Past President’s Message:

I am pleased to tell you how much I have enjoyed being your President for our Kalloch Family Reunion Association for the last four years, and how much it has added to my personal growth and self confidence, for I was really nervous at first, but your faith and belief in me, along with your kind and friendly responsiveness, and the excellent support from my fellow officers, Paul Merriam, Treasurer, June Parmenter, Sec., Doris Merriam, Chaplain, Peter Richardson, Historian and Dean Mayhew, Historian, definitely eased my fears and jitters.  I felt that you trusted me and truly appreciated what I had to offer, and I could never have enjoyed myself as much as I did on the day of our 125th Reunion at the Samoset without all of the support you have given me.  Truly, it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and one which I will cherish.

Most important of all, I would like to thank my committee for the effort that they put forth during the past two years while working on the 125th Reunion.  They were Evelyn Kalloch, Chairperson and newsletter coordinator with Julia Hunter on labels, Victoria Levesque, Secretary, Paul Merriam, Treasurer, Dolores McCarthy, Program, Jeanine Lawrence, Decorations, Peter Richardson, Historian, Tamson Kemos, Publicity, and Margaret Carleton, Accommodations.  I believe that the reunion was a terrific success, and that could not have happened without their dedication, talents and “follow through”.  Once again, thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you again next year.

Anita L. Fernald

New President’s Message:

It was really heartwarming to see so many of our kith and kin at the Reunion last month.  It was a resounding success.  People visited, sang, browsed the genealogy, bought memorabilia, had a wonderful lunch, marched to the piper, listened to our history, and in general, had a grand time.  The children had their share of activities, too.  We’ll be outlining their handprints with fabric paint so that the collection will be keepsakes to display at future reunions.

We plan to continue having volunteers to direct children’s activities at the reunions.  This will allow families with children to attend more frequently.

Again, thank you to our Reunion Committee for planning and carrying out the big event, and to our volunteers who helped during the day.

Hope to see you again next year.

Dolores McCarthy


Many, Many thanks to the volunteers who spent the entire day at their stations, notably the following: Paul & Doris Merriam, Vickie Levesque, Gordon Levesque, Evelyn Kalloch, June Parmenter, Linda Buddenhagen, Will Buddenhagen, Anita Feranld, Hazel Thomas, Naomi Kearns, Jeanine Lawrence, Margaret Carlton, Julia Hunter, Valli Keller, Eileen Pettit, Donna Fifield, Daryl Caudry, Peter Richardson.   Forgive us if we forgot someone!  Thank you Eleanor Richardson for the piano accompaniment!  Many, Many thanks to Bonnie Dietz and family for their generous offering of gemstones from Montana.

Many, Many thanks to Jeanine Lawrence who constructed our beautiful Kalloch Family Reunion Banner!!  This is a permanent addition to our Kalloch memorabilia.

Many, many thanks to the Buddenhagens for their generous contribution of the Elmer Rising Renditions to our reunion.

We ask for feedback from our membership for following reunions.  What would you like to see?  Would you like to have another “big” one in five years?  Did you like the Samoset for location and service?  There are smaller rooms available for our annual reunions if applicable.  Suggestions for location should be sent to Mrs. Elinor Johnson (address follows).

Information and obituaries for annual newsletters should be sent to Evelyn Kalloch, corresponding secretary.  Any correspondence, address changes, etc. will be welcome and will be answered.

The group photographs have come in.  They look great, thanks to the expertise and patience of Arthur and Eric Jura.  Many, many thanks to both Juras who did not charge us for their time.  We were only charged for the finished photographs (plus mailing).  We will be sending these out as soon as we can purchase the mailing tubes and prepare them for mailing.  Thanks for your patience.

Regarding our media coverage, or lack of, letters to the Editor have gone out to some of the publications for their lack of interest.  Interestingly, the local Courier Gazette had planned to cover our event for a whole page in their newspaper.  The reporter assigned (David Grima) phoned to confirm the morning of August 22.  He did NOT arrive!  His excuse?  His wife had to go somewhere and he had to baby sit!!  Fortunately, Reporter , Leanne Robicheau and News Editor, Steve Hedden spent considerable time and effort to compile a whole page of “A Kalloch Family Affair”.  Many, Many thanks to the Courier also.  It came out great!

1993 KALLOCH FAMILY REUNION [the 126th] is set for August 28, 1993.  Location to he determined at a later date.  Watch for Nancy’s annual newsletter which is usually mailed on or about April.

Many, many thanks to the following contributors to the 125th reunion:

E. Margaret Langille
Peter D. Richardson
James B. :Kalloch
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Hammond
Mary C. Leno
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Parmenter
Dolores A. McCarthy
Jeanine A. Lawrence
Kathleen T. Choi
Thelma V. Bennett
George E. King
Mrs. Beatrice Wachter
Ruth E. Baker
Eleanor C. Johnson
Total contributions: $512.92 Again, many, many thanks!

Maine 79 Florida    5
Connecticut 38 Montana    3
Massachusetts 30 Washington    3
New Hampshire 11 Maryland    2
New York  9 Oklahoma    2
Vermont  8 Colorado    1
Arizona  6    
California  6 Total 203


Many, many thanks to Paul Merriam, Tres. for compiling our attendance and contribution statistics.  Am not sure that I can cane up to par to his record keeping as treasurer!!  Up to date treasurer’s report at some future date.

Following are the 1992/1993 list of Officers and their addresses:

Dolores McCarthy
252 Old Canterbury Tpke. #93
Norwich, CT 06360
Donald Sack
92 East 208th St. Apt. 5B
Bronx, NY 10467
Vice President
Victoria Levesque
P.O. Box 288
Hampden, ME 04444
Recording Secretary
Evelyn N. Kalloch
P.O. Box 124
Thomaston, ME 04861
Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary
Julia Hunter
P.O. Box 74
West Rockport, ME 04865
Rev. Peter Richardson
P.O. Box 1843
Andover, MA 01810
Elinor Johnson
Box 4594, Rd 1
Camden, ME 04843
Location Chair Person
Nancy K. Sack
P.O. Box 73
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
Annual Newsletter
Dean Mayhew
Fish Point Road, Box 75
Orland, ME 04472
Overseas Historian

Again, Thank you to all of the attendees, the committee, the volunteers, and everyone involved in the wonderful, notable Kalloch Family 125th Reunion!!


Evelyn N. Kalloch, Corresponding Sec. & Treas.
Kalloch Family Reunion Association
September 27, 1992

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