Two years ago Nancy Sack wrote her last newsletter.  Nancy is responsible for years and years of newsletters which kept us informed of all Kalloch news as well as Kalloch obituaries.  Today, Nancy is unable to rise from her bed at the New Palz Nursing Home (P.O. Box 909, #1 Jantzen Rd, New Palz, NY 12561), but a note or a card from a Kalloch member would cheer her immensely.  The Sack family, as well as Charlene Black, thank those who have already sent notes or phoned.  We all wish Nancy well and thank her for all of years of service to the Kalloch Family Association.  Meanwhile, Vickie and I will attempt to inform you as best we can with this newsletter.  The news has been compiled from various news articles in the Rockland area papers, as well as death notices from Association members.  We encourage members to send any newsworthy articles to me so that we can keep the membership informed.

Evelyn N. Kalloch

126th Kalloch Family Reunion

The 126th Reunion was held at the Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine, on August 28, 1993 with 40 members in attendance.  The oldest attending was 90-year-old Frances Hjerpe, the youngest was 8-year-old Jenna Pettit, the furthest traveled was Catherine Olsen from Sun City, California, and the longest married was Paul and Doris Merriam at 58 years.  New officers are Dolores McCarthy, President, Donald Sack, Vice-President, Evelyn Kalloch, Treasurer/Corresponding Secretary, and Victoria Levesque, Recording Secretary. Dolores “Dee” McCarthy, our president for the second year, descends from the Alexander Kalloch line, and is the daughter of Glennys Kalloch Gross and Lloyd Gross, both deceased.  An exciting program completed the day with the Penobscot Bay Scottish Country Dancers and speakers Kendall Merriam, Anita Fernald, Jim Skoglund, Brad Beckett, and Dean Mayhew.

President's Message

It was great to see so many of you at the Kalloch reunion last year, and to catch up on the news from everyone.  The Samoset was so comfortable, the food delicious, and the program put together by Evelyn and Vickie was outstanding.  The members attending voted to donate the Kalloch Family Genealogy, compiled by Rev. Peter Richardson in 1990, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints in Utah which has the Internal Genealogy Index of families in the U.S. as well as internationally.  Genealogical information can be accessed at 50 EN Temple St, Temple, Utah.  A copy of our genealogy was also donated to the New England Historical Genealogical Society in Boston.  These copies will be sent after the next updated printing.

Hope to see many of you in August!

Dolores McCarthy, President


Paul “Gil” Merriam hits the news with his recent appointment as Executive Vice President of the Rockland-Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce.  Gil has many prior noteworthy achievements, including co-authoring Rockland During the War Years, volunteering for projects such as the Maine Lobster Festival, working in California as an aircraft design draftsman, teaching history at Wright State University in Ohio, later moving to administration, and retiring as Associate Vice President of Academic affairs.  All the best to Gil!

... More ...

Maritime Energy of Rockland has selected Jim Kalloch as its Employee of the Year for 1992.  He was presented a cash award for his positive attitude, cooperation with others, and his general willingness to help whenever needed.

Julettie Kalloch Raye was newly elected to the SAD#5 School Board by a margin of 100 votes in the November 1993 election.  Congratulations, Julie.

Herbert Kalloch, who usually wins the honors of the oldest Kalloch attending our family reunions, was absent last year. Herbert, who is 99, now resides with his daughter, Ebba, in Manchester, NH.

An article in the Portland Press Herald “When it comes to helping, Mainers really stand out” referred to the Portland newspaper’s Bruce Robert’s Santa Fund Volunteers list, which included father and son, Phil Kalloch, Jr. and Andrew Kalloch.

There was a nice article in the Rockland Courier Gazette about the Tenant’s Harbor Baptist Church and its new pastor, the Rev. Robert H. Boyer.  The article is too long to quote; however, the Rev. Joseph Kalloch was its first pastor.  Henry Kalloch, great-grandfather of Charlene Black and Nancy Sack, was deacon of this church for fifty years.  The window, which dominates the sanctuary, is lovely stained glass. The chancel window is 16 feet high and 9 feet wide.  Four double window, two on each side of the pulpit, add to the impact.  Capt. Samuel Watts brought the chancel window from Italy.  It was shipped to Portland in his vessel, where it was assembled and transported by boat to Tenant’s Harbor.  He gave it to the church in memory of his parents.

Speaking of Kallochs, Phillip C. Kalloch, Jr. of Gorham recently was united in marriage with Lynn Schulz, also of Gorham.  They were married at the Gorham Congregational Church on New Year’s Eve.  They each nave two children from previous marriages.

Our Secretary Vickie Kalloch Levesque is proudly announcing the coming marriage of her daughter Mya-Lisa King of Northeast Harbor to Mark Condon, also of Northeast Harbor.  They plan their wedding in September, 1994.

James Skoglund, Rep. of Maine Legislature arid St. George Historian, also made the news this year He has been one of our reunion guest speakers for the last couple of years with some interesting anecdotes about the Kallochs.  This newspaper article referred to the Wiley’s Corner Grange in St George, where the Kalloch Family Reunions have been held for many years.  The building was dedicated after its construction in 1908, and has housed Grange number 421 ever since.  The old hall has not changed much from its beginning.  According to the article, the Grange prodded the postal service into organizing the rural free delivery of mail.  The 421 Grange is still very active and attracts the younger folks to its membership.

