145th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2012

The 145th Kalloch Family Association Reunion was held on August 18, 2012, at the Rockport Baptist Church. Of historical note, the last family reunion held in West Rockport was in 1900 at the home of Joseph Z. Kellar, son of Moses Kellar. Moses was one of the founders of the Rockport Baptist Church, and he, his wife Asenath, and their ten children are the common ancestors for many of our association’s members.

President Eleanor Richardson called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. with a greeting to the 31 Kalloch members. Mike Kalloch, Keith Reilly, Gena Ahlburg, Barbara Carter and Linda Robbins Thompson were recognized as this year’s new attendees.

Secretary’s report was read by Victoria Levesque and accepted as read.

Treasurer Margaret Carleton reported that on July 31, 2011, we had a beginning balance of $2994. During our fiscal year (July to July) we had income totaling $1430 and expenses of $1398, with a balance of $3016 on July 31, 2012. Assets include Dell computers and accessories held by Ken Kalloch and genealogical books and materials held by Peter Richardson. Treasurer Carleton cautioned the association members that expenses are greater than income. She asked that we brainstorm ways to increase our membership and to decrease expenses. Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Kalloch recognized several people who had died this year: Alan Gross, Lois Ledge, Catherine Brown, Ludmilla Olsen, and Lawrence Farrand. A moment of silence was given in their honor. New births this year included Ruth Wade’s great granddaughter, Pat Stephen’s great grandchildren of triplets, plus another great granddaughter, and Anita Nelson’s two great grandchildren.

Ken Kalloch reported in his letter that the Kalloch website had an average of 144 unique visitors per day, viewing an average of 376 pages daily. The Kalloch family tree on Ancestry.com has been generating much interest and continues to help add to and correct the information on Kalloch family history. Ken told of a story about Oley Jason Kalloch who traveled to Australia to work as a miner. He was described as a “fair bushmen”, but unfortunately his story ended tragically with a snake bite to his toe. While dying he wrote his will with a piece of charcoal on a page of a newspaper.

Ken still continues to work on retyping Peter’s 1400+ Kalloch manuscript.

Historian Peter Richardson reported that the Adam Boyd gravestone still needs repair, but will be done in conjunction with an Ingraham project. Peter also outlined his plans for a hard copy genealogy including: an introduction (a series of “whys”, ie, why did they leave Scotland?), followed by the branches of Kallochs in Knox County, the latest Ken Kalloch printout, and concluding with the history of the reunion and important people of early genealogy.

Election of officers: President, Anita Nelson; Vice Presidents, Pat Stephen and Deb Lovely; Treasurer, Margaret Carleton; Corresponding Secretary, Evelyn Kalloch; Recording Secretary, Victoria Levesque; Newsletter editor, Eleanor Richardson; Historians, Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch; Webmaster, Ken Kalloch; Historian Emeritus, Dean Mayhew; Assistant historian, Paul Wilson; Registrar, Sandra Zimmerman; Mailing list, Paul Wilson; Chaplain, Pat Stephen.

New business included encouraging membership to receive the newsletter via e-mail and brainstorming location and luncheon ideas for the 2013 reunion.

The presentations of gifts by Sandra Zimmerman was as follows: Youngest, Paul Wilson (24); Oldest, Barbara Wilson (85); New attendee, Barbara Carter; Furthest traveled, Mike Kalloch (Wisconsin); Longest married, Mary/Jim Kalloch (48 yrs); Early bird, Deb Lovely; Door prize, Pat Stephen.

The business portion of the reunion was adjourned at 11:15. Pat Stephen gave the luncheon blessing and Fred Kalloch entertained with his guitar playing.

The afternoon program concentrated on the Kellers descending from Moses. Vernon Hunter told of church history, of which Moses Kellar was one of the founding members. He also told of other Kellar connections with the church throughout the years. Next, Margaret Carleton gave us a snapshot of Moses’ life. Moses’ son Joseph was Margaret’s grandfather. Deb Lovely spoke of her connection to Samuel Moses (1st child of Moses). Ruth Wade finished with the George Keller lineage. The culminating activity was a tour of the Joseph Kellar homestead and a visit to the George Keller house and West Rockport Cemetery.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Kalloch Levesque
Secretary since 1992!

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