Our 112th reunion is to be on Saturday, August 18th, at the Grange Hall in Wiley’ Corner, St. George, Maine.  Many reunions have been held there in past years. The ladies will serve us a sandwich luncheon, with molded salad, dessert, and beverages; and we will have a speaker - Jim Skoglund, who has done a good deal of research into the Kalloch family and who is also responsible for the restoration of the nearby North Parish Church Cemetery which holds a number of Kallochs.  Leola Robinson is making the arrangements for us, and I suggest that you bring along your gravestone-rubbing equipment, as there are some wonderful specimens in this beautiful old cemetery.  I know Harold Kalloch.. especially will ‘be happy about the change in site, because this is where many of his family are buried - as are mine.

To get there - if you come north from Warren - go to Thomaston on Rte. 1 and turn right at the Knox Memorial onto Rte, 131 which takes you directly into Saint George.


At last summer’s [111th] reunion the following officers were elected: Nancy K. Sack, President; Eleanor Johnson, V. P.; Hazel Hills, Sec.-Treas.; Peter Richardson, Historian; Ray Joyce, Ass’t. Historian; Charlene Black, Chaplain; and Mabel Rollins, Hon. Chaplain.

The Rev. Peter Richardson, after devotedly serving us as President, will surely be at the reunion complete with charts.  His data has now been enriched by the material gathered lovingly by Bertha Drewett.  We are surely fortunate to have such people willing to share their talents over the years.

I talked with Ken Kalloch last summer; he is 18 and lives in Concord, N.H.  His family started coming to the reunions three years ago at the urging of Harold Kalloch.  He and his father, David Kalloch, are descendants of the original Matthew Kalloch.  Isn’t it nice to have our younger family members interested?

Down East

If you can get the December, 1977, issue of Down East, there is a. letter from Elmer Rising of Reading, Mass., which refers to “my wonderful mother, who was one of a family of Kallochs who lived at Wiley’s Corner.” There is also a picture of his grandfather’s bakery
truck from up in Rockland.


Mabel Rollins will be 97 on June 29th and Ed Rollins was 101 on June 1st. Address: Mechanic St., Rockland, Maine 04841

Sam and Betty Kalloch of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., celebrated their 50th Anniversary in April and continued to show Kalloch loyalty by attending one of my plays last fall.


Last September Stan and Lois Kalloch stopped at my house in Stone Ridge to visit and brought their nephew, Kurt Hoffses, who turned out to he my neighbor!  We were living a few miles from each other and shared the same great, great grandfather, Alexander Kalloch, IV, of Wiley’s Corner. Small world.


We have about $150 in the bank but will need some for microfilming old records and covering the mailing and. printing costs of this Newsletter.


Send to: Hazel Hills, Warren, Maine 04864.

I am enclosing $__________________

to cover costs of the Newsletter.

Address: ___________________________

Nova Scotia

On a trip to Nova. Scotia last summer I discovered a nest of Kellocks and have been in touch with Winston Kellock of New Glasgow.  He offered to grave-stone hunt for early Kellocks there but weather and undergrowth have hampered him up to now.  This is a promising lead because the home parishes back in Scotland were usually put on these early gravestones.

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