140th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2007

On August 18, 2007, Wessaweskeag Historical Society, located in South Thomaston, hosted the 140th Kalloch Family Association meeting with 38 people in attendance.  Many Kallochs have lived in South Thomaston.  When asked about exact locations of these homes, Peter Richardson replied, “Basically every other mailbox was a Kalloch homestead.”  But we do know that Rev. Joseph Kalloch, founder of the Kalloch reunions, was minister of the First Baptist Church in South Thomaston and next door to the Wessaweskeag Historical Society is an old Kalloch homestead, now owned by a Kalloch descendant, Sandra (Sleeper) Zimmerman.

Deb Lovely, president of the Kalloch Association, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.  She extended her appreciation to all those who had guided and helped her, particularly Evelyn Kalloch and Ruth Wade.  The secretary’s minutes were read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque, and with some minor spelling corrections, the minutes were accepted.

Evelyn Kalloch gave the treasurer’s report.  Again this year, we had many generous donations.  Since the Kalloch Association is a non-profit organization, it is dependent on the generosity of the “clan”.  Our appreciation is extended to these donors: Fred/Gail Kalloch ($100), Deb Lovely and Terry Luce ($100), Bob/Anita Nelson ($300), Gail Clark, Marilyn Morrison, Edith Kalloch, Pat Middough, Rev. and Mrs. Blackman, Beatrice Kalloch, A.J. Oxton, Dee McCarthy, Robert/Agnes Crabtree, Alan Gross, Walter/Ruth Baker, Doloros Saletic, and Katherine Maya Kalloch for a total of $670.

Mrs. Kalloch stated that the beginning balance was $3,428.83.  Income for the fiscal year totaled $4956.04 with expenses totaling $1,569.69.  The checkbook balance as of August 18, 2007 was $3,366.35 (including $500 website escrow account) with no accounts receivable or payable.  Other assets include a computer.  Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Mrs. Kalloch thanked June Parmenter, registrar, for providing the gifts.  She also stated the Kalloch Association had donated $50 to the memory of Paul Merriam.  Also noted was that the Wessaweskeag Historical Society gave $1000 to the Finnish Society (one of many Finn-Kalloch connections include Evelyn Nuppula (Kalloch) marrying Phillip Kalloch Sr.).  On display at the Historical Society was a painting of the Keag River Bridge as painted by Kusti Nuppula, father of Evelyn Kalloch and grandfather of Victoria Levesque.

A moment of remembrance was given to those who had passed this year:  Priscilla Baum, Gladys Farrand, Paul Merriam, Helen Graves, and Jean Hamalainen.

Peter Richardson recognized Evelyn Kalloch for being a General Convener, Networker, and Newsletter writer, publisher, and distributor.  Her hard work each year is greatly appreciated.

Eleanor Richardson presented Webmaster Ken Kalloch’s report.  As an example of how many hits Kalloch .org has had, from June 25 to July 9, 2007, there were 80-100 visitors per day.  Ken has finished typing all the individuals from Zora (Killough) Cunningham’s book.  Currently, he is updating the information using the 2005 book by Jason Killough.  New features have been added to the website in order to move more easily through the Killough/Kalloch connection.  Ken also listed his expenses for the year, including website expenses, supplies, and software.

Eleanor Richardson shared two publications she has written.  One, compiled by Heritagemakers.com, called Looking Backward Through the Telescope, featured a look at her family history, starting with the grandchildren and working backwards.  Another manuscript, still in draft mode, is the history of Mechanic Street and a bit of history about each house.

Motions made:

To reimburse Ken Kalloch his total expenses for the year at $517.58. Passed.
To refill the Website escrow account back to $500. Passed
To keep the cloth sheet of children’s handprints from the 125th Reunion and from the 130th Reunion along with the family quilt (Deb Lovely). This was presented by Dee McCarthy. Passed.
To give $100 donation to the Wessawaskeag Historical Society. Passed.
To have the 141st Reunion at the Wessaweskeag Historical Society building. Passed.

Nominating committee members Shirley Keller Thomas and Eleanor Richardson presented the slate of officers for 2007-2008: Alex Gross, president, Deb Lovely and Ken Kalloch, vice-presidents, Victoria Kalloch Levesque, recording secretary, Evelyn Kalloch, treasurer and corresponding secretary, Pat Stephen, chaplain, Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch, historians, Dean Mayhew, historian emeritus, June Parmenter, registrar, Ken Kalloch, webmaster, and Shirley Keller Thomas and Eleanor Richardson, 2008 nominating committee Motion was made to accept and was passed unanimously.

The coffee pot yielded $165.60.  Alex Gross brought a bottle of his wine and it was auctioned and sold for $45 to Anita Nelson.  Prizes awarded included: Oldest to Evelyn Kalloch, 80 years old, Youngest to Trevor La Salvia, 9 years old, Longest Married to Jeanine and Victor Lawrence at 51 ½ years, Early Bird to Fred Kalloch, Furthest Traveled to Pat Stephen, Nebraska, Door Prize to Donna Fifield, and prizes to newcomers C. William Colby, Barbara Colby, Helen Colby Campbell, Monte and Moe Kalloch, and Katherine Maya Kalloch.

Pat Stephen gave the blessing and the meeting was adjourned for lunch.

Guest speaker was Dianne Bergstedt Boyd who presented an introduction to the Maine Boyds and their Kalloch connection, (handouts used: The Scots in Maine, Scottish Place-Names in Maine).  Dianne’s husband Richard Boyd, descends from George Boyd who came from Antrim and married Margaret Finley Kalloch (daughter of our common ancestor Finlay, who was born in N. Ireland in 1718 and moved to Warren, ME in 1735).  The Kalloch/Boyd connection dates back to the Ulster Scots.  Dianne stressed that not only do we share a historical connection, but a cultural one as well.  Her concluding statements reflect our heritage.  “We (the Kallochs) have fought the enemy, and each other, to maintain our freedom.  We’ve learned to defend ourselves, our family and our land.”  Well said.

Peter Richardson, historian, briefly outlined our common ancestors and where the “clusters” of Kallochs lived locally.  Peter’s new book Archetype of the Spirit: Origins of Spirituality—Individual and Collective was available for purchase.

The 140th Kalloch Family Association Reunion was adjourned at 2:47 to tour Sandra Sleeper Zimmerman’s “Kalloch” house.

Respectfully Submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, secretary

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