Edward Kalloch Gould and Family
Son of John Lindsey Kalloch & Rosetta Jane Gould,
husband of Fanny Woodbury Dennis

Edward Kalloch Gould
1865 - 1939

Edward Kalloch Gould

Edward & Fanny Gould

EDWARD KALLOCH GOULD - Attorney, Judge of the Probate court, officer in the Militia. When he was Mayor of Rockland, the Library and R.R. Station were built. He negotiated the coming of the Samoset Hotel to Rockland, and became widely known as an orator. He was high in the Masons organization. He was Chair of the Trustees that built "Montpelier," the Knox Memorial. He authored several books of military history, served as Maine State Historian and compiled a fine manuscript of Kalloch Genealogy.

Edward's obituary, Notable Kallochs page

Marguerite, Stephen, and Charles Gould
Children of Edward Kalloch Gould

Marguerite Gould

Marguerite Gould,
1893 - 1993

Charles D. Gould

Charles D. Gould,
1899 - 1992

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