Make Wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age, for it is a

more certain support than all other possessions...... Bias (f. 570 B.C.)

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE:  At the 132nd Kalloch Family Reunion, I was once again elected to be your President for another year.  The relatives and friends at the reunion seemed to enjoy to themselves.  There were new members who we had not seen before and I hope this will be the case this year.  See you on August 19, 2000.

Robert F. Crabtree

AT THE REUNION:  Once again the [133rd] Reunion will be held at the John Street Methodist Church in Camden, Maine (Reservation form attached with directions) with Registration at 10:00 A.M.  This year’s theme is centered on clan Donald and Douglas MacDonald of Concord New Hampshire will be the featured speaker who will speak on Scottish and Clan history.  He stated that there are over 4000 Clan Donald members, but we shall hear more next August.  Meeting and Election of officers will be at 11:00 A.M. Buffet Lunch will be served at 12:00 by the church ladies, with program commencing at 1:00 P.M.  We have a change in fees in that members reserving for lunch will be charged $12.00 and those who plan to attend the meeting only without lunch will be charged $5.00.

NEWSWORTHY:  We are happy to report that Gaylee Bork of the Killough branch is recovering after a difficult year of treatment for cancer... we hope that she will once again attend our meetings.

Scott Reed, son of Kenneth and Phyllis Kalloch Reed of Warren has announced his engagement to Jaime Casceillo... both are of Connecticut.

President and Mrs. Crabtree were the guests of honor at their 60th anniversary party on Nov. 29, 1999 at the John St. Methodist Church with more than 90 people in attendance.  Bob had been a selectman in the town of Hope for many years, as well as being involved in other local government activity.  Agnes was the former Agnes Lermond and attended schools in Hope and Union.  She worked for Chater's Greenhouse for many years.  They have one daughter, Patricia, who lives in Florida.

OBITUARIES:  Margaret Flint, long time companion of Norman Kalloch, Sr., died in March of this year.

Sadly, Haze! Hills, long time member of the Kalloch Association, died Dec. 25, 1999.  Her life is documented in the following pages.

OBITUARIES (cont'd):  Naomi Kearns, sister of Geraldine Kearns, passed away April 11, 2000 three months after diagnosis of cancer.  Born in Camden, Me she had lived in Bangor before moving to Portland, CT.  She is also survived by three sons, one daughter and a brother.  She was an active member of the Kalloch Reunion and its committees.


Hazel Hills, who passed away at the age of 94, was born in Warren, Maine April 11, 1905 to Fred and Alice Kalloch Kenniston.  She was one of seven children... three girls and four boys.  She grew up in Warren, but moved to Providence, RI as a teenager.  After attending schools in that state, she moved back to Warren, worked as a secretary at the Farm Bureau and married Virgil Hills.  Together they managed a prosperous farm and dairy, as well as the Warren Telephone Company.  Joyce, their daughter, married Vivian Hutchings from Norway, Maine. 

Her daughter, her nieces and nephews, and her many friends would have described her as a remarkable woman.  Her many interests and hobbies, her sense of humor and positive attitude kept her in unusually good health, both physically and mentally, and endeared her to her family.  She used her keen mind and memory the last few years by reviewing her diary that she kept all through her life to write down all the interesting anecdotes of the Kenniston/Kalloch family.  These notes are being used to prepare a history of the family.

Her multi-interest began when she was exposed to the best of music and theater in Providence and continued her whole life.  The many years she spent as a farmer's wife lead her to being food's leader in the Extension Service, cooking, sewing, tailoring and every type of stitchery.  The latter included bargello, Swedish weaving, crewel, knitting and crocheting.  She even started a baby afghan the day she became ill.  Other hobbies included an earring collection, scrapbooks, stamp collecting, gardening and pen pals. 

