114th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1981

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 29, 1981

114th Kalloch Reunion was held at the St George Grange Hall, 79 were in attendance.  The Ladies of the Grange served the lunch.

President Nancy Sack opened the meeting.  The Sec. & Treas. reports were read and accepted.

Nancy displayed a pamphlet that has been made up from Dean Mayhew’s talk last year on the Kalloch back ground.  Elaine Stewart has had this made up for us.

Craig Kalloch was called on to give a report of the Reunion Camp-out at his place in Searsmont.  For a first attempt it sounded like a success.  44 were at the cook-out.

Also Craig has consented to be our President.  Nancy discussed this with Craig - as Nancy put it, he is well qualified in many ways as well as having the Kalloch name.

Obituary report:
David Richardson - 1980
David B. Kelley  - Sept, 4,1980
Helen Mathews Harris - Sept. 1980
Edwin Rollins - Jan. 1981
Mrs. Augusta K. Christie - Jan.1981
Mrs. Arthur (Irene) Oxton - Aug. 1981
Elmer Kellar - July 24,1981

The Pres. appointed the following nominating committee:
Leola Robinson, Glennys Gross, Marjorie Kelley, James Kalloch and Burt Hunt.

Bradbury Richardson favored us with a ballet dance for entertainment,

The nominating committee reported the following slate of officers:
        Pres. Craig Kalloch
        V. Pres. Eleanor Johnson
        Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills
        Chaplain Charlene Black
        Historian Peter Richardson
        Honorary Chaplain Mabel K. Rollins
Voted to accept the nominating committee report. 

Oldest member present was twin brothers 86 yrs. Harold & Herbert Kalloch,
youngest John Roberts Hunt 3 1/2 months.  Nancy’s granddaughter Maura is one day older.  If she had been here as they had planned it would have been real close competition.
The longest distance was the Arthur Olsons from Cal.
Colby and Lee Kalloch were married the longest 55 years.
We are sorry Henrietta Knowlton was not able to be with us.  She has been our oldest for a number of years and is 91 this year.

Peter followed with another talk on family and passed out charts of the first four generations of the Kalloch.  This included a sheet for each to make out their own record and bring in next year.  Peter would also like pictures, of people, houses, tombstones, obituaries and anything relating to genealogy.  Peter will copy them here so they will still be yours to keep.  One thing that would greatly help on the records is to have a history committee to help collect more of the back ground.  Peter also suggested the past reunion records be indexed to help make use of much information in them.  It would also be fascinating to get a record of the marine background in the family.  Many were farmers but there is no record of them.  There is a good record of ministers in the family and there were many, even now and Peter is one of them.  There should be more about what the women did.

This is all on cassette tape as was last years.  Voted to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,
Hazel Hills, Sec.

(Typewritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

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