The William Nickerson memorial in Chatham, Massachusetts, has the
following words inscribed:
He who has no feelings of veneration for his predecessors
should expect none from those who follow him.

The 120th annual reunion will be held Saturday, August 22, at noon, at Beaver Lodge in Union, Maine.  Although several of us agree that we should look for a new spot, this is the same place we have been for the past several years.  Again, bring your own food and one thing to share.  There is a large porch and swimming facilities for those who wish.

Last year’s reunion [the 119th] was sparsely attended.  There seems to be all manner of reasons given for poor attendance - perhaps one is the comparative difficulty in finding Beaver Lodge.  It was an overcast day but we did feel that the 35 people who attended represented quality even if we did not represent quantity.  Our oldest was Harold Kalloch, age 92, and our youngest was William Edward Morgan, 2½. Dorothy Pearson traveled the longest - from Florida; Glennys and Floyd Gross were married longest - 57 years.  The coffeepot yielded $167.  The officers are: Dean Mayhew, President; Eleanor Johnson, Vice President; Donna Perry, Secretary; Hazel Hills, Assistant Secretary; Paul Merriam, Treasurer; Doris Merriam, Chaplain; and Peter Richardson, Historian.

A suggestion was made that we include information on accommodations in the area.  I did this several years ago and got no response but thanks to Hazel Hills I am again giving a list of suggestions.  BUT you must REMEMBER that August is prime tourist time in Maine and you have to PLAN AHEAD.

Bed and Breakfast
Captain’s House
122 Main Street
Thomaston, ME 04861

Moody’s Cabins
Rte. 1, Waldoboro

Hamilton Homestead
35 Camden Street
Rockland, ME 04841

Yankee Traveler Motel
Rte. 1, Warren

Camden’s Quarters
37 Camden Street
Rockland, ME 04841

Camden Hills Motor Lodge
Rte. 1, Camden -


Old Granite inn
546 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841

The Ledges
Ate. 1, Glen Cove, Rockland

American Bed & Breakfast
c/o Mrs. Victor Hills
Waldoboro, ME 04572

Trade Winds Motor Inn
302 Main St., Rockland

Lobster Buoy Campsite
South Thomaston

Craignair Inn
Spruce Head

Mic Mac Cove

The East Wind
Tenants Harbor


Rockland Area Chamber of Commerce
Rockland, ME 04841


The 1887 reunion was held at Mclntire’s Grove, Rockport, presided over by Pres. B. K. Kalloch.  Remarks were made by the Rev. Mr. Leach, H. Ingraham, G.W. Kalloch, J.L. Kalloch, F.S. Kalloch.  They voted to hold the next reunion at Crescent Beach in South Thomaston and ended saying, “all agreed that this, gathering though not so large as some had been a pleasant one.”

TREASURER’S REPORT (Paul Merriam, 72 Mechanic Street, Rockland 04841)

Receipts from Coffeepot, Newsletter Donations, and Interest and Balance:




Cassette Tapes
Lodge Rental
Security Deposit








Historian Account:



Contributors since 1986:


Raymond Oxton
Catherine Kalloch
Pearl Kalloch
Bonnie Deitz
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hall
Dorothy Blackman

Mitchell Kalloch
Thelma Kalloch Bennett
Flora Kalloch Peavey
Doris Blackman Merriam
Alta Kalloch Scott
Marguerite Fleury Kernaghan
Mary Crocker Leno

After discussion at the reunion it was voted to give accumulated interest each year from our account and donations given in memory of Sam Kalloch to a deserving graduate of the high school in Thomaston, preferably someone connected to the Kalloch family.  Since the summer we have also received a donation from Sam’s daughter, Joan Freeze, and will be able to give at least $60.  Charlene Black and Paul Merriam will be contacting the school for a suitable recipient.


Stanley Kalloch died September 18, 1986, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He was the son of Arthur and Dora Kalloch and a longtime resident of Thomaston, having retired from the Armour Meat Company in 1969.  I met Stanley for the first time when began coming to reunions some ten years ago and discovered that Alexander Kalloch was our immediate ancestor, so we were quite close cousins.  I had missed him at recent reunions and extend sympathy to Mrs. Kalloch and his family.

