143rd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2010

Thirty-three Kallochs met for the 143rd Kalloch Family Association meeting on August 21, 2010 at the First Universalist Church in Rockland. President Eleanor Richardson called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

The secretary’s minutes were read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque and accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch was presented with flowers and a standing ovation to honor her nearly 20 years as treasurer of the association.

Treasurer’s report: Donations of $843.37 were received. (It is noted here that the generous donations (including also the coffee pot and wine auction) are what sustain the cost of the newsletter and website. The fees charged for the reunion cover the cost of food, location, gifts, and program).

As of August 23, 2010, the beginning balance was $3227.74. Income was $1,238.49, which included donations and reservations. Expenses were 923.20, which included newsletter, stamps, and church/ luncheon costs. Ending balance was $3,543.03 with website computer as only other asset

Noted deaths this year: Dorothy Pearson (Peter Richardson’s aunt), Roselle Kalloch Fontaine (Anita Nelson’s aunt), Edna Keller DeGaetano (Linda Donovan’s mom), and Shirley Keller’s aunt (name unknown at this writing).

Gravestone and Historian report by Peter Richardson: Peter reported his visit to a monument in Texas honoring the Killoughs massacred in 1836. Peter also shared news articles pertaining to Captain Jim Kalloch, the Crabtrees (celebrating 70 years of marriage), and Harold Kelloch (author located on web and may or may not be a relation). Kendall Merriam gave to the association a copy of historical letters by Jabez W. Foster et als (related to Josiah Keller). Again, Marilyn Morrison was credited with her “cemetery” work and getting the memorial plaques for Haunce and Matthew Kalloch at the Old Parish Cemetery in St. George, Maine.

Peter has been researching the cost of repairing the gravestone of Alexander III (son of Alex the I). This gravestone is currently in three pieces lying on the ground. Discussion was held about repairing this and other stones. The membership concurred that only the first three generations would be under consideration for “gravestone repair”. A motion was made to allot money for the repair of Alexander III’s gravestone that was not to exceed $1000. Motion passed.

The webmaster’s report was read (Ken Kalloch was not available to attend this year). He has answered all correspondence to date, and the Kalloch genealogy database has grown by 758 pages since May. From July 7-21, there were 155 unique visitors per day at an average of 889 pages viewed per day. Ken also upgraded Windows (at his own expense of $199). We continue to praise Ken for his work for maintaining our incredible history.

Discussion included the importance of encouraging everyone to use the website or to add their e-mail address. A “once-a-year” newsletter may not contain all the information that could be available on the website or via e-mail. Plus, as we forge forward into new generations, technology increases, and snail-mail becomes cost prohibitive.

Registrar Sandy Zimmerman (who donated the costs of the gifts) presented the prizes: Longest distance traveled: Julia Hunter from Newcastle, Washington (at distance of 2600 miles); Oldest person: Elinor Johnson at 86 years old; Youngest person: Paul Wilson at 22 years old; Longest married: Jeanine and Victor Lawrence at 54 years; Longest attendee: Peter Richardson at 66 years (since he was 4 years old), First-Timer at reunion: Cathy Moran.

Coffee pot reaped $142.37, and Alex Gross’s wine auctioned at $35 to Barbara Sanborn.

Slate of officers presented: President, Eleanor Richardson; Vice-presidents: Deb Lovely and Bill Colby; Secretary: Victoria Levesque; Treasurer: Margaret Carleton; Corresponding secretary and Newsletter editor: Evelyn Kalloch; Historians: Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch; Historian emeritus: Dean Mayhew; Webmaster: Ken Kalloch; Registrar: Sandy Zimmerman; and Chaplain: Pat Stephen. (It is noted here that the job of registrar has expanded, which will include the registration for the annual reunion, checking addresses/changes, sending notes of appreciation to donors (or notifying corresponding secretary to do so), checking attendees at the reunion and buying gifts.). Passed.

Appreciation was extended to Norm Kalloch for maintaining the mailing list/labels.

Chaplain Pat Stephen offered the luncheon blessing.

The afternoon program was a delightful presentation of Kalloch talent. Anita Nelson read Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Renascence”, Peter Richardson read his own works, “ Grief to Gratitude”, and “Take a Child’s Hand”, Rockland’s Poet Laureate Kendall Merriam read his poems “On the Obituaries of Women”, “Doughnuts”, and “The Flag of a New Nation”, and Fred Kalloch serenaded the audience with his guitar playing. As the day rolled to a close at 2:30, attendees agreed it had been a wonderful program.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Kalloch Levesque, association
secretary since 1992!

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