116th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1983

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 27, 1983 - 116th Kalloch Reunion

The 116th Kalloch Family Reunion was held with Capt. Craig and Lynn Kalloch in Searsmont with 90 registered.

All enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken barbeque, steamed clams, salads and dessert.

Pres. Craig Kalloch opened the meeting with roll call.  Sec. & treas. reports were read and accepted.
The same nominating committee was appointed as follows: Leola Robinson, Colby Kalloch, Glennys Gross, Dean Mayhew, and William Morgan. Craig called for volunteers for vice president.  Peter Richardson recommended we have two vice pres, delegating one to carry on with some of the preparations thus preparing them for the office of president.  Craig said he would turn the responsibility over to them and handle the meetings when and if he was here. 

Arrangements for the 1984 reunion will be made later and reported in the news letter.  Craig & Lynn may be moving to Round Pond and would not be sure of being able to have the reunion.  Craig stated it might be possible to have us at Round Pond if they move and could get someone to cater the lunch.

The nominating committee reported the following officers: Pres. Craig Kalloch Searsmont,
1st Vice P. Donna Kalloch Perry , Owls Head, Me.
2nd  "     “ Dean Mayhew, Orland, Me.
3rd   “     “ David Kalloch, Rockland, Me.
Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills Warren, Me.
Chaplain Doris Merriam Rockland, Me.

Oldest member present: Henrietta Knowlton 93, Camden, Me.
Youngest Cassie Moore 3 months Rockland, Me.
Herbert & Harold Kalloch - twins are 88 nearer 89 years.
Rochelle Gardner Of Seattle, Wash, longest distance and Richard & Pearl Kalloch 2nd longest from Florida.

Peter gave a copy of “Come Spring” to the reunion to be sold.  It was auctioned off for $11.00.  Peter said Alexander Kalloch was mentioned in Come Spring, also that he made a fortune in selling rum!!  And - that he was a founder of the Warren Baptist church of which the Sec. is a member!!

The obituary report:
Richard D. Kalloch 68 yrs. - York, Me - Oct. 7, 1982
Emma Carrol Kalloch - Thomaston, Me - Nov. 23, 1982
Mrs. Sherben (Ruby) Kalloch Warren - 90 yrs. - 1982
Mrs. Henry (Beulah) Allen - Tenants Harbor - 76 yrs. - May1983
Linwood Moody - Union, Me. July 13,1983 - 76 yrs.
Myra Kalloch Teague - Warren, Me. - Aug. 21,1983 -107 yrs.
Omer Keller Auburn, Me. - Aug.20,1983
David Kalloch Concord, N. H. - June 30, 1983

Dean Mayhew is continuing research on the Kalloch background and anticipates going to England.  The research will be expensive.  A motion was made to put $150.00 more in the Historian Fund to be available for Dean and Peter for expenses in their extensive work.  Peter gave us more data on the genealogy.  Also spoke of comparing Judge Gould’s records with Bertha Drewett’s which were very accurate, also with Eaton’s Annals.  Judge Gould, Bertha Drewett, Peter Richardson and Dean Mayhew have and are combining a fabulous record of the Kalloch Family.

Beginning with 1980 all business meetings and are on cassette tape and are available to be copy.  Also there Is a tape of Dean Mayhews on family history.

Peter spoke of meeting with Harold Kalloch of Vancouver, Canada when he was out west on a seminar.  Harold and wife were at a reunion when we met at Crescent Beach in 1974.  They came a distance of 4500 miles just for the reunion, mainly because he is on research for a book he wants to write up of the Kalloch Family.  Read the 1974 records.

Peter gave a lot more interesting data which is on the tape - much too long for this report.

Voted to adjourn.

Hazel Hills Sec.

(Handwritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

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