The celebrations of the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay continue in this area.  The Farnsworth Museum of Rockland had and exhibition of recent works by artist Enid Mark, celebrating the 1992 centenary of the birth of Edna St. Vincent Millay.  This included a limited edition book Grace from Simple Stone and selections from a series of large scale prints based on imagery from “Steepletop”, Millay’s home in Austeriitz, New York.  This was an absolutely fantastic display of cyanotype prints (bleached and toned) with hand coloring and collage.  Included were her private gardens and landscapes which served as background for her creative activity.  Other prints included her borne.  The show continued from August 15 through October 3, 1993.  "Take up the Song: Forget the Epitaph”, a dramatic reading of a script by Ramona Barth on the life and work of Edna, was presented on Sept. 3. “Renaissance: Edna St Vincent Millay, Poet”, a premiere showing of a new film by Venessa Barth and Doreen Conboy, which explored Millay’s poetry and life through conceptual imagery, music anecdotes and commentary was shown Sept 19.  Quite a year in memory of Edna!

... And More ...

Frances Hjerpe of Owl’s Head lost her home by fire on January 27 of this year.  She was in California at the time, and neighbors called the alarm.  The cause was not determined.  Our hearts are with Frances during this sad time.

Malcolm Jackson, historian and president of Owl’s Head Mussel Ridge Historical Society, has generously presented us with 86 pages of Kellar, Kelloch, Kalloch genealogy.  Thanks to Malcolm for the efforts.  He also has numerous changes and additions to our current printed genealogy, which he has generously permitted us to copy.


Obituaries include the death of long time communicant to Nancy Sack, Alicia K. Smith of Baton Rouge, FL.  Her books, which included children’s books, books on genealogy, and typed sheets of Kalloch family genealogy, were donated to the Mussel Ridge Historical Society.  Alicia died on December 12, 1992.

Marguerite Gould, 99, of Rockland, died August 22, 1993, at the Ten Acre Foundation in Princeton, NJ, where she was attending a Christen Science Church retreat.  A former teacher, she was an avid reader and enjoyed playing the piano.  She was the daughter of Judge Edward Kalloch Gould and Fannie Dennis Gould.

Marie Kenniston Hamilton, 84, died March 15. 1993, in Sarasota, FL.  Born in Warren, ME, she went to Sarasota nine years ago from Cotton, CA.  She was a telephone operator for Rockwell Industries prior to returning to Sarasota.  She was also a member of the VFW Auxiliary and of the Fellowship of Believers.

Esther K. Long, 92, of Camden, died on November 10, 1993.  She had been employed as a public health nurse in New York City and was supervisor of public health nursing in Perth Amboy.  She was with the Maine Red Cross Nursing Services in Augusta, ME, retiring in 1966.  She was the daughter of Harris Kalloch and Jessie Clarke Kalloch.

Jane D. Kalloch, 91, beloved wife of Capt. W. Ralph Kalloch of Rockland, died December 19, 1993.  She was born in Toledo, Ohio, the daughter of Rodney and Elizabeth Dewey.  She was a graduate of the University of Michigan and worked briefly for the Chase-Manhattan Bank in New York City.  She traveled extensively with her shipping executive husband and was a devoted helpmate to him.  Capt Kalloch would appreciate cards and letters from our members.

Our sympathy also goes to Eleanor Richardson who lost her father.  He died early last fall in North Haven, ME.

Family Reunion 1994

This [the 127th] will be held on August 27, 1994, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport.  Our plans to have the reunion at Hershey Retreat in Stockton Springs fell by the wayside.  After a visit to the Retreat, the officers felt that Hershey Retreat was not suitable for our type of reunion.  The meeting rooms were very small, and the dining facility was in a separate building.  We would have had to hire a bus to transport our members, and if one desired to stay overnight one would have needed sleeping bags.  Also, the costs were much higher than originally quoted.  Hopefully, we will have preparations underway for our reunion at the Samoset soon.  We have already reserved our space and hope to have the proposed program and reservation form in the mail by mid-June, or earlier.  Speaking of a program, we wish to dedicate our next reunion to Nancy Sack.  If you have suggestions, stories, or memories, please write and tell us!

Treasurer's Report

Our balance in the NOW checking account was $1305 at the end of January and $1500 in a six-month CD plus interest.  The annual percentage rate of the CD is 3.5% and the NOW is earning approximately 2%.  Not much, but better than nothing.  We had some generous donations in 1993 as well.  Mrs. Place sent $5, the coffee pot donations added another $100, and Don and Nancy Sack sent $200.  We thank them all.  We also earned an additional $117 from memorabilia sales.

We look forward to seeing many of you in August.  Until then, stay healthy and warm.  And for those of you who live in the “disaster" and storm areas, we hope that all is well.

Evelyn N. Kalloch, Teas. and Corresponding Sec.
Victoria Kalloch Levesque. Recording Sec.

Mailing labels courtesy of Norman Kalloch, Jr. of Hampden



Once again it is time to register for the Kalloch Family Reunion which will be held at the Samoset Resort, Rockport, Maine in the Schooner Room.  The Samoset Resort has made major improvements since your last visit, expanding the grounds, Breakwater Lounge and outside dining.  The stairwell has also been moved.  The Schooner Room is now wired for microphone service so that our program will be more audible.

So make your reservations now for a great time.  We will be offering a sumptuous barbeque buffet with salads, marinated chicken and beef shish-kabob, choice of drinks, and topped off with a mouth watering strawberry shortcake buffet with all the fixings!!

While all the details are not yet in place, our program “A Tribute to Nancy Kalloch Sack” will be fun and interesting with displays, games, speakers, video, memories, etc. etc.  If you have anything to add, please write to Evelyn.

Registration for the day’s activities begins at 10:00 A.M. and will continue until 4:00 P.M.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1, 1994 which will qualify you for a chance at drawing first prize of a $50.00 certificate toward a copy of the Kalloch Family Genealogy.  There will also be a general drawing for another door prize.



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