90th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1957
Pages 89-91 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 28, 1957

The business meeting of the 86th 87 [89th*]  Kalloch Reunion was called to order by President Arthur Kalloch.  The Secretary's & Treasurer's Reports were read and accepted.

Virgil Hills, R. W. Carey and E. B. Rollins were named to the Nominating Committee and after deliberating a few minutes recommended that the same officers serve another year.  They are:

President -

Arthur Kalloch

Vice. Pres. -

Henry Kalloch Allen, Leola Robinson


E. B. Rollins, Grace Carey, Jennie Moody


Marguerite Gould

Sec. & Treas.:

Faustina Spring


Mabel K. Rollins, Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses


Hazel Hills, Marguerite Gould


E. B. Rollins

It was suggested that we change the date of our meeting to the 3rd Wednesday of August.  This was put to a vote and the vote was carried.

The program was in charge of Mabel K. Rollins who read a paper on "Reunions".

Historian Marguerite Gould made some remarks illustrating them with pictures of Kalloch ancestors.

Announcement was made that Kurt Hoffses had received his "God & Country" Award in Boy Scouting, and a picture showing Kurt receiving this award.

"Hobby Talks" by Hazel Hills who mentioned ear rings added to her collection; also some things regarding her plants.  Mrs. Rollins expressed her appreciation for Mrs. Hill's talk.

There was a story by Kurt Hoffses and a reading by R. W. Carey.

Helen Harris also told of additions to her collection of salts & peppers.

Mrs. Emma Kalloch gave a reading and a story of the song "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms".

"Telephones as told by Virgil Hills who has been in the Warren Telephone Co., for 39 years proved very interesting.

The meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. Maurice Dunbar and a song by all.

The birth of David Rand Swetnam & Neil Reilly was announced; also the death of Henry Mansfield, Nannie Kinney and Mrs. Jennie McLain Bass.

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.) 

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