Emily Talbot (Keller) Munson family
Daughter of Goddard Dodge Keller & Betsy Simonton
Wife of Josiah Hill Munson


Emily Talbot Keller

Josiah Hill Munson

Both Emily and Josiah kept journals on the Toando (the vessel which brought them from Maine to Washington Territory).  Josiah's was for his brother, Ted Munson, and Emily wrote hers for her friend Caroline (Carrie or Cad) Harmon both back in East Machias.  The Toando departed Sept 23, 1858 from Boston, Massachusetts and arrived at Port Gamble, Washington March 28, 1859. 

Emily penned this poem to a friend at home
Dec. 23, 1858

 To Friends at Home

I've left my native home afar,
Beyond the dark blue main,
And many a month may come
Ere I return again;
And months and years may come and go,
As rolling waves depart
Ere I forget to give you all
A home within my heart.

I come to you as swallows come
Across the stormy sea
My chief delight in other lands,
To sing my songs of home,
Nor will I once regret my home
And all the seas that part,
If you will only give me now
A home within your heart.

Josiah wrote this poem in Emily's Journal
Jan. 19, 1859


Earth has no fairer flower than thee
My true and sincere friend
In all her bowers where ere you be
Loves joys on all descend.
Your presence all delight to seek

That each may of your friendship speak.

Kept as you are by hands Devine
Each feels thy gentle power
Lingering round the heart and mind
Like sunset hues at eve's sweet hour.
Each joy and pleasure of your heart
Reflects on every friend a part.
(by) J. H. Munson

Voyage of the Toando, by Marilyn Morrison

Emily Talbot (Keller) Munson

Capt. Josiah Hill Munson

Josiah's obituary

Emily Talbot (Keller) Munson with daughters
Josie (Munson) Grant and Lucy (Munson) VanBuren


Sons Charles and Kimball Munson

Son Charles Herbert Munson


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