Hazel was an active member of the Warren Baptist Church, the Mission Circle and King's Daughters, and was working on updating the church history.  An interest in family and genealogy and bookkeeping led her to her positions as Secretary/ Treasurer for the Kalloch and Hills family reunions 

Although she kept herself physically fit, she had heart surgery in her late 80's and died from a stroke on Christmas day, December 25, 1999.  She was predeceased by her husband Virgil and her second husband, Warren, Hills.,

by Joyce Hills Hutches and Mary deBoer.

I miss Hazel and her occasional phone calls.  Graveside services were held May 13, 2000 at the Starrett Cemetery in Warren.  She will be sorely missed at our reunions.



MORE NEWSWORTHY:  I had neglected to mention that Norman Kalloch, Sr. is now residing at Camden Health Care Center in Camden, ME.

We received a lovely quilt square from Sandy Penico, niece of Hazel Kenniston Mills, who had transferred a photo of Hazel and her siblings as young adults onto fabric.  Speaking of which we are still accepting family history quilt squares from our members... squares should be 12 1/2 inches square, leaving a 12 inch finished piece.  Please send to Evelyn. Elinor Johnson is in charge of our family wall hanging with the quilted squares.

Mary deBoer, daughter of Bertha Kenniston Drewett, sent the history, genealogical charts and family tree of her mother to us... these can be accessed at the reunion by those who have an interest in this family tree.

We received a letter from Carl Vetra of Florida who included an obituary of his mother Vivian Brown Vetra, who passed away August 31, 1997.  Carl also included an extensive genealogy of the Keller/Sanborn families... these also can be accessed at the reunion.  I have sent copies of all of the above to Peter Richardson, our Historian and keeper of the genealogy books.

I am unable to state when new genealogy books will be available.  There is a lot of information which is sent to Peter, all of which takes time to post to our records. As mentioned previously, we could certainly use help on this project and transfer records to discs.

Shirley Ann Keller, daughter of John E. Keller and Florence E. Taylor Keller, was married to John Roy Thomas of Ocala, Florida on February 14, 2000 at Summerfield, Florida.  They currently reside in Florida... Congratulations to both.

Union Historical Society has extended an invitation for the Kalloch Association to attend their Come Spring and/or Blueberry Festival... we will be welcome anytime.

Andrea Itkin, who entertained us with a portrayal of Edna St. Vincent Millay at last year's reunion, was absolutely phenomenal.  All members thoroughly enjoyed this program and were benefited by the history of our ancestor, who was a famous poet.

Once again, I must remind you to please send any address changes... we are losing contact with a lot of our members who have not done so and who have been long time recipients of the newsletter.

Thank you to Bob Crabtree for a great job as President, and to this year's committee who planned the reunion: Margaret Carlton, Gerry Kearns, Vickie Levesque, Elinor Johnson, Thanks also to Norm Kalloch, Jr. for continuing with the address labels.

Evelyn N. Kalloch


At this time of year in Maine we look at a landscape bare of foliage.  Silhouetted against a clear blue sky, we see gray, white or tan trees interspersed with stately evergreens.
We often recognize to which family a tree belongs:  Oak, elm maple, birch.

......Margaret Carleton

     What do you know about your “family tree”, The Kalloch Family?  What do you know about your roots?  What branch are you from?  Who shares your branch?  Do you know some of the history?  Are you familiar with our history as Scots?

     We hope that you are interested in sharing what you know, and that you are interested in learning more about the “Kalloch Family”.  We get together annually, the third Saturday in August, to connect, recollect and have fun.

     Please send any and all comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. which you may have to add to our reunion activities.

     Mark August 19, 2000 on your calendars today.  Details and registration information of this year’s reunion will follow in our Newsletter to be mailed in May/June.  We look forward to seeing new faces this year, as well as our regulars.

     We would appreciate hearing from those of you who are working on or have a special interest in genealogy, family history, or biographical information of family members.  Please send to Evelyn and it will be forwarded to Peter, our family historian and to Margaret Carleton, our program chair person.

URGENT: With the 911 address changes, PLEASE send any address corrections as soon as possible to Evelyn N. Kalloch, P.O. Box 124, Thomaston, ME 04861


NEW ADDRESS:__________




                Thanks..... Evelyn

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