88th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1955
Pages 81-83 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 24, 1955

The business meeting of the 85th 84th [88th*]  Kalloch Reunion was opened with prayer by Mabel K. Rollins.  There were 25 peoples registrations.

The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted.

The Nominating Committee consisting of Mabel K. Rollins, Helen Harris and R. W. Carey substituting for Rev. Maurice Dunbar, went into session and reported: that the  same officers and committee serve another year:



Arthur Kalloch


V. Ps.:

Henry Kalloch Allen


Leola Robinson


E. B. Rollins


Grace Carey


Jennie Moody



Marguerite Gould


Sec. & Treas.:

Faustina Spring



Mabel K. Rollins


Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses



Hazel Hills


Marguerite Gould


E. B. Rollins


Nominating Com.:

Mabel Rollins


Helen Harris


Rev. Maurice Dunbar

It was voted to meet at the same place another year, the last Wednesday in August. 

A note of thanks from Arthur Kalloch for gifts to him & Mrs. Kalloch.

The following births were reported:
    Keith Reilly (should have been reported last year)
    Marcia Kenniston (daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kenniston)
    Grand son to Mr. & Mrs. George Kalloch

The following deaths were reported:
    Ludella Keller Gerrish of Winter Harbor, daughter of Hiram Keller.
    Richard Kalloch, grandson of Obadiah Kalloch.
    Arris Kinney of St. George.

The first number on the program was the showing of old Kalloch family and group pictures with histories of them told by Mrs. Rollins and Miss Gould.

Another of Hazel Hill's hobbies was on display - that of covered bridges, with a very interesting description by Mrs. Hills.

Poem on Covered Bridges read by R. W. Carey followed by other reading

Helen Harris had a few more salt and peppers, the story of which was told by Mrs. Harris.

Jokes by Kurt Hoffses and Mrs. Rollins.

It was voted to send out card notices next year instead of notice in the paper.

The last number on the program was a belated birthday sunshine box for Jennie Moody.

The meeting closed with the singing of "God Be With You."

Leola Robinson, Sec. protem  

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.) 

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