144th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2011

President Eleanor Richardson greeted 27 Kallochs for the 144th Kalloch Family Association meeting on August 20, 2011, at the First Universalist Church in Rockland, Maine. As the meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m., new attendees were recognized: Donna Rackliff, Linda Hooper, Lee Figueroa, and Susan Desjardins.
The secretary’s minutes were read by Victoria Levesque and accepted with these changes: Roselle Kalloch Fontaine, who died last year, is the daughter of Glennie and Maurice Kalloch. Also, Edna Keller DeGaetano, who died last year, is the mother of Linda Donovan and the aunt of Shirley Keller.

Treasurer Margaret Carleton reported several changes created to become compliant with federal government requirements for non-profit organizations. First, the fiscal year now ends on July 31. Thus, this year’s report represents only 11 months’ activity, and income and disbursements in August, prior to the annual meeting, was reported verbally. After a discussion with the IRS, Margaret acquired a new EIN (Employer Identification Number) and initiated the process for a required Organizing Document.
The treasurer stated she would create a separate account for Web expenses, which would be dedicated to web maintenance and other supplies needed by webmaster/historian Ken Kalloch.

The beginning balance was $3543.03. Income (including donations, annual meeting reservations, and checking account interest was $190.14. (Note: since fiscal year changed to July 31, reservations and contributions received in August will not be reported until next year) Expenses (including website, newsletter) were $838.85. Balance on July 31, 2011, was $2994.32. Assets include a Dell computer and accessories held by Ken Kalloch and genealogical books and materials held by Peter Richardson. Treasurer’s report accepted as read.

A motion was made to increase the money for the aforementioned website account from $500 to $700. Passed.

Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Kalloch referred to the annual Kalloch newsletter to recognize those who have died this year. Sandy Zimmerman read two letters: Carl Vetra died on November 14, 2010, and Ira Kalloch’s two daughters had passed. A moment of silence was given in their honor.

As a result of his gravestones research, historian Peter Richardson distributed a handout “Where Early Generations are Buried”. Then he discussed the current repairs at Seaview Cemetery in Rockland, Maine to restore the tombstones of Alexander Kalloch III, Joseph Wall (husband of Nancy Wall, co-founder of the Kalloch Reunion) and George Wall.

Webmaster Ken Kalloch reported that on a monthly basis (ie, May, 2011) there were 8010 visitors to Kalloch.org, who looked at 24, 663 pages. In the month prior to the reunion he added 593 new individuals from Ancestory.com (where the Kalloch Tree can be viewed) and has completed all Kalloch correspondence. He also created a Kalloch Family Reunion Association Facebook page. Ken shared the hard copy version of the Kalloch Family Genealogy (2011) that has over 400 pages with an index and is part of the historical documents held by Peter Richardson.

Eleanor Richardson polled the attendees on whether they would be receptive to receiving the newsletter by e-mail. The majority indicated it would warrant further investigation and discussion at a later date.

Registrar Sandra Zimmerman presented gifts (noted here is that she generously donates these gifts at no cost to the Association): Youngest attendee, Susan Desjardins, age 19; Oldest attendee, Elinor Johnson, age 87; New attendee, Linda Hooper; Furthest traveled, Linda Donovan, Florida; Longest married, Victor and Jeanine Lawrence, 55 years and Pat Stephens, 58 years; Early Bird, Victoria Levesque; and Door Prize, Ken Kalloch.

Nominated for executive committee were: Eleanor Richardson, president; Anita Nelson and Deb Lovely, vice presidents; secretary, Victoria Levesque; treasurer, Margaret Carleton; corresponding secretary Evelyn Kalloch; newsletter editors, Evelyn Kalloch and Eleanor Richardson; historians, Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch; historian emeritus, Dean Mayhew; historian assistant, Paul Wilson; registrar, Sandra Zimmerman; Webmaster, Ken Kalloch; chaplain, Pat Stephen; mailing list/labels, Norm Kalloch. Passed.

An auction was held: a bottle of Pinot Noir, made by Alex Gross, reaped $50 (Anita Nelson) and a blueberry pie made by Susan Desjardins and Eleanor Richardson was purchased by Ken Kalloch for $57. Coffee Pot brought in $189 and other contributions totaled $440.

New Business: Eleanor suggested we might want to consider tee shirts for the 150th Reunion.

Ken Kalloch stated that the Capt. Adam Boyd Kelloch tombstone was in serious disrepair (Old North Parish Cemetery). A motion was made to allot $400 for the repairs. Passed.

Jim Skoglund, who represented the North Parish Church Association, mentioned that an unknown person repaired the tombstone of Hannah Kalloch. He also gave credit for Kalloch donations for the fence project. The old cemetery has no funds for maintaining its integrity and relies on the generosity of others. He noted that we are descendants of many of the residents there. If anyone would like to donate: North Parish Church Association, 174 River Rd, St. George, Maine 04860. Attention should be made to the Kalloch Association.

Margaret Carleton and Ruth Wade will be responsible for checking on a West Rockport location for next year’s reunion.

A draft of the new By-Laws (mentioned as Organizing Document in the Treasurer’s report) was presented to the attendees. Conforming to federal regulations, Julia Hunter crafted the first draft (our deepest appreciation), and then it was reviewed/revised by the executive committee. A motion was made to accept the document as presented. Passed.

The business portion of the meeting was adjourned at 12:38. Pat Stephen, chaplain, offered the luncheon blessing. All enjoyed Fred Kalloch’s guitar playing during lunch.

Family research was the focus of the afternoon program. Anita Nelson and Ruth Wade shared the difficulties, as well as the rewards, for researching one’s ancestry.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Kalloch Levesque

Victoria Kalloch Levesque,
Secretary since 1992!

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