How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank, "Diary of a Young Girl"

GREAT NEWS: The Kalloch Reunion Association now has itís own web site, thanks to Kenneth Kalloch, Concord New Hampshire.  The site is as follows: http://kalloch.accessgenealogy.com.  We are really excited about this because Ken has done an excellent job.  Rev. Peter Richardson, our Historian, retyped the entire 1830+ pages of genealogy, which was then typed into the web site by Ken....he has since received inumerable inquiries and additions to this site.  We are indeed fortunate to have these two do this work, and it is all volunteer work!!  Please send your comments and/or thanks to these two at the following:

Peter Richardson, 22 Mechanic St., Rockland, ME 04841 Or E-mail: PTEMR@aol.com
Kenneth D. Kalloch, 11 Joffre St., Concord, NH 03301 Or E-mail kdk44@juno.com

NEWSWORTHY: Kendall Merriam, son of Paul & Doris Merriam, published one of his short stories in the October issue of Portland Monthly Magazine.  Itís a really neat fiction entitled "Dead Manís Beach" with local connotations.  Another Merriam son, Gil Merriam, wrote a great article, "Reinventing Wheels - Passenger trains and boats to link up again in midcoast Maine".  This article was in a new local publication The Midcoast Review.  Well done, brothers Merriam.

Julie Kalloch Raye, active in community service, was selected as Chamber Person of the Year in January by the Rockland- Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Old Town House, erected in 1839 in Union, has been considered for the National Register of Historic Places.  It is now owned by Union Historical Society, who have indicated that they would like to have us meet in Union at one of our reunions. The hall is available for group use.

Edna St. Vincent Millay lived in Union until she was in the eighth grade, after which she moved to Camden.  Nancy Milford authored Ednaís biography Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay .

Roxanne Moore Saucier, who spoke at the Kalloch Reunion last year, wrote a wonderful article about our new web site in her column "Family Ties" in the Bangor Daily News.  She is a great source of information for anyone looking for ancestral ties. The address is:

Family Ties, Bangor Daily News, P.O. Box 1329, Bangor, ME 04402

Excerpt from Bangor Daily News, 10/27/01: When Master Chief James Kalloch retires from the United States Navy in 2003, he wants to resume the life he left behind when he dropped out school in 1970 to serve his country.  He wants to be an Owlís Head lobsterman.  His problem, according to the state law that decides who gets a lobster

license and who does not, is that heís served his country too long....itís a long story, but his appeal was rejected. It is too bad that those 30 years serving his country do not count when it comes to lobstering licenses! (Read entire article)

In the aftermath of September 11, Maine writers share their sadness and hope by writing poems, one of which follows, written by Rose M. Blake of Searsport, ME after seeing lighted candles in windows:

"And I know there seems no end
To all sadness and tears
But together, in light, weíre stronger
Love overcomes the darkest years."

The Youth and Scouting Council of St. George is building a Lodge on 18 acres of donated land at Snowís Point, which is near the Wileyís Corner Grange where we used to meet.  Unfortunately, the lodge will not be completed in time for this yearís reunion....maybe next year?

OBITUARIES: Gaylee E. Bork, age 29, died of Cancer Sept. 30, 2000.  She left two small children, her mother Geraldine F. Mahoney Killough, 3 brothers and her paternal grandmother.  Gaylee had spoken to the Kalloch Reunion Association and was a proud and active member of the Killough branch.

Robert Wade, husband of Ruth Wade, passed away April 20, 2001.  He was the son of Cyrus and Addie Keller Wade and lived in Rockport.  In addition to his wife, he is survived by four sons, four daughters, 19 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

D. Elaine Curra, died in New Hampshire on January 9, 2002.  She was the daughter of Sumner and Ethel (Dearborn) Kalloch.  She was the last surviving child of Sumner Boyd Kalloch, son of Adam Boyd Kalloch, Jr. of St. George, Maine. She was the Aunt of Kenneth D. Kalloch of New Hampshire.

Norman Rice Kalloch, Sr. died September 12, 2001 at Rockport after a brief illness.  He was the husband of Norma Robbins Kalloch who died in 1987.  Norman was the son of Obadiah B. and Juneta Hooper Kalloch. Norman belonged to several organizations, among them Maine Fuel Dealers Assn.  He was a long time owner of Kalloch Fuel in Rockland. Norm was well known and liked by all.  Survivors include son Norman Kalloch, Jr., daughters Cheryl Miller and Sandy Boughton, one sister, Eleanor Pendleton and several grandchildren.

