137th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2004

The 137th Kalloch Reunion met at the former homestead of Frank Seavey Kalloch on 22 Mechanic Street, Rockland, Maine, on August 21, 2004.  31 attended this meeting in the famous “Old Red Barn” which housed the wares of the Tinware Man, who sold and delivered light hardware to country people and small stores.  President Julia Hunter welcomed the attendees to the oldest continuous meeting in the United States.  The secretary’s report, as presented by Victoria Kalloch Levesque, was accepted as written.

Evelyn Kalloch submitted the treasurer’s report, and that also was accepted as read.  The beginning balance was $2,667.14.  Checking interest, reservations, coffee pot, and donations (including a generous $250 donation from Anita
Fernald Nelson) totaled $1,083.83.  Expenses, including printing, postage, supplies, Reunion catering, Reunion gifts, and memorial, were $1,007.77.  The checkbook balance, as of August 23, 2004, was $2,733.20.  Assets include a computer, and there were no accounts receivable or payable.

Each year it is the Kalloch Reunion custom to pass the coffee pot to collect donations.  Peter Richardson, historian, tells us that this coffee pot was made especially for the Kalloch Reunion by Frank Seavey Kalloch.  Traditionally the youngest attendee passes the coffee pot.

This year we again honored those who had died: Frances Hjerpe, August 9, 2004 at 101 years old; Megan Beane, July 8, 2004; Martha Keller Sumner of Vermont, January 12, 2004; Fred Merriam, June 29, 2004; Barbara Merriam, August 14, 2004; Nathan Colby Collemer, April 19, 2004; Frank Schueler Jr, December 24, 2002; Norma E, Keller, 2004; Richard Crabtree, April 17, 2004; Phyllis Belinda Kalloch Reed, May 8, 2004; Ethelbert “Thel” Rich Keller, September 28, 2003; Frederick Kenniston, June 21, 2003; Doris Merriam June 20, 2003, Carl Kalloch, September 13, 2003; Raymond Oxton, May 24, 2003; Allen Fernald Jr, December 21, 2001; William Fairweather Jr, June 10, 2004; Dexter Olsen of New York, May, 2004; Colonel Edward Bradlee Sleeper, April 19, 2004; and Joseph Robinson, August 14, 2004.  In their memory, Peter Richardson read two poems: “Echoes” by Frances Hjerpe and “Dirge without Music” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. 

Old business included addressing the issue of contributions.  Last August Alex Gross suggested the possibility of encouraging contributions from those who access the website to ensure the ongoing of the Kalloch site.  The executive committee reviewed this matter.  Since the Kalloch newsletter asks for money, and the newsletter is posted to the website, we would not also solicit funds in another place on the website.

Deb Lovely is still taking quilt squares for the Kalloch wall hanging.  In new business there was a discussion of refunds to those who don’t attend the reunion.  It was voted that starting with the 2005 Kalloch Reunion that there would be no refunds after the cancellation date stated on the registration form.  This cancellation policy will be made clear on the form.

President Hunter asked for ideas for a new location for next summer’s reunion.

Ken Kalloch, webmaster, submitted a report.  Over 100 unique visitors per day log onto Kalloch.accessgenealogy.com and view [an average of] 700 pages [per day].  He urged all members to contact him to update any information that is missing or inaccurate.  He also petitioned for more obituaries and photos.  Anyone with old obituaries pressed in Bibles, albums, boxes, etc, with access to a photocopier or computer scanner, please send them to Ken Kalloch.  Ken also has been assisting with the Killough genealogy.  There are now over 30,000 individuals listed on the website.  The members of the Kalloch Association appreciate and value the labors of Ken Kalloch.

The nominating committee presented the slate of officers, which was accepted for the next fiscal year: President, Julia Hunter; Vice-Presidents, Ruth Wade and Ken Kalloch; Recording Secretary, Victoria Levesque; Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, Evelyn Kalloch; Historians, Dean Mayhew and Peter Richardson; Registrar, June Parmenter; Chaplain, Pat Stephen; Webmaster, Ken Kalloch. The nominating Committee for 2005 will be Shirley Keller Thomas, Joyce Jura, Arthur Jura, and Barbara Sanborn.

Gifts included: Youngest Member attending the reunion, Judith Kale Kalloch, age 37; Oldest Member, Evelyn Kalloch, age 77; Longest Married, Arthur and Joyce Jura with 54 years of marriage; Early Bird, Kennedy and Mary Ellen Wilson; Door Prize, Robert Zimmermann; Furthest Traveled, Shirley Keller Thomas of Florida; Hostess Gift to Peter and Eleanor Richardson, and New Members, David Getman, Terry Luce, Margaret Jones, Dora Larrabee, Kathryn Rogers, and Robert and Sandra Zimmermann.

Contact Eleanor Richardson if in need of a Reunion group photo either this year or last year.

The business portion of the day adjourned at 12:30 for lunch, which was catered by Kay Dodge.

This year’s program included a talent show by attendees.  Barbara Sanborn read a poem “Warning” from When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, Julia Hunter sang “Evergreen”, Ruth Wade presented a dramatic version of
the Book of Jonah, and Eleanor Richardson led a sing-a-long of “Weave”.

Peter Richardson, with 25 years as the Kalloch Family historian and “only 10 notebooks to show for it”, concluded the Reunion with a review of our roots.  We all descend from Finley Kelloch I, who was the first settler in Warren. Finley, whose father was Robert [Killough], our immigrant ancestor, had his first child at the age of 14: David (no children), John, Mary (who went to Boston and married a Brown), Matthew, Alexander I, and Margaret (who married a Boyd).  Peter also reminded us of our many famous and sometimes notorious ancestors.

The 2004 Kalloch Family Reunion concluded at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, secretary

2004 Kalloch Reunion Photos

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