110th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1977

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 27, 1977

47 adults and 6 children were present at the 110th reunion of the Kalloch Family, in the IOOF hall in Warren.

The meeting was opened by the president Peter Richardson with roll call, each one giving their connection to the Kalloch Family.  Sec. & Treas. reports were read and accepted.  The Pres. appointed a nominating committee.

The oldest present were Henrietta Knowlton and Rebecca Laurel Mayhew tied for 86vrs.

It was suggested that each one check their branch of the Kalloch Family and each one stand to be counted next year.

The committee for preserving the old records was given the authority to go ahead with the work.  The committee: Leola Robinson, Colby Kalloch, Elinor Johnson, Doris Morgan, Nancy Sack, Bertha Drewett, and Hazel Hills.  Henrietta Knowlton was appointed as a committee of one to report about the coat of arms and clan plaids to Nancy Sack.

The following deaths were reported:
    1. Margaret Kalloch Newman - Rockland, Me.
    2. Mrs. Joseph (Mary Ann Keller) Andrews - N. Rockport, Me. - Jan.2,1977
    3. Marshall Newton  - Conway, N.H.

The nominating committee reported the following officers for 1978:
Pres. Peter Richardson - Kennebunk, Me.
V. Pres. Nancy Sack - Accord, N.Y.
Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills  - Warren, Me.
Historian Bertha Drewett          "         "
Assistant Hist. Leola Robinson - St. George, Me.
News letter Nancy Sack.
Chaplain Mabel Rollins
Obit. com. Bertha Drewett

Voted to meet at the IOOF hall in Warren, Aug. 26,1978
A card was signed for Nancy Sack and the Colby Kallochs.  Due to Nancy’s trip to Scotland they weren’t able to attend this year.  Voted to adjourn,

Respectfully submitted,
Hazel Hills, Sec.

(Typewritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

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