134th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2001

August 18, 2001, at 11:00 a.m., at the John Street Methodist Church in Camden, President Jeanine Lawrence called the meeting to order.  The president welcomed the 33 attendees to the 134th Kalloch Reunion.

After the officers were introduced, the Secretary's report was accepted as presented by Victoria Levesque.  Evelyn Kalloch, who reminded everyone that the fiscal year was reunion to reunion, gave the treasurer's report.  As of August 18, 2001, there is a checkbook balance of $610.64, with no accounts receivable.  Donations this year included $246 mailed to the treasurer and $45 from the coffee pot.  The treasurer noted that the last 3 years the reunion expenses have exceeded the amount collected.  There are two sets of genealogies promised under accounts payable.  The Certificates of Deposit are valued at $3,351.28.  The treasurer's report was accepted.

Old business yielded another discussion about establishing a Kalloch website.  Evelyn Kalloch informed the audience that Ken Kalloch has started that website at http://kalloch.accessgenealogy.com.

A moment of silence was observed for those Kalloch members who had died this year: Gaylee Bork, Nancy Sack, Harlan Back, and Robert C. Wade.

Noted also was the marriage of Joel and Linda Andrews.

Deborah Lovely displayed the quilt square hanging, noting the 23 Kalloch squares already received.  Members still may submit squares, which should be 12 x 12 inches, with an additional 1/2-inch for a seam allowance.

Barbara Sanborn, Peter Richardson, and Bob Crabtree were selected to serve on the nominating committee for election of officers.

Under new business, Margaret Carlton made a motion: the business meeting segment of the yearly family reunion should meet earlier and not be included in the reunion program.  Discussion included these points: the executive committee can handle most business, the extra time would allow attendees to socialize or research, and young people would not have to attend a business meeting, therefore, be more encouraged to attend the reunion events.  The motion was later amended by Margaret Carlton to state: Officers and committee chairs will determine the time of the business meeting each year, which will be prior to the reunion program.  This time will be published to entitle anyone who wishes to attend the business meeting.

Jeanine Lawrence revisited the possibility of using funds for scholarships.  Opposition to this proposal included: too many high schools in the area, too many branches of the family, too complicated to consider the distribution of funds, money is needed to complete the genealogy and website.  The Kalloch membership had voted down this proposal in 1999.  It was agreed that the genealogy needed to published before scholarships were to be considered.

Julia Hunter presented her new book published: Fly-Rod Crosby: The Woman Who Marketed Maine.

President Lawrence reminded the audience that next year's reunion should be special in honor of the 135th.  She suggested the possibility of a site that offers camping.  It would be nice to encourage younger people to attend the reunion. Peter Richardson suggested that a neutral place for the business meeting be selected and that parallel programs could be offered to accommodate both the older and younger generations.

The president asked for volunteers to sit on the committee to organize the 135th.  Dee McCarthy volunteered. It is noted that a common location to meet is difficult with so many members living geographically a long distance from one another.

Peter read a draft of a proposed Kalloch Reunion Resolution/Greeting to be sent to the Ingraham (sister reunion) 125th.  It was accepted as read.


Whereas Rev. Joseph Kalloch and his twin sister, Nancy Kalloch Wall, founded the Kalloch Family Reunion in 1867: And whereas Rev. Joseph's wife, Achsah Ingraham Kalloch, seeing the great value and enjoyment to be experienced in such gatherings, determined that the Ingraham family should create a Reunion of their own; And whereas by affirming our mutual concern to further the interests of genealogy, family and local history for generations to come, we are delighted to hear of the growth and vigor or our sister Reunion; We therefore send our warmest greetings and congratulations to the Ingraham Family Reunion of the occasion of their 125th anniversary, August 11, 2002.

Awards presented were: youngest, Alicia Kalloch Manning at 11 years old; oldest, Frances Hjerpe at 98 1/2 years old; furthest traveled, Pat Stephens from Nebraska; longest married, Robert and Agnes Crabtree at 61+ years; early bird to Frances Hjerpe; door prize to Fred Kalloch.

The slate of officers, as presented by nominating committee, were accepted as positions: Jeanine Lawrence, president; Gayle Kalloch, Ruth Wade, and Gerri Kearns, vice-presidents; Evelyn Kalloch, treasurer and corresponding secretary; Victoria Levesque, recording secretary; June Parmenter, registrar; Julia Hunter, chaplain; Dean Mayhew and Peter Richardson, historians.

Guest speaker for the afternoon program was Roxanne Saucier, Bangor Daily News.  The topic of her speech was "All My Cousins".  She shared many reliable websites for use to trace ancestry, and explained how to determine how one is related to another.

Peter Richardson reviewed some of the famous ancestors, including Finley, Amariah I, Isaac, and Amariah III.

Dean Mayhew suggested that we obtain the video that was shown by PBS, produced by Nova on the Hebrides.  The land today is much like what Robert would have encountered.

The 134th Kalloch Reunion was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque

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