Historian's Resources for
Kalloch Research

Peter T. Richardson, Historian

  1. Genealogy Notebooks, (currently 6 overfull 3" volumes).
    Yellow = John Lines,  Green = Matthew Lines, Blue = Alexander Lines.  In each line a separate page for each generation.  Names underlined have further pages following.  Photographs and items of biographical interest follow the page with genealogical information.

  2. Kalloch Reunion History/Records Notebooks, (Red, currently 1 volume).  Photographs, minutes, attendance, press coverage, etc.
  3. Indexes, Genealogy indexes compiled by Edward Kalloch Gould, Bertha Drewett and Paul Merriam.
  4. Historian's Correspondence, (currently 4 loose leaf notebooks).  Where your letters go when I finally answer or use information in them.
  5. Research Files, New information, questions I haven't had a chance to answer, unanswered letters, etc.
  6. General Information on Kalloch's File, Useful info.
  7. Unconnected Kallochs, Either Kallochs not of our branch or names and photographs which need further information to connect with our lines.
  8. General Genealogical Info, Historical, family, genealogical organizations that are good to know about.
  9. Computer file, Ideas.
  10. E-mail list file and addresses, E-mail is the fastest way to communicate with me!!
  11. Photograph file, Mostly "things to do."
  12. Display boxes, Currently 5 boxes of books, Bibles, framed portraits, memorabilia & "stuff" too good to throw away!


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