141st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2008

40 members of the Kalloch clan united for the 141st Kalloch Association meeting on August 16, 2008, at the Wessaweskeag Historical Society.  Alex Gross, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 10:33 a.m.

The secretary’s minutes were read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque and accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch gave the treasurer’s report.  Again this year we had many generous donations including: Robert/Agnes Crabtree, John/Dorothy Blackman, Barbara Pepper, Edith Kalloch, Marilyn Morrison, Anita/Bob Nelson, Patricia Middaugh, Helen Campbell, Dolores Saletic, D. Brad Sleeper, Gilbert/Gilda Keller, Fred/Gail Kalloch, Beatrice Kalloch, and David Kalloch.

Mrs. Kalloch reiterated that the fiscal year is from one reunion to another, so the final balance sheet is completed at the end of the reunion day to include all donations and expenses that are incurred with the event.  Thus saying, the beginning balance was $3,366.35 with income at 1,261.31.  Expenses totaled $3,724.15, which included the purchase of a $2500 CD.  Checkbook balance as of 8/16/08 was $903.51 which includes $500 website escrow.  Assets include a computer and a CD valued at $2572.14 plus 6 months interest.

Peter Richardson, Eleanor Richardson, Kendall Merriam, Dorothy Blackman were noted as current Kalloch authors.

Ken Kalloch, webmaster, reported that Kalloch.org averages about 100 visitors per day, with an average of 450 pages viewed per day.  On August 10, 2008, 921 pages were viewed.  On our website the combined total of Kalloch and Killough descendants from our common ancestor Finley’s father Robert and his uncle John is approximately 45,000 individuals.  There are now 14,613 descendants of Finley in the “Kalloch Family Database.  Ken asked for biographical information on those persons listed in the Kalloch genealogy.  When we eventually print our Kalloch genealogy in one book form, it should be more than just facts and figures or births and deaths.  Every little story adds to the person’s life, gives us a sense of the times, and perhaps (as the author of these minutes has noted) helps us understand ourselves.  Peter Richardson commented that photos would also be good to include in the book.  E-mail Ken Kalloch at kdk44@juno.com.

It was noted that Ken Kalloch’s work on the website and Peter Richardson’s work is well correlated. Ken has entered or scanned most data on the website along with submissions from visitors.  Whereas, Peter has the original notebooks, documents, photographs, and other artifacts.  Each position has equal importance in preserving the Kalloch legacy.

Peter Richardson, historian, highlighted events of the year.  He noted the rededication of Matthew and Hance Kalloch’s gravesite, headed by Marilyn Morrison who has done significant Boyd research.  Peter also referred to the historical newsletter he wrote for the First Baptist Church in Rockland as it celebrated its 175th year.  The first minister of this church was Amariah Kalloch I, with Isaac Kalloch as the fourth.

Peter gave his appreciation to Bill Colby’s research that helped add much historical information and also sorted out two family lines.  Finally, Peter again requested research of Mary Kelloch, who married a Brown in Boston.

A moment of prayer was given to those who had died this year: Edgar Johnson, Walter Baker, Ronald Walsh, Winston Kellock, Fred Parmenter, Elizabeth Adams Kalloch, Freeman Brewer Jr. and Barbara Fox Avery.

Prizes awarded: Early Bird to Dwayne Keller, door prize to Alex Gross, longest married to Jeannine and Victor Lawrence at 52 years, oldest to Elinor Johnson at 86 years, youngest to Sam Kemos at 4 years, furthest traveled to Pat Stephen from Nebraska, newcomers Bob and Barbara Merriam, Peter Kemos, Alex Kemos, Dwayne Keller and Elizabeth Cousins.

Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance, the coffee pot reaped $173.35 and the auction of Alex Gross’s award-winning wine at $40.

There was no old business.

New business/motions:

*to refill the website account to $500.  Passed.
*to form a committee to keep track of the conditions of Kalloch gravesites. The committee would submit a report yearly to the Kalloch Association Meeting. Conditions, recommendations, possible costs would be included in this report.  Passed.
*Gravesite committee formed: Peter Richardson, Anita Nelson, and Dwayne Keller.
*to donate $100 to the Wessaweskeag Historical Society.  Passed.
*to include an abbreviated Treasurer’s report in the newsletter.  Passed.
*if possible to hold next year’s reunion at the First Baptist Church in Rockland.  Passed.

The business portion of the day was adjourned at 11:54 as appreciation was extended to Alex Gross in organizing the event.  Pat Stephen offered a prayer.

After lunch the nominating committee of Eleanor Richardson and Nancy Greenwood presented the 2008-2009 slate of officers: Alex Gross as president, Bill Colby and Deb Lovely as vice-presidents, Victoria Kalloch Levesque as secretary, Evelyn Kalloch as treasurer and corresponding secretary, Ken Kalloch and Peter Richardson as historians, Dean Mayhew as historian emeritus, Ken Kalloch as webmaster, Pat Stephen as chaplain, Eleanor Richardson as registrar, and Sandra Zimmerman and Eleanor Richardson as the 2009 nominating committee.  Passed.

The first presenter of the afternoon was Jim Skogland who said he missed being a Kalloch by a whisker.  But, as he regaled, he was delivered by a (Dr.) Kalloch.  As a historian of the St. George area, much his research included Kallochs, as there were many at one time in that area.  Jim’s speech, entitled “Anecedata”, told of Kallochs and the times through stories and letters.  He concluded by commending the Kallochs for continuing the reunion each year to reconnect and tell stories, and, particularly, the ability of the Kallochs to continue to survive.  He wanted to remind those in attendance that he recently had heard that research had proven that marrying cousins does not cause feeblemindedness!

Eleanor Richardson’s Power Point presentation “Uncovering the History of Your Neighborhood” revealed the amount of research entailed in writing her book, Mechanic Street: Uncovering the History of a Maine Neighborhood.  A historical photo look of Kalloch houses on Mechanic Street rounded out her program.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, Secretary (since 1992)

2008 Kalloch Reunion Photos

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