◄  Maude Beatrice (Keller) Fairweather Family
Daughter of John Storey Keller & Helena Melissa Pierce,
wife of Randall Fairweather, Sr.

Maude Beatrice (Keller) Fairweather

Maude and Randall's children - Late 1920's
Mildred Randall Fairweather - William Randall Fairweather, Jr.

Louis H. Purcell & Mildred R. Fairweather's 50th wedding anniversary

(Standing L. to R.) David A. Purcell, Jean R. Purcell, Robert Douglas Purcell, Robert Randall Purcell, Joanne Purcell Wilkens, Louis H. Purcell, Jr.
(Sitting L. to R.) Scott D. Purcell, Mildred R. Fairweather Purcell, Louis H. Purcell, Sandon J. Purcell

William R. Fairweather, Jr.'s obituary

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