Long time member of the Kalloch Reunion Assn., editor and writer of the Kalloch Newsletter, Nancy Sack died at Stone Ridge, NY July 30, 2001.  She is survived by one son, Donald Sack of Stone Ridge, a granddaughter Maura of Manhattan and a cousin, Charlene Black of St. George, ME.  Her obituary makes note of her many talents and successes.  A commemorative article, written by her cousin Charlene Black, follows.


First woman president of the Kalloch Family Reunion Assn. and very active in keeping the Kalloch Family Assn. Reunion alive during some of its low years, particularly in the 1970s.  Nancy attended her last Kalloch Reunion in 1992.

Nancy was ill for the last eight years of her life.  Her earlier years were spent at Westchester County Community College, and then went on to State University of New York at New Paltz, graduating in 1963 as an elementary education teacher.  Later on she graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Nancy was very active as a teacher in the Hudson Valley area of New York for many years, beginning in 1963 until she retired.  She was a reading specialist and dedicated to her profession.

A fine singer and pianist, she performed in numerous theatre productions over the years in New York and in Cape Cod, Mass. where she had a home.  She enjoyed traveling and made a number of trips to England and to France.

Nancy was also a writer and had written and staged two plays, "The Two Mrs. Lincolns", 1980 and "Edna St. Vincent Millay", 1987.  At the 125th Kalloch Reunion in 1992 she gave a wonderful monologue of Norma Millay, leaving a few attendees to believe she was Norma! She also wrote a short novel, "Family Reunion", which was not published but was quite entertaining nevertheless.

She was quite active as a volunteer in many community organizations in the Kingston area of New York.  Nancy cared very much about family and worked tirelessly to build up the Kalloch Family Assn. and the Reunion.  She had her friends during their travels look up Kallochs in the telephone directories wherever they were so she could initiate contacts with a number of far-flung Kallochs.

Nancy loved coming to Tenants Harbor from her earliest years to visit the family home where her grandfather, Dr. Herbert F. Kalloch, had grown up and where her father, Colby B. Kalloch, had spent much of his youth. Her last visit here in 1992 completed sixty-five years of` trips to Maine before she became ill.

Nancy is survived by son Donald C. Sack, of Stone Ridge, NY And her granddaughter Maura Sack of New York City.

  By: Charlene Allen Black
      Tenants Harbor, Maine

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Carl H. Vetra sent a package containing old pictures that were his motherís, grandmotherís and great grandmother, Ella Keller.  There were birth and marriage certificates, and other documents, pictures, newspaper clippings, some of which were of Kalloch Reunions back to the 1920ís.  Mr. Vetra descends down from the Matthew line, including Kellers and Sanborns.  This will be given to Rev. Richardson, our Historian, for family records.

Ruth Wade announced the 100th birthday of Martha Keller Sumner of Williamstown, VT on June 8, 2002.  She also descends down from the Matthew line.  Happy Birthday to this grand lady.

QUILT SQUARES: We would still like to receive family quilt squares from all that have time to submit them.  They make a fantastic wall hanging which is hung each year at the Reunion.  The squares should be 12 1/2 inches square in order to match the ones already on the hanging.  These can drawn, embroidered, colored, sewn with patches, photocopied with family photos, etc.  All are welcome, and do depict your family history.

THANKS TO: President Jeanine, Ruth Wade, Peter Richardson, Vickie Levesque, Julia Hunter, Gail Kalloch, & Gerry Kearns who have helped pull things together for our 135th.  Many thanks to Norm Kalloch, Jr. for the labels and continuing work with address changes.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: "We are about to celebrate our 135th annual Kalloch Association Reunion.  It is very exciting for me to be a part of it.  We had hoped to have the reunion where there is camping and swimming available, but finally had to settle for a church that has grounds for outdoor activities.  It has been my objective to have some activities that will allow families to mingle more than we have in the past.  We are planning to have an old fashioned sack race, volleyball, badminton, and hopefully horseshoes, beginning after the early morning business meeting.  There will also be time to browse family genealogy.  Come join us and get to know more family members, as well as history of one of the oldest families in the area."

Jeanine Gross Kalloch Lawrence, Pres.

NOTE: Meeting place will be at the Warren Baptist Church on Main Street, Warren, ME.  One of the founders was Alexander I.  There is a side door at ground level for entry to the downstairs meeting room and kitchen, ample parking, playground equipment back of the former school next door.  We are reserving the space for 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with Registration at 9:30 AM, business meeting and election of officers at 10:00 AM.  An excellent buffet lunch, prepared by Mrs. Kay Dodge of Owls Head and her helpers, will be served at 12:00 noon.  This will be a great 135th celebration.  Do come.  Directions are easy, go onto Main St. from either Route One, Route 90 or Route 131....about midway down hill from Post Office.  Baptist Church sign on front lawn.  Parking rear of church or at street.

Evelyn Kalloch, Treas., Corresponding Sec.

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