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Some Links for the State of Maine
where our ancestor Finley Kelloch settled in 1735

In this section are sites with information about Maine, how to get here and what you might like to do and see while in Maine, and information about the State.  Many of us Kallochs still reside here, but for our many family and friends who come each year to our annual Kalloch Reunion held near Rockland, Maine, this page should help you become more acquainted with the State.

City Guide for Rockland, ME - From

The Farnsworth Art Museum - Located in Rockland, Maine, the Farnsworth is one of the finest regional art museums in the country with a specialized collection focusing on Maine's role in American art.

Maine Archives and Museums - Organization whose purpose is to collect interpret, and/or provide access to materials relating to history and culture.  -Lots of Maine history, genealogy and culture links!! - Maine's Home on the Internet - Maine Resource Guide - Explore Maine.  Travel & vacation information and more.

Maine Office of Tourism - The Official Website of the Maine Office of Tourism

Rockland-Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce - Lodging, events, attractions, food and information.  This is near the area of Maine where the Kalloch's settled in 1735 and where our annual Kalloch Reunions are held.

Maine Made: America's Best - The unique products featured in this Web Site represent some of the finest craftsmanship available today. Over 1000 Maine companies offer a wealth of items created from wood, granite, field and farm. These products bring a sampling of Maine's rich resources right to your door.

Maine State Prison Industries Showroom - Located on the right as you drive through downtown Thomaston heading towards Rockland is the Maine State Prison Industries Showroom.  This is a very worthwhile stop.  Quality products for sale, patiently crafted by men with plenty of time on their hands.  You'll need to visit to purchase items, since they don't allow online purchases. 

The Maine State Tartan (and other State symbols) - Archived version - Light blue for the sky, darker blue for the waters, dark green for the forests, and a thin red line for the bloodline of the people: these are the colors of the Maine State Tartan, designed in 1964 by Scottish Tartan designer, Sol Gilis, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Maine Ulster Scots Project - The Maine Ulster Scots Project (MUSP) has been created to promote awareness of Maine's Scots-Irish heritage and to gather and archive the histories of Maine's Ulster-Scots families, up to and including the time of the American Revolution. That information will be periodically published and also taken directly to Maine's school children with volunteer programs sponsored by the St. Andrews Society of Maine.

Welcome to the City of Rockland Maine - Official page for Rockland, Maine. 

Some lobster related links..

The Maine Lobster Festival - Home page of the Maine Lobster Festival held yearly at Rockland Maine.  This site has a lot of lobster and Maine related links.

Some links to Maine humor...
  Hope you'll find something that will tickle your funny-bone!

Maine Jokes - From

Tim Sample & The Maine Humor Company - Tim Sample is a New England humorist, famous both for his presentation and his Maine accent. He has sold well over a million copies of his books, albums, and videos, including four albums and a video for the Bert and I company.

A Semi-WickedGood Maine Page - The purpose of this page is to keep those natives who are "away" informed.  To offer those "from away" a small glimpse of this wonderful state.  And to give those who just need to "get away" a place to visit albeit in "cyberspace."

by Norma Kalloch

 I must return to the rocky coast,
I must return to the sea,
Where for a number of remembered
My soul arid my heart were free.

I must stand out on a barnacled
And watch the seagulls soar,
I must feel the sand beneath my feet
As the sea resounds with a roar.
I must recapture the thrill, when I
Found driftwood on the shore,
And looked for shells in crevasses
Where none had looked before.

I must drink deep of the salt sea air
Intermingled oft’ with pine,
And sit enthralled on granite rocks
Where life and dreams entwine.
I must leave the city so cold,
so drear,
Yes, I must return to the sea
And the rocky coast where I was
That is still much a part of me.

From the 1976 Kalloch Family Newsletter,
©1976 The Kalloch Family Reunion Association

Words to live By:
Star light. Star bright, First star I see tonight;
Lead me out of stress and strain: Put me on the road to Maine.
by Mary R. Palmer

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