Wesley S. Maple died December 10, 1986, in Manchester, N.H. Born in 1950, he was the son of Wesley and Ebba Kalloch Maple, and grandson of Herbert Kalloch, and had been employed with New England Telephone.

Norma Millay Ellis, sister of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, died April 14, 1986, in Austerlitz, N.Y.  Born in Rockland, she appeared as an actress with the Provincetown Players and on Broadway and lived at Steepletop, where her sister lived until her death.  The farm is now a National Historic Landmark

Frances J. Kalloch, wife of Carl H. Kalloch, died February 24, 1987.  She was mother of Craig, Jan, Julie, Gail, and Cindy, and a faithful follower of the reunion.

Donna Perry writes that her cousin, Aaron E. Kalloch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kalloch of Machias, has been accepted to West Point after an outstanding career as a scholar and athlete at Machias Memorial High School.  I am only about an hour’s drive from West Point and hope that Aaron will want a visit from a shirt-tail relative, as I would love a tour with a cadet!  West Point is situated in a spectacular setting on the Hudson River; not too long ago I went on a quest to find Custer’s burial spot in the West Point cemetery after reading a book about him.

Before the reunion Charlene Black and I went to visit Dorothy Healy, the curator of the Maine Women Writers’ Collection at Westbrook College in Portland, to discuss the possibility of placing our Kalloch record book in the collection.  Since Edna St. Vincent Millay was of the Kalloch clan and certainly one of the best-known Maine women writers, they would be willing to give a spot to the record book for safekeeping.  However, at the reunion we came to the conclusion that it was not wise for future genealogical seekers to have one book at the college and everything else with Peter Richardson, so we are not going to give the book to the library.  It was, however, pleasant and interesting to meet with Ms. Healy.  It is of interest also that Peter was contacted by a New York City lawyer when Norma Millay Ellis died; the lawyer was seeking information on family.  I wonder how he found Peter?  Perhaps he came across one of our newsletters which were sent yearly to Norma.

Thelma Kalloch Bennett wrote me a nice note from Florida thanking me and my cousin, Elaine Stewart, for the newsletter and reporting that Augusta Kalloch Christie had been a good friend of hers.

Dottie Blackman responded to an earlier request for family information with the following: John Blackman’s son, David, married Ruth Elizabeth Putney (b. 8/30/58) in Syracuse, NY on June 13, 1981.  First child: Christina Dawn Blackman, was born.

Flora Kalloch Peavey wrote that last July she won the Silver Poet Award and was presented with an award at a gala in Orlando, Florida.  She included a “30 Years Ago’ article from the “Fort Fairfield Review” of July 9, 1986: Mrs. Walter Christie, president of Maine WCTU announced her organization in cooperation with the Governor’s Committee on Highway Safety was sponsoring safe driving week and adopting the slogan - Arrive Alive: Don’t Drink and Drive. (Ed. Note: Wasn’t she ahead of her time?)  The local senior citizens publication featured Flora and her diary, which she has kept since age 15 and noted that she is in the Senior Hall of Fame in Everett, Washington for saving the lives of a woman and little boy and helping to pay bills for those less fortunate.

Mary Crocker Leno of Yucca Valley, CA sent me a list of Kallochs who have been meeting at their own reunion for years.  Mary is the great granddaughter of Amariah Kalloch and is in contact with a bevy of Kallochs on the West Coast who are now on our mailing list.

Margaret Bentley of Canada, first cousin to Winston Kellock, is looking for information on her great grandfather Kellock’s brothers who went to Cushore, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania and then to California.  She has lists of over 500 descendants of Robert Kellock (1797-1876) and Mary Ann Mackay Kellock (1805-1874).  The people she is looking for are: William (b. 1820 and went to PA); Andrew (b. 1828); Margaret (b. 1829); Robert (b. 1830 and went to PA); George (b. 1833); Jane (b. 1834); Julia (Bapt. 1842); Alexander (b. 1846 went to PA); Daniel MacKay (h. 1846); Thomas (b. 1847); John Mackay (Bapt. 1840).  If you have info or want to correspond with Margaret: 5527 Carriageway Ores., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B 3K 5K 4.

