◄  Capt. Adam Boyd Family Gravestones
Adam was a son of Adam Boyd & Mary "Polly" Kelloch,
wife Rachel was a daughter of David Kellar & Elizabeth "Betsy" Love


Wife of
Capt. Adam Boyd
died May 5, 1847
AE 44 yrs. 6 mos.

Weep not for me my husband dear
My children do not mourn
For I am with my God received
I wish not to return

Mary Ann
Dau. of
Capt. Adam & Rachel
died Jan. 19, 1842
AE 19 yrs. 1 mo.

Seaview Cemetery, Rockland, Maine

Daughter Susan K. (Boyd) Drinkwater's gravestone

Daughter Rachel (Boyd) Coomb's family


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