Laurence F. Kalloch
Son of Oliver L. Kalloch & Mary French

Laurence F. Kalloch
1850 - 1944


Laurence F. Kalloch of Warren, showing how he does
his daily dozen.

Well Known Family

Three First Cousins of Advanced Years Have Been Active in Warren

    Laurence F. Kalloch, one of the oldest residents of Warren, and deacon of the past 27 years at the Baptist Church, of which he has been a member since 1870, went past his 91st milestone Jan. 12.  Mr. Kalloch is one of three first cousins, all residents of this town, noted for their activity in spite of their years, Edwin J. Kalloch, who was 91 Dec. 26, and George e. Libby, who will be 91 in July.  Edwin J. Kalloch was formerly a hunter in Northern Maine, and it was his pleasure to visit his old stamping grounds in that section the past fall, with Mr. and Mrs. George Gonia of Quincy, Mass.  Mr. Libby's greatest pleasure is reminiscing, and with a memory surprisingly long and clear, he is able to go back a long way in his recollections.
    Laurence F. Kalloch has been up to his usual form until a recent fall at his home, which shook him up considerably.  Last spring he split up his usual five cords of hardwood and also planted last spring his small garden plot which he spaded up himself, and on which he raised a goodly crop since he cared for it so faithfully.
    Mr. Kalloch, greatly respected and beloved by all who know him, will today be remembered with gifts and cards galore.
    He, in his younger days was spinner in the local woolen mill, holding that position for 45 years.  During his first few years in the mill the overhand jack containing five spools was used.  The yarn also at that time was drawn and woven by hand.
    He served his native town as town clerk some years ago.  He is a strict prohibitionist and has never used tobacco or liquor in any form.
    He has lived in his present home for 73 years.
    He has one daughter, Mrs. William Teague of Canaan, Conn., and one son, Sherbourn of Warren.

(Photo and story by Alena Starrett.  Date and name of newspaper was not indicated on the clipping)

Daughter Myra's obituary

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