136th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2003

Mechanic Street, Rockland, Maine, once known as Ingrahamís Point, was the site for the 136th Kalloch Family Association meeting on August 16, 2003, with 66 adults and 3 small children in attendance.

Peter Richardson and his wife Eleanor hosted the reunion at the homestead that has been in Peterís family for seven generations.  According to history, Henry Ingrahamís daughter married Rev. Joseph Kalloch and resided in the house that is currently across the road from Peterís house.  136 years ago Rev. Joseph and his sister Nancy Wall started the Kalloch Family Reunion that has met annually since.  Rev. Joseph had two sons and one of whom, Frank Seavey Kalloch, built the house in which the Richardsonís now reside.  The large barn was originally built as a shop for ship building and later moved to this site to serve as Frankís tinware business. 

President Julia Hunter convened the business portion of the reunion at 11:30.  The secretaryís minutes were read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque and accepted as read.  Evelyn Kalloch reported in the treasurerís report that there was a beginning balance of $1421.76.  Other income included deposit from CD at $2,310.24, checking interest at $1.51, reservations at $810, donations at $882, and coffee pot donations at $223.  Expenses, including computer, memorials, printing, postage, new checks, reunion entertainment, reunion gifts, reunion catering, genealogy copies and software, totaled $2,981.37, thus, a checkbook balance as of 8/18/03 of $2,667.14.  Assets include a computer, with no accounts receivable nor accounts payable.  The treasurerís report was accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch, also corresponding secretary, announced that the family photo from the 135th Reunion was available for $5.  Noteworthy was the 2003 John Deere calendar that contained the picture of Phyllis Kalloch Reedís Maine-styled mailbox that was on display at the Smithsonian Institute last year.  Kendall Merriam has published a new poetry book entitled Spring River: Poems from a Chinese Restaurant. Edgar Johnsonís heart bypass was noted as well as the deaths of Anita Gross Fernaldís son, Allen C. Fernald Jr., and Jeanine and Victor Lawrence's son Edward.

The treasurer also asked for submissions for the spring newsletter which could be of historical value, or other original writings such as poetry or essays.  Kalloch talent abounds and contributions would be appreciated in any future Kalloch Newsletter publications.  Evelyn Kalloch reported that the White Oak Grange Hall in Warren had been purchased and moved.  She had heard that it had Kalloch connections and asked if anyone knew that information.

The nominating committee submitted this slate of officers.  President, Julia Hunter; Vice-Presidents, Gail Clark, Ruth Wade, Ken Kalloch, Phillip Kalloch; Recording Secretary, Victoria Kalloch Levesque; Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, Evelyn Kalloch; Historians, Dean Mayhew, Peter Richardson; Registrar, June Parmenter; Chaplain, Pat Stephens.  No new nominations were offered and the slate of officers was voted as nominated.

The members of the nominating committee for the 2004 reunion are Shirley Keller Thomas, Bob Crabtree, and Barbara Sanborn.

There was no old business.  Under new business appreciation was extended to Peter Richardson for hosting this yearís reunion.  Peter offered this location again for the 137th reunion.

Jeanine Lawrence made a motion to establish the official position of web master for the Kalloch site.  This motion was carried.  Ken Kalloch currently holds this position.  Alex Gross suggested the possibility of encouraging contributions from those who access the web site to ensure the ongoing of the Kalloch site.  Peter Richardson stated that within a discussion perhaps some general principle needs to be developed.  It was agreed that the executive committee would discuss this issue and present its findings at next yearís meeting.  Anita Gross Fernald announced that she had had her first art opening at the New London Library, Connecticut.  Also, she will be married to Robert Nelson on October 4.  Dexter Olsen asked if parties who submitted a quilt square would write a short paragraph about the family history and inspiration of that square.  Please send to Evelyn Kalloch.  Also, any address changes should be sent to Evelyn Kalloch at P.O. Box 124, Thomaston, Maine 04861.

Martha Keller Sumner celebrated her 101 birthday this summer in Vermont.  The business portion of the reunion concluded at 12:00.  A catered lunch was served by Kay Dodge and her daughter Katie.  Afternoon entertainment was provided by Holly Torsey, singing traditional Scottish tunes.  Dexter Olsen and Eleanor Richardson gathered the group for a photo.  Gifts included an appreciation to Eleanor and Peter for their hospitality, Early Bird to Robert Crabtree, Door Prize to Pat Parmenter, Youngest Member to Trevor Bibby at age 2, Oldest Member to Francis Hjerpe at 100 1/2 (noted: has attended every reunion since the age of 3), Longest Married to Bob and Agnes Crabtree at 63 years, and Furthest Traveled to Ted and Colleen Atmore from Vancouver, Washington.  New members to the reunion included Marilyn Cross Keene and Virginia Cross Trull (sisters), the Atmores, the Vickery family, the Adams family, and the Bibby family.

The coffee pot, made by Frank Seavey Kalloch (son of Rev. Joseph Kalloch), collected $223 in donations.

Peter Richardson concluded the reunion by summarizing our ancestry from the first Kalloch who landed here, Finley, and his 6 children: David (who had no children), John, Mary (who went to Boston and married a Brown--more research is requested), Matthew, Alexander, and Margaret (who married John Boyd).

The 136th Kalloch Family Reunion was adjourned at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, secretary

2003 Kalloch Reunion Photos

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