“Words are things; and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”
Lord Byron (1788-1824)
from Don Juan

Lord Byron never finished his masterpiece, the epic poem Don Juan, but he might never have begun it had he been conceived today.  He was born with a clubfoot, but nonetheless his self esteem was left intact.  (from an article by Kathleen Parker, Bangor Daily News)

AT THE REUNION:  We are meeting at the Wessaweskeag Historical Society building in South Thomaston.  It is next door to the Zimmerman home, which is an old Kalloch homestead.  The Historical Society building is a red former school house and has an excellent meeting room.  The Historical Society ladies will prepare a buffet lunch of baked beans, casseroles, salads, sliced meats, etc. Dianne Bergstedt Boyd will present an Introduction to the Maine Boyds:
            The Boyds: Where they came from
            The Boyd and Kalloch connection on their arrival in Maine
            Lines of descent to the present day Boyds in Maine
The Ties that bind: Ulster-Scots and the shared ancestry of Boyds and Kallochs
        Ancestry: Migration from Scotland to Northern Ireland to Maine
Truth is stranger than fiction
            A Continental Crossing: How I came to be a Boyd.

NEWSWORTHY:  Margaret Keller Canton was feted with a retirement party last summer at the Rockport Masonic Center.  She was a licensed clinical social worker.  Our best wishes for a happy retirement.

David Kenniston of Warren, Maine, decided to close his “Kenniston’s Good Old Things” shop on Route one in Warren.

Last July, Sandra Zimmerman was interviewed by Courier Publications regarding her interest in flags and other artifacts of patriotic themes, among them an 1812 flag.  She and her husband have made many visits to Civil War landmarks.  Mrs. Zimmerman grew up in South Thomaston.  Her home was occupied by her great, great, grandfather, William Keller in 1857.

Jacob Ryan King, son of Aaron and Mary King, was born on March 2007, in Arizona.  He is grandson of Victoria Kalloch Levesque and Gordon Levesque, great grandson of Evelyn Kalloch.

Our playwright and author, Kendall Merriam, has written two new plays which were performed at the Lincoln Street Center for Arts and Education.  He has also authored a recent short story “A Fox at Christmas”.  There are many poems and short stories which he has written, all of local interest.

Marilyn Morrison sent source documents of her membership to Daughters of 1812:
            Effie Linekin Kalloch Kinney’s death record.
            Hanse Robinson Kelloch service records
            Hanse’ widow’s pension and land grant application file
            Marriage returns of Lincoln County pages (Adam Kelloch and Ephia Linnekin)
            History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, Vol. 1 & 2 pages
            referencing the 1812 service of Hanse and the Kalloch family.

Jonathan Kalloch, son of Phillip Kalloch, Gorham, ME and David Kalloch, son of Kenneth Kalloch, Concord, NH embarked on the State of Maine Training Cruise May 8th as part of their training at Maine Maritime Academy.  They will return to Castine July 2.

OBITUARIES:  Priscilla Baum, daughter of Joseph C. and Carolina (Kinney) Robinson, died on Nov. 13, 2006.  She was born in St. George, Maine and attended schools there.  She lived in Lynn, Mass for 30 years, after which she returned to Maine.

Gladys Viola (Keller) Farrand, daughter of John Ernest Story Keller, died January 18, 2007, at Easton, Mass.  She is survived by four sons, Wallace, Robert, Lawrence and Richard, as well as a brother John Keller and sister Edna deGaetano.

Paul D. Merriam, husband of the late Doris Blackman Merriam, died August 20, 2006 at Owl’s Head.  Paul was a retired Postmaster and civic leader in the Rockland area.  His accomplishments were many, too long to list here.  However, further details can be found on the Kalloch.org website.  He is survived by four sons, Paul (Gil), Robert, Kendall and Marshall, many grand and great grand children

Helen Eugenia Graves passed away March 28, 2006.  She was a graduate of Phoenix High School and Univ. of Arizona with a teaching degree.  She was predeceased by her husband, Rod Graves.  She is survived by her son Rodney Jackson Graves and Beverly Graves of Phoenix, and a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Our condolences to those who have lost loved ones.  Full obituaries can be found on our web site http://kalloch.org. 


Christopher Stover, Veteran of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812
The following is taken from Christopher Stover’s Revolutionary War Pension Files under Stover, Christopher, Number S.37455, Continental, Mass., Old War Inv. File 6171, War of 1812.

