Dear Kalloch Family Member,

Our 110th Reunion is coming up on August 27th in Warren, Maine, and this is our Third Annual Newsletter, so we are right in style in the current rage to find roots!

Last year’s [109th] reunion attracted 52 of us and we elected Peter Richardson to continue as President; James Kalloch of Rutland, Mass., as Vice President; Haze1 Hills as Secretary; and Mabel Rollins as Chaplain.  As usual, we will be sending out reservation notices about the reunion later in the summer.  If you would like to come this year we can recommend two motels Glen Cove Motel, 3 miles north of Rockland on US 1, with a good view of the bay and last-known prices about $18 for two-bedroom.  Also the White Gates Motel, 4 miles north on Rte, 1 - prices $18 to $22.  Please come and bring the children.  James Kalloch is going to look into baby sitting services.

At the meeting we discussed methods of preserving the old records and will be hearing more about that at this year’s meeting.  Bertha Drewett, our historian, (Rte. 2, Warren, Maine, 04864) would like you to send her articles and pictures so she can include them in scrapbooks she is keeping.  I send along any articles sent to me for inclusion in this Newsletter.

Kalloch Doings

The Rev. Peter Richardson is in Maine now as Minister at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Kennebunk.  He was installed in February in this lovely and historical Church.

Leola Robinson was honored last year by Bicentennial services at the First Baptist Church in St. George, Maine.  The congregation managed to surprise her by mounting a plaque on the Church which reads; In gratitude to Almighty God for the founders of this church and for the lives of all those who have sustained the spirit of Christ in this community, this tablet has been placed by friends of Leola F. Robinson as an expression of our loving expression for her lifetime of Christian service to this church and this community.

Richard Kalloch of York, Maine, saw the article by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kalloch which was printed in last year's Newsletter and sent an article about his trip to Key West last winter.

Harold and Phyllis Kalloch write from Oregon that Harold is better now and taking up his search for information about Isaac Kalloch.  There is a book out called, “The Townsmen,” which is part of the Old West Series published by Time-Life in 1975; and in it is a lengthy article about Isaac complete with Picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Keller of Rockport, Maine, sent an article from the “Camden Herald” about the Keller family — specifically Henry and Gladys Keller of West Rockport.  To quote the bicentennial article; Henry Keller has trod the same footsteps as his forefathers have; and he has carried the Keller traditions, pride and respect and love in his community.

Sam and Betsey Kalloch of Poughkeepsie, New York, report that life is busy and going well. Sam was honored back in 1969 for 50 years of service as Coach at the Poughkeepsie High School.  The papers said he had "accomplished enough as a coach, educator and man to become the best-known personality and one of the most admired men in Poughkeepsie history."  Poughkeepsie is not far from my home, and recently Sam and Betty came to see me perform in a play - displaying the concern, interest, and enthusiasm that has made them so memorable to the boys who played for Sam.

Old Record Book

Thought you might be interested in some more information from the Old Record Book kept by generations of Kalloch family secretaries.  Many of the early entries are merely lists of those who attended, but in 1878 at the home of Washington Robbins in South Thomaston they added their occupations which read as follows:

George Harrington of Thomaston - stevedore
Edward Graves of St. George - farmer
George Keller of St. George - farmer
Mrs. Isaac Kalloch of San Francisco, California
Etta Boyde of Rockland - dressmaker
Alden Keller of St. George - sailor
Albert Kalloch of St. George - seaman
Charles Kellar, St. George - Stonecutter
Henry Kelloch of St. George - ships carpenter
Edwin Kalloch of Warren - hunter

It was personally interesting to me that Henry Kelloch (my great grandfather) spelled our name Kelloch.  I don't know when we began with the spelling Kalloch which I use.

We are still going to need contributions to finance this Newsletter, (Many thanks to those who contributed last year), so you will find a form at the bottom.  The postage alone comes to over $16 because we have at least 128 names on the mailing list.  Then there are mailing labels which Hazel diligently types.  So far the paper is free, but that can't last.

I would still appreciate any materials sent to me for inclusion in next year's Newsletter.  It is hard to get enough information a the Reunion itself to fill up the paper, so if you have news, questions, anecdotes, etc., please send them to me.

Hope to see you in Warren.

  Aug. 27th.


Nancy Sack, Editor
RD 2 Box 149
Accord, New York  12404

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