Alexander & Mary Ann Kalloch Family
Alexander was a son of Alexander Kelloch & Jane Fullerton
Mary was a daughter of James Kelloch & Hannah Madden


4 generations - Alexander Kalloch IV - 1907

Four Generations of Kallochs
Tenants Harbor, Maine -1907

Alexander Kalloch, IV, age 92
Henry F. Kalloch, age 65
Dr. Herbert F. Kalloch, age 39
Colby B. Kalloch, age 9

Alexander Kalloch & Mary Ann - gravestone
Alexander, Perry, and Dean S. Kalloch - gravestone

(Children of Alexander & Mary Ann Kalloch) 


Henry F. Kalloch - gravestone

Henry F. Kalloch
1842 - 1937
(Son of Alexander & Mary Ann Kalloch)

Henry's obituary

Nannie G. Kalloch - gravestone

Nannie G. Kalloch
1869 - 1943
(dau. of Henry F. Kalloch, wife of
Elmer E. Allen)

Nannie's PhotoNannie's obituary

Stones at Wiley's Corner, St. George, ME

Franklin Pierce Kalloch
1852 - 1913
(Son of Alexander & Mary Ann Kalloch)

Son Arthur's page

Franklin's infant children
Charles  1893 - 1898
Gertrude 1894 - 1894
Grace     1896 - 1896

Dea. Henry F. Kalloch homestead - Tenants Harbor, Maine

Dea. Henry Franklin & Amanda (Gilchrest) Kalloch

(Rte. 1, across from Town Hall, Tenants Harbor, Maine)

Herbert F. Kalloch - gravestone

(Herbert F. was  son of Dea. Henry F. Kalloch)
Jessie B. Kalloch & Herbert F. Kalloch - gravestones

Jessie Bartlett

Herbert Franklin

Colby Bartlett Kalloch & wife Leonie

Colby Bartlett Kalloch (son of Herbert Franklin and Jessie Bartlett Kalloch)
 with his wife Leonie Linade (Butt) Kalloch

Colby's obituary, Leonie's obituary

Nancy Kalloch Sack

Nancy Leonie (Kalloch) Sack
(daughter of Colby & Leonie Kalloch)

Nancy's obituary

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