George Ellison Macomber
Son of Hannah L. Kalloch & George W. Macomber


Photo from obituary

George E. Macomber
1853 - 1936

GEORGE E. MACOMBER - His mother Hannah Kalloch Macomber, widowed at an early age, Geo. began life as a grocery clerk, then a P.O. clerk, he went on to become President of 1 and director of 2 banks, President of 2 insurance co's and pioneer in the development of trolley and electric utility industry.  President of the Rockland, Thomaston & Camden St. Railway and of the Knox Gas and Electric Co.  He also was mayor of Augusta and gave the WW I monument there.  His daughter Anne married Guy Gannett, founder of the Portland Press Herald (& CBS ch. 13).

Notable Kalloch's page, George's obituary

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