Maurice Lester Kalloch Family
Son of Belinda Kalloch & Rev. John Grafton, Jr.
(Belinda resumed her maiden name and brought her children up as Kallochs)

Maurice Lester Kalloch
Trolley Car Motorman
Camden, Maine - 1918


Kalloch Family Homestead
Home of Maurice Lester Kalloch and family
N. Warren Maine - 1921

2nd. wife Glennie with her children and stepson - 1921

(top row): Glennie Emma (Rowe) Kalloch
(2nd. row ): Glennys Ava Kalloch - age 9; George Larkin Kalloch (son of Maurice & Leila "Lulu" Rowe); Merrill Rudolph Kalloch - age 11
Dorothy Roselle "Rosy" Kalloch - age 7

Roselle & Glennys - 1914

Maurice Kalloch in doorway of Trolley

 How the above picture takes one back to those royal days of the R. T. & C. St. Ry.  Here is Car 22 on the Rankin Block siding, Thomaston bound.  Maurice Kalloch, better know as "Bowser" stands in the front doorway and his conductor, Ralph Tripp is on the sidewalk.
     The annual R. T. & C. Ry. Field Day is to be held Sept. 12 at Penobscot View Grange Hall.
(Date of newspaper clipping is: Aug. 30, 1956, name of paper is not indicated).  



Glennie E.
1878 -1924
Maurice L.
1881 - 1941

Cushing Cemetery - Warren, ME

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