89th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1956
Pages 85-87 in the minutes book

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

Aug. 29, 1956

The business meeting of the 86th 85th  [89th*]  Kalloch Reunion was called to order by President Arthur Kalloch and prayer offered by Rev. Maurice Dunbar.

The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted.

Virgil Hills, Rev. Maurice Dunbar and Jennie Moody were named on the Nominating Committee and after a short meeting recommended that the same officers serve another year.  This report was accepted and the slate of officers are as follows:



Arthur Kalloch


Vice Pres.

Henry Kalloch Allen


Leola Robinson


E. B. Rollins


Grace Carey


Jennie Moody



Marguerite Gould


Sec. & Treas.

Faustina Spring



Mabel K. Rollins


Helen Harris


Lucy Hoffses



Hazel Hills


Marguerite Gould


E. B. Rollins

Historian Marguerite Gould showed photographs of founders of the Kalloch Reunion.

Helen Harris told of a few new salts & peppers which she had acquired; also brought greetings from her father, Henry Mansfield and reported the birth of her granddaughter Laurie Ann Hunt on xxxx xx, 1955 [exact date blocked].

Hazel Hills of Warren brought some beautiful African Violets, and told how and what to do to grow such plants.

Prof. E. B. Rollins told some very interesting incidents in connection with the collection of some rare candlesticks.

Kurt Hoffses exhibited an interesting piece of driftwood.

Some interesting genealogy was told by Mabel Rollins concerning Rev. Isaac Kalloch.

Poem - R. W. Carey
Story - Kurt Hoffses
Story - Mabel Rollins

The history of the Extensions Service was told by Hazel Hills, and Helen Harris told of evening classes covering some of the same subjects as covered by the Extension Service.

Mrs. Bertha Drewett showed colored slides of local scenes, flowers, etc. which were most enjoyable.

Faustina Spring, Sec.

(Treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.) 

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