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Family History & Genealogy


FAMILY GENEALOGY PAGE - Kalloch Family Tree Database, Message Boards, and Researcher Links.

Kalloch Family Obituaries - In this section I'm linking each individual's obituary to their photo and to other family members obituaries and photos in the Photo Album.  Please help by sending copies of obituaries, photos, or any other biographical information that you would like to add for an individual to webmaster at: kdk44@juno.com

Please note - All new obituaries are now added directly to the deceased person's profile page in our Kalloch Family Reunion Association Tree on Ancestry, you can find them either listed under sources or in the person's media gallery.  Some of the newest obituaries for a given year are also posted in our annual Kalloch Family Newsletter.

Kalloch & Killough Family History

Introducing the Kalloch Family - This is a pdf of the booklet "Introducing the Kalloch Family" by Peter T. Richardson, 1992.

Early Killough/Kalloch History - Two talks given by historian Dean R. Mayhew at the 1992, and 2000 Kalloch Reunions; also a link to the talk which Dean gave at the 1980 Kalloch Reunion.

The Killough/Kelloch Connection - The "Ginger August" story from the 1990 Kalloch Newsletter.  Prior to this discovery by Ginger, the Kalloch connection with the Killoughs was not known.  Thanks to her we know that the original spelling of our Kalloch name was Killough, and we are able to connect into the tree of Killough history with its roots back to Scotland.

Historical Background of the Killough Family - By Stephen P. Killough.  This has a lot of history about Scotland and Ireland, also a lot about the Killoughs after they came to America and the Scotch-Irish in America.

Historical Introduction & Scotch-Irish Links - Historical Introduction from the book "Killough/Kellough Family in Ireland, Canada and the United States,"  and a list of Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots) history & culture links.

History of Our Name - Three articles about the history of our name Kelloch/Kalloch and Killough/Kellough, (also Kellogg & Kellow).

The American Revolution - Kelloch's in the American Revolution.

Good Old Days - Interesting story by Harold Kalloch about growing up at the turn of the century at Wiley's Corner in St. George, Maine.  Harold was a great uncle of webmaster, Ken Kalloch.  (Scroll up and down see photos of the family and their house).

Keller Family of West Rockport - "Historic Clan Spans Two Centuries" - From the Camden Herald, 1/29/76.

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