Kalloch lines in Need of Research

These are the "most pressing" research questions from our family historians,
Peter Richardson and Dean Mayhew.

Our Oldest Untraced Female Line, by Peter Richardson

Lines in Desperate Need of Reasearch, by Peter Richardson

Kalloch Arms Report, by Dean Mayhew  -  (on a separate page)


Peter T. Richardson writes: John, Matthew and Alexander I had two sisters: The youngest child in the family was Margaret, named for her grandmother, Margaret Finley.  She married George Boyd of Boothbay, ME, and we have several generations of her lines.  Between John and Matthew was "Mary who married a Brown in Boston," according to Eaton.

That is all we know except for an entry I have found in the Massachusetts Marriage Index: 1633-1850 (CD#231, Family Tree Maker).  Here we have "Sarah Kellock m. John Brown, April 28, 1746, Boston, Suffolk."  This record way off in Boston should not be surprising for Mary's (Sarah's?) younger brother, "Alexander Kellock m. Elinor Gouht in Boston, June 5, 1760."  Could our "Mary" actually be "Sarah?"

These are the only two entries in the Massachusetts marriage records that are spelled, "Kellock."  The date is probably OK if she was born in the late 1720's (we don't have her birth date) or if she ran away from home as a minor.  Could Eaton, the blind historian, have gotten the name wrong?  He is usually pretty reliable.  Or could a clerk in Boston have recorded the first name wrong?  Was Sarah a middle name, or a name she went by?  Perhaps she hoped to make a clean break with her family in the District of Maine by taking a new name?  That would not have been the first time it happened in the family!  I haven't found another Brown who married a Kelloch, Kellock, Kellough, Killough.

There were major Brown families in Lynn, Watertown and Providence, and I imagine there were a few miscellaneous "John Browns" wandering around the colony at that time.  Mary is a family name, but so is Sarah.  Two brothers named daughters, Mary and Sarah.  Mary of course was their mother's name but Sarah does not appear earlier. (Perhaps her younger brothers stayed in touch with her?  Did Alexander I visit her at the time of his marriage in Boston?)  Three named daughters, Margaret, their grandmother's name.  Two gave the name Jane and one each chose Susannah, Catherine and Rosanna.

Have any of you been looking for Mary (Sarah?)?  Any leads?  Peter Richardson, Historian.


From Peter Richardson (4/26/00): There are several lines which desperately need research because they begin so far back that we need to explore every possibility before we publish anything.  Here are the most critical.  I have more too. 

  1. In the third generation (Robert, Finley, Mary) Mary Kelloch married a Brown of Boston (see above "Our oldest untraced female line".)  That's all we know!
  2. In the fourth generation (Robert, Finley, Matthew, Finley III) needs further research for his wives.  Two of his children were born before his first marriage.  Authorities differ on the maiden name of his third wife.  The marriages and births of his 8 children all need to be double checked.
  3. In the fifth generation (Robert, Finley, Matthew, Finley III, Ezekiel) Ezekiel the oldest child of Finley III needs to be checked out.  I have 9 children listed for Ezekiel and Sarah and no lines of descent further.  I believe many of the Kellars around Rockport are descended from him and this may explain many of those who cannot find their Kalloch connection.
  4. In the fourth generation (Robert, Finley, Matthew, Matthew Jr.) Matthew married twice but we do not know his children.  We need to know one way or the other whether they had children.
  5. In the fifth generation in the Hanse line (Robert, Finley, Matthew, Hanse), the Captain Josiah line, the Warren D. line, the Jane line, and the Eliza line need to be filled out.  The number of children need to be established and lines of descent followed up a bit if possible.
  6. In the fourth generation (Robert, Finley, Alexander, Samuel) Samuel m. his wife Lucy after his three oldest children were born (he had 12 all together.)  Did he have more than one wife, or are they all his children? etc.  We have no one looking after this line currently so it has not been looked at.

These are the most pressing at the present time.  But we will want to bring it down another couple generations on all lines at least for a comprehensive genealogy.  Let me know what you would like to work on! Peter.

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