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Kalloch Family Book List

This is a listing of books by and about Kalloch family members. 
If you know of a book that should be listed here, please notify the webmaster.

Books By Kalloch Family Members

  • Merriam, Kendall,  The Illustrated Dictionary of Lobstering, (1978, Freeport, ME: The Cumberland Press).
  • Millay, Edna St. Vincent, There are numerous books and material on the web of Pulitzer Prize winning poetess, Edna St. Vincent Millay.  (Edna's great-grand mother was Mehitable, daughter of Finley Keller, III).
  • Moody, Linwood, Maine Two Footers, by Linwood Moody, edited by Robert C. Jones. The story of the two foot gauges of Maine, is the story of the two-foot gauge railroads of Maine, including the Sand River & Rangeley Lakes, the Monson, the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington, the Edaville and Kennebec Central. Originally published in 1959, it has been restyled by Mike Pearsall into an 8-1/2 X 11 format with new photos and additional text. 240 pages. Hardcover $44.95.  Linwood was grandson our infamous Belinda Kalloch).
  • Richardson, Peter T., Several books are available by our family historian, Peter Richardson, with the topics of world religion, Unitarian Universalist history, Psychological Type, all in the context of the attempt of one person to practice world citizenship.  Visit Red Barn publishing for more information. 
  • Rising, Elmer AThe Pen Renderings of Elmer Rising, New England in Black and White. This book contains more than 40 full-size reproductions of his pen renderings that celebrate both nature and New England.  (Copyright 1985, by Elmer A. Rising, Published by The Friends of Elmer Rising, ISBN 0-9614380-0-2).

Kalloch History & Genealogy Books

  • Cyrus Eaton's Annals of Warren, and History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, Maine, (1865, Hallowell, Masters, Smith & Co., have long been first sources. Also, Consult town histories, probate and cemetery records in eastern Knox Co., Maine.
  • Also these two recent genealogies,  Miriam Peck's Kith and Kin of James & Mary (Kellough) Young, and The Killough/Kellough Family in Ireland, Canada and The United States, by Zora Cunningham, (See: http://killough.org/killough_book/book_index.htm).  It is a high quality, 575-page blue and gold hardcover book. It is a valuable resource for those doing family research and an important record of their roots for the younger generations of Killough descendants.
  • For pleasant reading, find Ben Ames Williams historic novel, Come Spring (Publisher: Union Historical Society), where Mary Hawes is a Kelloch.  (Copyright, 1940, by Ben Ames Williams, Houghton Mifflin, Co., Boston, 866 pgs.)
  • For controversy, find a copy of Marberry's, The Golden Voice about Rev. Isaac Kalloch. (Copyright, 1947, by M. M. Marberry, Farrar, Straus, and Co., New York, 376 pgs.) Read more about Isaac on the "Notable Kalloch's" page.

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