131st Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1998

Forty-four relatives attended the 131st Kalloch Family Reunion on August 15, 1998, held at Montpelier, home of General Henry Knox, in Thomaston, Maine. President Dolores McCarthy called the meeting to order at 10:30 A.M., welcoming those attending, particularly 12 new attendees: Anne and Bob Franklin, Barbara Sanborn, Marilyn and George Jones, Patricia Stephen, Elizabeth Kinney, Virginia Bickford, Charlene Stairs, Elizabeth Coates, and Gaylee, Donna and Katerina Bork.

Guest speaker and Montpelier volunteer Norman Van Dine told the history of General Henry Knox.  Dressed in period costume, Van Dine portrayed the character of Captain Thomas Vose, who was of Knox's artillery command and ultimately the able supervisor of the Knox estate in Maine.  Major General Henry Knox's life was traced from a young man who had to leave Boston Latin School at the age of nice until his appointment as Secretary of War to his personal friend George Washington.  Noted in the speech was Knox's little known contributions to our present day military: he recommended the training of men for war (now Annapolis) and the creation of a standing army of well-trained civilians (now, our National Guard).

Jana Wood, Museum Director, discussed how Montpelier was built as a tribute to Henry Knox. Presently, the State of Maine and Friends of Montpelier maintain the premises.

At 11:20 the Kalloch Family Association Annual Meeting convened.  The Secretary's report by Victoria Levesque was accepted as printed in the 1998 newsletter.  Treasurer Evelyn Kalloch gave her report as of August 15, 1998: checkbook balance of 1997: $567.77; expenses: $516.46; checking interest: $3.72; reservations: $476; donations to date: $143; with an ending balance of $674.03. Accounts payable include: 1994 Door Prize to Gail Kalloch for $50 toward a purchase of a Kalloch genealogy, and this day's luncheon fees.  Current CD balance at end of 1997 was $3,386.43.  The treasurer's report was accepted as read. Evelyn Kalloch also acknowledged the receipt of some donations and correspondence that will be noted in the 1999 newsletter.

An e-mail list was circulated amongst the attendees and will be published in the next newsletter.  Also, a list of people wanting an updated copy of the Kalloch genealogy was given to Peter Richardson.

The coffee pot reaped $125.40.

Old business included revisiting the idea of creating a Web Site for the Kalloch Family.  Peter Richardson, historian, said three elements were needed: connection to a server, knowledge of graphics, and a committee to design the page.  Victoria Levesque and Jeanine Lawrence volunteered to be on the initial committee.

There was no new business.

Awards given: Farthest Traveled: Pat Stephen from Nebraska (daughter of Frances Hjerpe); Oldest: Frances Hjerpe at age 95; Youngest: Trevor DeSalvia (5-month-old son of Daryl Caudry and grandson of President Dolores McCarthy); Longest Married: Bob and Agnes Crabtree at 58+ years; Early Bird Registration to Eleanor P. Richardson (mother of historian Peter Richardson).

Lunch was catered by The Brown Bag of Rockland, which was followed by the election of officers and the afternoon program.

Elinor Johnson and Peter Richardson presented the slate of officers: nominated and elected were: President: Bob Crabtree; Regional Vice-Presidents (by definition a regional vice president has to promise to do something): Elinor Johnson, Gerry Kearns, David Kalloch, Dee McCarthy, Jeanine Lawrence; Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Kalloch, Recording Secretary Victoria Levesque, Chaplain Julia Hunter, Historian's Peter Richardson and Dean Mayhew. Following elections Dolores McCarthy extended her thanks to all those that made this year's newsletter and meeting possible.  She also shared her appreciation of the 5 years of support she has had as president.

Peter Richardson shared his knowledge of the L.L. Bean's video From Stump to Ship, by Alfred Keller Ames, depicting early Maine logging. Richardson then proceeded to discuss the "Knox Connection".  John Young, whose daughter Mary married Finley, drew a lot of land under the Waldo Grants (Henry Knox was selling land to pay debts).  Also, noted was that Edward Kalloch Gould, first Kalloch genealogist and also State Historian, advocated building the replica of Montpelier.

Dee McCarthy and Daryl Caudry volunteered to research Mary Kalloch in Boston.

Dean Mayhew related the current status of the arms research.  Since receiving a letter of receipt of money on January 15, 1997, he has received no other correspondence, although he has written twice.  He will endeavor to send another letter. Other research noted one Rev. Craighead, who was pastor to Margaret and Robert in Ulster, was also their pastor in Massachusetts. Mayhew contends that more might be found about Margaret and Robert through their religious affiliations.  Gaylee Bork offered to write to each of 4 churches in Ireland to see if Rev. Craighead was connected.

Gaylee Bork spoke about the Killough connections and annual reunions.

The 131st Kalloch Family Association Meeting concluded at 2:30 with a historical tour of Montpelier.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, Secretary

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