I am a little late getting out the Newsletter; but as it turns out, it is just as well.  The date for the [111th] reunion has been changed and will be Saturday, August 19th., at 11:30A.M., in the Odd Fellows Hall in Warren, Maine.  Perhaps more of you will be able to attend this earlier date, especially if you had problems netting the children back to school after vacation.

Please note: There is a reservation blank.  Fill it out and return to Hazel quickly.  DO NOT MAKE a reservation unless you intend paying for it, whether you attend at the last minute or not.  If you do not come we still have to pay for you, and being good Kallochs we grumble at being assessed for those who forget to send money.

News about last year: [the 110th] The Rev. Peter Richardson was re-elected President and Hazel Hills secretary-Treasurer.  I wasn’t even there and I got elected Vice President! We had a bank balance of $106.95 but some of this will go towards preserving the old record books.  Peter brought his detailed genealogical charts, and it was suggested this year we try to stand with our particular branch of the family.  We had a baby sitter and intend having one this year as well.

News since the last meeting: Our marvelous historian, Bertha Drewett, died.  Hazel wrote to me: She was exceptional in this work, loved it and was so capable.  She had material nearly ready to go to the publishers for a book on old houses in town (Warren) through the Historical Society.  Also she was very active in the church, garden club, and D. A. R.  It is going to be hard to get someone to fill her place in too many things.

In September Mrs. Lucy S. Hoffses of Thomaston died.  She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kalloch.

Congratulations to Arthur and Catherine (Byrd) Olsen on the celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary last month! At the reunion Catherine will be standing as a descendent of John Kalloch in the eighth generation.  It works like this: 1. Finley Kalloch m. Mary Young, 2. John Kalloch m. Isabella Cunningham, 3. David Kalloch III m. Betsey Kalloch,  4. John Kalloch III m. Mary Stover, 5. James Kalloch m. Susan Ulmer, 6. Harriet Kalloch m. Elisha Clark Walker, 7. Nelle Walker m. Tyler Byrd, 8. Catherine Byrd m. Rev. Arthur Olsen. Catherine and Arthur have five children and according to my notes at least ten grandchildren. (P.T.R.)

Congratulations also to Edwin Rollins who celebrated his 100th. birthday on June 1 and to Mabel (Kalloch) Rollins who celebrated her 96th. birthday, June 29th!

I have been in touch with Miss Margaret MacDonald of Wisconsin who thinks she may be related to us through her ancestor, Shepard F. Kollock, probably born in New Brunswick, Canada.  If any of you know any connections between Kollocks and Kallochs, let me know.

My family and I wish to thank everyone for the card we received last summer saying we were missed.  All of you are missed when you do not attend the reunions.  Even if you cannot come in person, please send a note or anecdote to me for the Newsletter.  This year’s Newsletter is short because a. My typewriter is not working correctly, b. I am hunting for a new home and c. I do not get material from you out there.


Nancy Kalloch Sack
RD 2, Box 149
Accord, New York 12404

An Apology:  I’m the bottleneck this year! Nancy sent the copy along weeks ago and the delay is in getting it typed and mimeographed here in Kennebunk.  Now its on to Warren to get your names affixed and mailed to you.  I hope you get it in time!  Note date and time, same place!


Peter T. Richardson

The early generations:
At the next reunion we will try a new way of introducing ourselves to each other.  We will stand by branch of family.  This is how it will work, branches will be descendents of each of the children of Finley Kalloch. According to Cyrus Eaton (Annals of Warren, p. 565) the original Kelloch or Kalloch came to Portsmouth and removed to Philadelphia.  It is thought he moved there with David, Finley’s brother.  Finley moved to Warren as one of its first settlers in 1735, and had a large family of six children: 1. David, 2. John, 3. Mary, 4. Matthew, 5. Alexander and 6. Margaret.  David died without children, Mary moved in Boston, Margaret married in Boothbay, two challenges for historical research.  That leaves three active branches: John, Matthew and Alexander.

John had 14 children: David III, John II, James, William, Margaret, Alexander II, George, Matthew II, Finley II, Moses, Archibald, Joseph, Thomas, and Jane.

Matthew had 8 children: Margaret, Finley III, Moses, Hanse, Polly, Katie, Jane, and Sarah.

Alexander I had 11 children: David Y, Margaret, Alexander III, Mary, Jane, Adam, George, Samuel, Sarah, Rosanna, and Benjamin.

Confused yet?  These same names are repeated over and over again!  My chart brings many lines two more generations.  The notes many of you have compiled at reunions plus the marvelous notebooks of Bertha give us a great deal to go on.  With Bertha’s well researched authority no longer among us, all of us will have to become better historians.  Lets sort ourselves out this year!

Our reunion was founded in 1867 and reunions have been held every year from 1872 to the present!

Luncheon this year will be home cooked for us again by the Rebecca's of Warren.  Cost per plate will be $3.50 (adults), $2.50 (children).

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