122nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1989

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)


The 122nd Kalloch reunion was held on Aug. 26, 1989 at the St. George, ME Grange, and was attended by approx. 50 people, (See Newsletter) next.  Catherine Olsen Calif. longest ? approx 6? [can't read].

A motion to have a catered lunch for the 123rd Reunion was made & carried with the kids under 10 free, and those who can't afford the lunch may also be free.

*See Oldest attending.  *See Newsletter for 1992  125th [planning information].

The 125[th] Anniv[ersary] Committee:

Anita Fernald

Jeanine Lawrence


Delores McCarthy

Vicky Levesque


Donna Perry (Chairwoman)


Hazel Hills


Peter Richardson


Evelyn Kalloch


Have Special Anniv. Fund.
Ideas to get wider interest: pre-ads in NewsL for the next 3 years.  Also T-shirts and Posters were suggested to commemorate the occasion.  Announce in Yankee Mag.

Motion to hold the 123rd meet at the Grange Hall in St. Geo was sec. & carried.

Meeting was then turned over to Dean Mayhew and Peter Richardson.

Resp. submit
June Parmenter, Sec.

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