Christopher Stover enlisted in January 1776 and served one year as a private in Captain Wild’s Company, Colonel Phinney’s Massachusetts Regiment; re-enlisted January 1, 1777, as private in Captain Daniel Merrill’s company, Colonels Samuel Brewer’s and Brook’s Massachusetts Regiments; was in the battle at the taking of Burgoyne at Saratoga; and continued to serve until 1780 when he was discharged at a fort on the Hudson River.  He returned home and gave his discharge to his father-in-law, Isaac Hall.

During the War of 1812, Christopher served as a private in Captain Chapman’s Company, 21st Regiment of U.S. Infantry.  He was severely wounded at or near Sacketts Harbor, New York, on July 3, 1813, and was discharged January 19, 1816.

Christopher Stover was allowed a pension from January 20, 1816, based on disability resulting from the above noted wound.  On April 8, 1818, while residing in St. George, Lincoln County, Massachusetts, he applied for a pension based on his service in the Revolutionary War.  After relinquishing the disability pension for War of 1812 service, he was allowed the Revolutionary War pension.

In 1820, Christopher Stover, age sixty-four, was a resident of Appleton, Lincoln County, Maine.  His family then living at home consisted of his(second) wife, Katherine, age forty-four; Betsey Biskey, age fifteen, and Mary Biskey, age thirteen (step-children); Jacob Stover, age seven, and Katherine Stover, age five.  Christopher died September 8, 1828.

A record of Christopher Stover’s son, Christopher, Jr., is given below.  The military data are obtained from the papers on file in widow’s pension claim W.C.15722 based on his service in the War of 1812.

Christopher Stover, Jr., was born in St. George, Lincoln County, Massachusetts.  He enlisted January 23, 1813, served a private in Captain Chapman’s Company, 21st Regiment, U.S. Infantry, and was discharged June 15, 1815, at Boston, Massachusetts.  He was about twenty-two years of age at the time of his discharge.  It is shown in this pension claim that his father served in the same company with him in the War of 1812.

Christopher Stover, Jr., married on December 28, 1820, in Appleton, Lincoln County, Maine, Permelia, or ‘Milly,” Gahan.  He died January 10, 1850, in South Thomaston, Maine.  (The date of death may be later disproved, as his name is shown in the 1850 U.S. Census for South Thomaston.)

Permelia Stover, soldier’s widow, was allowed pension on her application executed March 27, 1878, at which time she resided in Waterville, Kennebec County, Maine.  She was then seventy-four years of age.

Reference: Christopher Stover m. Mehitable Hall, Caleb Stover m. Sarah Clark, Hezekiah Stover m. Mary Pillsbury, Mary Jane Stover m. Robert Chaples, Caroline Chaples m. Adam Boyd Kalloch.


The North Parish Church Association is accepting donations (minimum of $10) for the replacement of the Old North Parish Cemetery fence in Wiley’s Corner, St. George, Maine.  Checks should be made out to the North Parish Church Association, and mailed to the Association at 714 River Rd., St. George, ME 04860.

Please provide your current address and telephone number, the names of your ancestor(s) in the Old North Parish Cemetery, and how you are related to them.  The Church Association will keep the names, addresses and telephone numbers in a memorial book for future historical reference.  Please indicate for which specific individual the contribution memorializes.


For those who wish to prolong this 140th reunion a bit, or for those coming from out of town and staying over, Eleanor Richardson is compiling a list and will find a moderately priced restaurant for dinner.  If you plan to join us, you can sign up ahead or at the last minute.  Please reply to:
(For replies for the dinner, contact:)
Grandmoot@aol.com or 207-596-5502.

QUILT SQUARES:  We are still accepting family quilt squares, size 12 1/2 inches square, which allows for a 1/2 inch seam.  Please send them to Evelyn N. Kalloch....thanks.

DONATIONS:  As always, donations are welcome.  We have no dues, nor any sources of income other than from the generosity of our members to defray costs of mailings and managing the website.  The Kalloch Family Reunion Assn. is a nonprofit group which sponsors annual reunions, promotes research and publications of family genealogy, provides a forum for the many members to meet each other, and undertakes projects of interest for the membership.

MANY THANKS TO:  The officers, committees and volunteers for arrangements and planning of the reunions.  Thanks to Deborah Lovely, President, Norman Kalloch, Jr. who provides our address labels and address data base, Ken Kalloch, Webmaster, who undertakes the responsibility for the web site and who keeps the Kalloch genealogy current and complete, to Peter Richardson, Historian, and Dean Mayhew, Historian Emeritus, to June Parmenter, registrar and to all the rest who contribute so much.

KALLOCH WEBSITE:  The Kalloch Family Home Page is http://kalloch.org.  The Killough Reunion Home Page is http://killough.org.  My Irish Roots, family site of Debbie Heffernan Benko at http://myirishroots.com.

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