86th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1953
Pages 72-74 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 26, 1953

The business meeting of the 82nd [86th*] Reunion of the Kalloch family was opened with prayer by Mabel Kalloch Rollins, following a bounteous picnic dinner.  There were 22 names registered.

The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted.

The following nominating committee was appointed: Mabel K. Rollins, Helen Harris and Mary Kalloch; who in turn presented the following slate of officers for the coming year:
    President - Arthur Kalloch
    V. Pres. - Mary Kalloch, Leola Robinson, E. B. Rollins, Grace Carey, Jennie Moody
    Historian - Marguerite Gould
    Sec. & Treas. - Faustina Spring

The following committees were appointed by the president:
    Entertainment: Mabel K. Rollins, Helen Harris, Lucy Hoffses
    Location: Hazel Hills, Marguerite Gould, Prof. E. B. Rollins

Historian Marguerite Gould gave an interesting report of an investigation she is making regarding the Kalloch family.

This meeting was then turned into a Hobby Show with the following people bringing a collection from his or her hobby: Prof. E. B. Rollins, Hazel Hills, Helen Harris, Kurt Hoffses and Leola Robinson.

Prof. Rollins explained his hobby as making useful things out of discarded material.  The articles which he brought were made of tin cans, into electric lights of various kinds.

Kurt Hoffses told of his collections brought from Holland by a relative.

Hazel Hills told very interestingly how she started her hobby of collecting earrings ; of which at the present time she has upwards of 500 pair.

Helen Harris' collection consisted of salt & peppers.  She has 200 pair catalogued and many sets which have not been listed.  She told where many of her[s] came from and how she started such a hobby.

Leola Robinson's collection consisted of advertising pencils.

The program continued with a poem by R. W. Carey.
Remarks - Mary Kalloch
Poem - Mabel K. Rollins

The Location committee suggested we have the Reunion at the same place next year.

A rising vote of thanks was given those bringing hobbies as well as those preparing the hall.

The following deaths were reported:
    Cora [? can't read] Murdough
    Margaret Rackliff
    Edith Kalloch (whose husband was originally from Warren)

Faustina Spring, Sec.

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.) 

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