120th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1987

(Transcribed from the original handwritten copy.)

The 120th. Kalloch Reunion was held Aug. 22, 1987 at Beaver Lodge, Union, Maine.

After enjoying our lunches, we went inside for the meeting.  President Dean Mayhew called the meeting to order.  The Sec. and Treas. reports were read.  We have a balance of $691.40 on hand and $244.61 in the Historian account.

The Obituary report was given -
1. Norma C. Kalloch, Thomaston, Maine
2. Frances J. Kalloch, Rockland, Maine
3. Robert E. Kalloch,         "              "
4. Wesley S. Maple, Manchester, N.H.

Under old business - The Ulster Gen. Guild of No. Ireland has no record of the original Kalloch.

New business - a new meeting place.

We voted to hold next year's meeting at the St. George Grange Hall.  The Warren Odd Fellow Hall was our second choice.

It was suggested that in the newsletter some area events happening - be made available.  Some members found the list of bed and breakfast places that Hazel Hills researched - very helpful.  They found the owners friendly and lots of delicious food.

Officers for the coming year are -
Pres. Anita Fernald Johnson
V. Pres. Hazel Hills
Sec. Donna Perry
Treas. Paul Merriam

The oldest member present was Capt. Ralph Kalloch - 87 years.  The youngest - Rebecca Mayhew - 13.  The furthest member traveled from California - Catherine Olsen.  The couple married the longest - Glennys and Lloyd Gross - 58 years.

The ye Ole Coffee mug - $121.00

33 members signed the attendance sheet

A Historical tour of the St. George area was mentioned.  David A. Kalloch volunteered to be the chairman.  Nancy Sack and Leola Robinson have done research in this area.  Leola Robinson was missed at the Reunion.  She has missed very few.

Pres. Dean Mayhew said "Think Computer".

It was mentioned - The medical history of Kalloch's - would be helpful

A book by Linwood Moody - Alexander descendant , called "Maine Two-footers" about the Maine Railroad is out.

Respectfully submitted
Donna Perry

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