94th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1961
Pages 107-109 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 23, 1961

The 90th 91st [94th*]  annual reunion of the Kalloch family was held at the St. George Grange Hall.

Following a bounteous dinner at which 22 people were present the business meeting was held which was opened by Virgil Hills.  Prayer was offered by Rev. Maurice Dunbar.

The Secretary's & Treasurer's report was read and accepted.

The following nominating committee was appointed, R. W. Carey, Helen Harris, Kurt Hoffses.  After a short deliberation it was recommended the same board of officers serve for the following year, with the addition of Capt. Charles Kalloch.

Pres. -

Arthur Kalloch

Vice. Pres. -

Mabel Rollins, Leola Robinson, R. W. Carey


Virgil Hills, Kurt Hoffses, Charles Kalloch

Sec. & Treas. -

Edith Harris

Historian -

Marguerite Gould

Committee on Entertainment -

Mabel K. Rollins, Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses

Committee on Location -

Arthur Kalloch, Prof. E. B. Rollins


Virgil Hills

After the business meeting the following program was presented -

A poem and jokes by R. W. Carey who also told of the "Battle of the Clouds" which his uncle took part in, which took place, Nov. 26, 1863.

Kurt Hoffses told of meeting Vice Pres Nixon in Lewiston.

Mrs. Emma Kalloch gave a talk about the book of James and read a poem written by Mrs. Hazel Hills.  Also told of making her first apple pie and catching her sleeve on something, and the pie went down cellar.

Helen Harris gave a short talk on her hobbies, of salt & peppers and hdkfs[? handkerchiefs?].  And of a hand made hdkf[?],  which was carried by a bride in 1870, and of a Bible which her daughter carried at her wedding which had been carried thro[? through?] the Civil War.

Mrs. Mabel Rollins told of a moustache cup given her by a Jewish boy.

Prof. Rollins gave a short talk about the Stanley car.

Mrs. Hazel Hills spoke of her hobbies of hdkfs[?], cook books, ear rings and covered bridges, and showed some finger painting she had done while recuperating from German measles.

Virgil Hills told of making his first cake, and Warren Hills told of him and his wife baking their first chicken, and putting a can of allspice in the dressing, also of making muffins with handles[?].

Marguerite Gould spoke of commemorating the centennial.

An interesting talk by Capt. Charles Kalloch who was in the Navy in 1914.  He met Jake Alden and told of several amusing incidents.  He also met the Duke of Windsor, and made him pay his fare on the ship from Lisbon to Bermuda.

Adjourned to meet Aug. 22, 1962, at the St. George Grange Hall.

Closed by all singing "God be with you till we meet again".

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

Edith M. Harris, Sec.

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