146th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2013

146th Kalloch Family Reunion Association Minutes – August 17, 2013
Grange Hall, St. George, ME

Meeting called to order at 11:05 a.m. by Anita Nelson, president. 39 people attended.

New attendees were welcomed: Donald Reilly, New Harbor; John Wilson, Hampden; John Hammond, Washington, DC; Cynthia Grady, Cape Elizabeth; Carlene Farr, Portland; Elizabeth Sihan, daughter of Linda Robbins Thompson, Waldoboro; Paula Fernald and Chris Stack, Uncasville, CT; Richard (Red) Farrand, Quincy, MA; Mike and Trudy Mayhew, Boothbay Harbor; Jeremy and Lisa Kalloch, with Deeandra and Ashley, of Wakefield, ME; and Arnold (Nick) Rogers of Gardiner.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes taken at the 145th Reunion by Secretary Vickie Levesque were read by Eleanor Richardson. MSV to approve. Noted that we miss Vickie Levesque, who has served 34 years as secretary, and Evelyn Kalloch, who is missing her first reunion in years, due to an injury.

Treasurer’s Report: Margaret Carleton. Beginning balance: $3026. Income: Donations – $736; Annual Meeting – $264 = $1,000. Expenses: Website – $683; History – $348; Newsletter – $255; 2012 meeting – $282; Monument repair – $200; postage – $9, for a total of $1777. Balance July 31, 2013: $2249. Holding $400 for gravestone repair. Web/History Fund balance $32.
Margaret recommended a dedicated fund for the website. $600 was voted.

Corresponding Secretary: Evelyn Kalloch reported by phone there had been no correspondence.

Webmaster/Historian: Ken Kalloch. We have about 80 visitors/day on our website kalloch.org, who view more than 300 pages per day, averaging about 9,000 pages/month. About 1200 people have been added to our family history/genealogy since 2010, for a total of 16,563 individuals. Ken retyped Peter Richardson's Kalloch genealogy manuscript, which in 2002 was 1830 pages. The new manuscript pages completed in June 2013 total more than 3100 pages.

Historian: Peter Richardson. The Adam Boyd Kalloch gravestone in St. George is under repair. Peter reviewed Kalloch family history. Kallochs (Killoughs) came from Scotland to No. Ireland to NH to Warren Maine in 1735, where Finley Kalloch married and settled. We trace our lines to four of Finley Kalloch’s 6 children, Matthew, Alexander, John, and Margaret Kalloch who married George Boyd of Boothbay. We are still looking for Finley’s daughter Mary’s line, likely the "Sarah Kellock m. John Brown, April 28, 1746, Boston, Suffolk." Peter mentioned the Boyd connection (not Margaret’s line). Montgomery Boyd Kalloch was present today. The Boyd name has been continually used for the first sons in his family for 7 generations, descended from Adam Boyd Kelloch, Sr. (the one with the broken gravestone.)

Officers nominated: Anita Nelson, president; Deb Lovely, vice president (Eleanor called Pat Stephen who agreed to continue to serve as VP and chaplain); Paul Wilson, treasurer (with thanks to Margaret Carleton for 2 years!); Eleanor Richardson, secretary and newsletter editor; Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch, historians; Paul Wilson, assistant historian; Dean Mayhew, historian emeritus; Sandra Zimmermann, registrar. Moved, seconded and voted to elect the slate as nominated.

Carter David Wilson, son of David Wilson and Erica Acord, was born June 21, 2013.
Elizabeth Sihan Robbins, daughter of Linda Robbins Thompson, was born in China April 1, 2010.
Pat Stephen’s grandson, Nathan Spongberg, was to be married today, Aug. 17, 2013, to Holly Principe in Brooklyn, NY.
Eleanor Johnson, for many years the oldest at reunions, died Jan. 13, 2013.
MaryAnn Mayhew died August 18, 2012.
Jean Hammond Mayhew Carter died Nov. 7, 2012.

Old Business: MSV to set aside $600 for the website in a dedicated fund.
Fund Raising: Paul Wilson will investigate the laws about a “donate” button on our website. It was also suggested we encourage people to leave something in their wills to the Kalloch Family Reunion Association.

Gifts: Sandy Zimmermann presented the gifts:
Youngest: Elizabeth Sihan Robbins, 3, who ceded the gift to Deanndra & Ashley Kalloch.
Early Bird: Helen Campbell.
New attendees: John Wilson.
Longest Married: John Hammond, 45 years. (wife’s name?)
Farthest travelled: John Hammond of Washington, DC, ceded to Paula Fernald and Chris Stack from Uncasville, CT.
Oldest Present: Carlene Farr, 86, from Portland.
Door prize: Barbara Merriam.
Margaret asked how the new people had heard about the reunion: Facebook, website, invitation from relatives, Bangor Daily news.

Donations: $190 for registration, $60 for the auction, and $625 in general donations for a total of $875.

Next Meeting: Voted to come back to St. George, if it’s OK with the Grange, August 16, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at noon.

Afternoon Program: Robert Skoglund entertained us with a few stories, and auctioned off two homemade pies for $30 each. Jim Skoglund presented a scholarly lecture with an interesting take on the motivation of our ancestors to leave their farms to go fight in the Revolution, and how they were betrayed in the aftermath, by large landowners. We then walked to the old St. George Cemetery, where the Adam Boyd Kelloch stone is under repair. Eleanor Richardson found some missing pieces for the stone which we hope can be reattached.

Respectfully submitted,
Eleanor M. Richardson, secretary pro tem

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