87th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1954
Pages 77-79 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

St. George Grange Hall
August 25, 1954

The business meeting of the 83rd 84th -Changed to 84th per order of Arthur Kalloch - [87th*]  Kalloch Reunion was opened with prayer by Rev. Maurice Dunbar.  There were 27 guests registered.

The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted.

Mabel K. Rollins called a meeting of her nominating committee, (Mrs. Rollins, Hazel Hills and Helen Stairs) and nominated the following officers:



Arthur Kalloch


V. Ps.:

Henry Kalloch Allen


Leola Robinson


E. B. Rollins


Grace Carey


Jennie Moody



Marguerite Gould


Sec. & Treas.:

Faustina Spring



Mabel K. Rollins


Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses



Hazel Hills


Marguerite Gould


E. B. Rollins


Nominating Com.:

Mabel Rollins


Helen Harris


Rev. Maurice Dunbar

A note of thanks was received from the family of Mary Kalloch for flowers sent.

In opening the program, Mabel K. Rollins read several poems and told about her study of genealogy.

Several brought hobbies again this year and the first on this part of the program was Helen Harris who had many new salts & peppers since last year.  She told the story connected with several sets.

Hazel Hills had a collection of shells which formerly belonged to Mary Kalloch.

President Arthur Kalloch had pictures of the large new Armour Plant in Waterbury, Conn. of which his son Stanley is manager.  A letter telling of "Stan Kalloch week" was read.  This was especially interesting to the group present today.

Prof. E. B. Rollins brought more of his hobby pieces on lighting - some of the first pieces he made and told how he started to study the history of lighting.  The story of the Rust Light was particularly interesting.

R. W. Carey was called on to tell about the bonfires in Essex County Massachusetts - how they were built and so forth.

Story - Helen Harris
Marguerite Gould told some interesting experiences in helping her father in his genealogical work.
Story - Kurt Hoffses
Poem - R. W. Carey
Remarks & story - Mrs. Emma Kalloch.

A floor lamp was presented to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kalloch celebrating their coming 50th anniversary; also their many years as officers of this Reunion.

Poem - R. W. Carey

Faustina Spring, Secretary

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.) 

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