) & Robert Charles


Olsen, Rev. Arthur - page
Olson, Christian Henry & Abbie Hannah (Kalloch) - page
Oxton, Alfred John - page
Oxton, Mehitable (Keller) & Sanford LaForest - page
Oxton, Roy Gordon & Elva Atwood (Newton) - page


Pearson, Dorothy - page
Pearson, Edith Adellau Kalloch - page
Pearson, Eleanor and Elford H. Richardson - page
Pepper, Barbara Leno - family page
Place, Flora (Kalloch) Peavey - family page



Richardson, Elford H. & Eleanor Pearson - page
Richardson, Rev., Peter T. & Eleanor M. (Billings) - family page
Rising, Elmer, - Notable Kalloch's page
Rising, Laura (Kalloch) & family page
Robinson, Leola F. - page
Rocha, Olive Edna (Livingston) Rocha - family page
Rokes, Grace N. - photo from obituary
Rollins, Mabel Thomas Kalloch - page
Rowe,  Glennie Emma - page


Sack, Nancy Kalloch
Sherer, Dana & Myrtie (Kalloch) - family page
Sherer, Dana Edward - page
Sherer, Lester Raymond - family page
Sherer, Nancy Jane - page
Simmons, Samuel & Sarah R. (Hawes) - page
Skiles, Frances Dumble - page
Sleeper, Cleveland
Smith, Alicia Kay - page
Smith, David Vinal & Julia Ann Shea - family page
Snow, Henry A. and Eliza H. (Kalloch) - gravestone page
Spear, Clarence and Lottie May (Kalloch) - page
Spring, Faustina Robinson - page
Stover, Mary Jane - page
Swift, Louis Franklin - family page


Thomas, John & Naomi (Boggs) - page
Thurston, Joseph Daniels & Jennie Asenath Kalloch - family page
Tobey, William H. - family page
Tollefson, Mary Estelle Brandenburg - page




Waldron, Marion Adelia (Sherer) - page
Wall, Nancy L. Kalloch - page
Watts, Capt Edward A. & Emily Judson (Kalloch) - page
Whitcomb, Nellie (Cross) & Eben - family page
Willis, Anges "Angie" (Kalloch) - page
Wood, Kathleen - (group picture - John A. Blackman, Sr. Birthday, Aug. 1978)


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