Kalloch Family History Quilt

Over the years Kalloch family members have been making the individual squares for this Family History Quilt

Kalloch Family Quilt Photo

Kalloch Family History Quilt - 8/17/02
(Evelyn Kalloch & Deborah Lovely are holding it)

Kalloch Family History Quilt - 8/20/05
(Three new squares have been added and couple squares have been moved since the 8/17/02 photo to the left)


Click any of the squares in the table below to read the description for that square.
(The square arrangement is based on the 8/20/05 photo above)


Quilt Square Descriptions Page

Members still may submit squares, which should be 12 x 12 inches, with an additional 1/2-inch for a seam allowance.
Contact: Deb Lovely for information.

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