108th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1975

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 23,1975

The Kalloch Family held their 108th Reunion at the new Odd Fellow’s hall in Warren, Maine with an attendance of 46.  Dinner was served by the Rebeccas.

The meeting was opened by the Pres. Peter Richardson with roll call, each one giving their connection to the Kalloch Family.

The oldest member present was Mrs. Edna Berry of Quincy, Mass. age 85, youngest Bradbury Richardson age three.

The Sec. & Treas. reports were read and accepted.

The following deaths were reported:
    Mrs. Emma Harvey -  Rockland, Maine - Jan. 7, 1975
    Carleton Keller - Knox, Maine - Mar. 19, 1975 - age 55

Norman Kalloch, Leola Robinson and Colby Kalloch were appointed by the Pres. as the nominating committee.

Many sent messages, which were read, telling how much they enjoyed the news letter that was mailed out in June.  They hoped it will be continued each year.

Nancy Sack spoke of an article about the Kalloch Family she had sent into a recent issue of Yankee Magazine anticipating bringing more into our membership.

Margaret Carleton suggested having name tags another year to help us get better acquainted.  Mrs. Lee Kalloch volunteered to bring some.

It was suggested that we ask for donations thru the news letter to help defray expenses.  A motion was made to have a coupon added to the news letter for the donations.  It was so voted.

The nominating committee reported the same slate of officers as follows:
Pres. Peter Richardson - Weymouth, Mass.
Vice. Pres. Nancy Sack - Accord, N. Y.
Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills - Warren, Maine
Historians: Bertha Drewett - Warren, Maine, Nancy Sack
Chaplain Mabel K. Rollins - Rockland, Me

Nancy asked to have her name removed as Historian.  The Pres. asked that a letter be sent to the Rebeccas thanking them for the delicious dinner.  Also, to ask them to reserve Aug. 28, 1976 for our 109th Reunion with them.

Peter Richardson had many pictures on display that he has taken, also a genealogy chart he has a good start on.  One picture of interest is the original site of the Finley Kalloch homestead on Rt. 1,  Warren, Maine.

Books and other items of interest were passed around.

The Pres. asked that pictures of other reunions be brought in to our meetings.

Papers were signed by each one to send to Harold Kalloch of Canada, who has had heart surgery since being with us at the last reunion.  Another one was signed for Mabel Kalloch Rollins, who has the unusual record of missing only three reunions in her 93 years of life.

Nancy Sack read another of Norma Kalloch’s poems.

The Old Coffeepot used at many of the Reunions in the past, was on display, (age unknown).  We made good use of it by taking the collection in it.  It wasn’t full by any means, a bit too large for that.

Voted to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted
Hazel Hills, Sec.

Following the meeting a suggestion was made to the secretary, that photostatic copies be made of the Kalloch Family Reunion records and kept in a safe deposit box, with 2 or 3 having access to it.

(Typewritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

(The following was handwritten on the original.)

Emma Harvey - Rockland, Me. - Jan. 7, 1975
Carleton Keller (55 yrs.) Mar. 19, 1975, Knox, Me.  Son of Gilbert Keller

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