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Kalloch/Killough Family History Website Links

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A Killough Family Home Page Killough genealogy page of a site by Mitch Fincher.
Killough Massacre 1838 Killough massacre - Wikipedia article.
Killough Reunion Association
Website of the Killough Reunion Association, of the Killough Massacre Site Memorial, Inc. Organized in 1955 to commemorate the site of the 1838 Killough Massacre in Texas.
My Irish Roots
Website of Debbie Heffernan Benko.  Debbie is a grand daughter of Harold Kalloch and Maria Tolman.  Her genealogy database contains 2393 individuals.

Other Kalloch & Killough Sites on the Web

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About Gina Homepage for Gina Kalloch.  She lives in Alaska and was raised in the  Athabascan Native American culture.  She is an artist specializing in beadwork and has a shop in Fairbanks, Alaska called "The Glass Bead Game."
Don Pitcher Website of Don Pitcher, photographer and travel writer.  (Don is a grandson of Addie Rose Keller).
Liz Kalloch Art & Design Liz Kalloch's graphics and mixed media design website.
www.larryshort.com Website of the family of Larry Short, (a grandson of Dudley Kalloch).
Red Barn Rockland Home of Red Barn Publishing in Rockland, Maine and of author, Peter Tufts Richardson (Kalloch family historian).

Family Sites with Kalloch Connections

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Geer Family Association Website of the Geer Family Association.  In 1853 Lucy Lermond Kalloch married David Larkin Geer, Esq. (Photo of Lucy and David).
Julie's Genealogy (Archived version) Website of Julie Sefton.  She is related by Mary Keller, (dau. of Finley III), through the Snow and Pillsbury families.

Kalloch/Killough Family Researchers



Area of Research Interest

Peter T. Richardson
22  Mechanic St.
Rockland, ME  04841
PTEMR@aol.com Kalloch family historian, compiling the history and genealogy of the descendants of Finley Kelloch (Killough) who in 1735 settled in St. Georges, now part of Warren, ME.
Kenneth D. Kalloch
11 Joffre St.
Concord, NH  03301
kdk44@juno.com Co-historian of Kalloch Reunion Association, assisting Kalloch family historian, Peter Richardson with compiling Finley Kelloch's descendants.  (Link to Kalloch Family genealogical database on the Family Genealogy Page).

Assistant historian for the Killough Reunion Association, responsible for: "The Maine Branch", "Ireland and Canada Killough Branches", and "More Killoughs, Killough families whom we are unable to connect to any specific branch.  (Link to Killough Family genealogical database on the Family Genealogy Page).

Board Administrator for the RootsWeb Kalloch and Killough Message Boards.

Webmaster for The Kalloch Family Home Page, The Killough Reunion Association Home Page, and Debbie Benko's My Irish Roots site.

Zora Killough Cunningham
Deceased 9/14/05
In Memoriam Page
  Killough Family Historian, compiled the book: The Killough/Kellough Family in Ireland, Canada and the United StatesNote, due to age and health issues, Zora selected several Assistant Historians take over the job of updating and maintaining the records for each Killough branch.  Read: Changing of the Guard for more details.
Jim Killough
5400 Walnut Ave.
#810, Downers Grove, IL  60515
jimmiekilo3167@sbcglobal.net Killough, Covenanter branch of Ohio and Little Britain, PA, branch.
Daniel T. Killough
1365 Wallace Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304
danielkillough@yahoo.com Killough, The North Carolina/Arkansas Branches and the Rhea Co., TN and Montgomery Co., AL branches.
Floyd "Nolan" Ross
110 Alvis Ln., Waxahachie, TX  75165
fnross@flash.net Killough, The Old South Branches of Rutherford Co., TN and Livingston Co., KY.

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