95th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1962
Pages 111-113 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 23, 1961

The 93rd [95th*]  annual reunion of the Kalloch family was held at the St. George, Grange Hall.

This being the oldest reunion in the country.

Following a bounteous dinner at which only 10 members were present, the business meeting was opened by Virgil Hills and prayer was offered by Rev. Maurice Dunbar.

The Secretary's & Treasurer's report read and accepted.

It was voted to elect Capt. Charles Kalloch, Pres. for the ensuing year.  And Arthur Kalloch, our former Pres. was made an honorary president.

It was also voted to have only one Vice Pres. and Miss Leola Robinson was elected, and the remaining board of officers as last year serve for the ensuing year.

Pres. -

Capt. Charles Kalloch

Honorary Pres.

Arthur Kalloch

Vice. Pres. -

Leola Robinson

Sec. & Treas. -

Edith Harris

Historian -

Marguerite Gould

Entertainment Committee -

Mabel Rollins, Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses

Location Committee -

Prof. E. B. Rollins, Virgil Hills,


Arthur Kalloch

After the business meeting a short program was enjoyed, consisting of readings, poems and jokes.

Miss. marguerite Gould spoke on the Kallochs as belonging to the Mac Donald Clan.

A letter was read from Mrs. Richard Long, San Jose, Calif. asking about the Kalloch coat of arms.

The collection was omitted as we have a balance to cover all expenses on hand.

It was suggested by Mrs. Rollins that each person trace his Kalloch line back as far as possible.

Adjourned to meet, Aug. 21, 1963, at the St. George Grange Hall.

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

3 deaths reported:
    Mrs. Nettie Drown
    Mrs. Augusta Kellogg
    Miss Helen Keller

Capt. Charles Kalloch reported the birth of twin sons to his son.

Edith M. Harris, Sec.

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