Another interesting story has evolved as the result of my Kalloch newsletter.  A long-time friend of mine retired when I did over a year ago and returned to California, where he has been housesitting.  Last October he wrote me the following saga:

“Yesterday I drove into the Red Dog Cemetery (Nevada City, CA) to get the newspapers.  There in front of me was ONE grave in the old and very rundown section with the name: Eunice B. Kalloch 1861-1890 - no other inscriptions and no other Kallochs.  I got on the phone immediately and called the cemetery and she had me call the Nevada County Historical Society, who in turn had me call a Mr. Ed. Tyson of the Searls Library.  He found her name and directed me to the County Clerk and her name was in Book 1, page 179, in the Deceased Books, recorded Nov. 1, 1890 and stating that she was a native of Pennsylvania with cause of death “Phttrisio.”  (Note: The lady who helped him out had read about us in the “Yankee” Magazine.)  It indicated that when she died she was 29 years, 4 months, and 21 days old, (thus having been born in 1861).  This is the obituary he copied from the Nevada Daily Transcript, Tuesday, Sept. 9, 1890.  Mrs. Kalloch, who came here three months ago from San Francisco for the benefit of her health, and after living awhile at C.A. Pare’s house removed to the house of Mrs. Ludby on Sacramento Street, died Monday morning of consumption.  She was the wife of Dr. Kalloch of the Marine Hospital at San Francisco, and he will arrive here Tuesday.


My friend did not stop there but went to several hotels and the historical society and the one hotel that still exists from that date: The National Hotel.  He found that the records for those years were in storage and promised to look for them (that is a record of Dr. Kalloch having possibly stayed there) but never got back to him, If anyone wishes to pursue this further to find out more about Dr. Kalloch, they could write Mr. T. Coleman, Mgr., The National Hotel1 211 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959.  My friend wondered whether or not the husband (Dr. Kalloch) could be Isaac’s son Milton.  The story of Milton attacking Isaac’s adversary Dr. Young is recorded on p. 76 of “The Townsmen,” the Time Life series on The Old West.

Then on March 1, 1987, the San Francisco Examiner put out a Centennial edition with pictures of past Mayors. Isaac Smith Kalloch, December 1, 1879, is listed as the 16th Mayor of San Francisco, with a picture -- which I know can be found in the San Francisco Library as well.

I am personally pushing to return the reunion to the Coast of Maine, which I find to be much more accessible and beautiful.  I think the old St. George Grange is still very suitable.  We left there several years back because it is not as large and because we were hoping people would take up the idea of camping.  Well, no one camps so I do not see why we have to go to Beaver Lodge.  Leola Robinson told me last summer that there is now a path from the Grange down to the St. George River so children could have some activity (if we provide a sitter); and it is near the historical First Baptist Church of St. George, several Kalloch homesites and an historical cemetery.  Joseph Kalloch served two terms as pastor of that church.  The Craignair Inn (10 minutes away) could provide us with a buffet lunch for 80 people or a sitdown lunch for 50 -- in either case for under $10 per person.  We could then motor back to the Grange for the meeting.

DIRECTIONS to Beaver Lodge.  From the North and the Down East area via Rt. 1, come into Belfast, take Rt. 3 exit toward Augusta (heading West).  Follow At. 3 for 4 or 5 miles to Rt. 131 on the left.  Take this down through Searsmont and Appleton to At. 17 in Union.  Turn left on At. 17 by the Exxon Station. Stay on Rt. 17 for about 21/2 miles, then take the 5th left-hand turn onto At. 235.  (Kalloch signs hopefully will be placed at Rt. 235 and At. 17 Junction).  Go 1½ to 2 miles on Rt. 235.  As you start up a hill, the entrance road to Beaver Lodge will be on your right -- a dirt road by a sign that reads either “Beaver Lodge” or “Knox County Fish and Game Association.”  Continue for about a mile and you should be at Beaver Lodge.  This all may seem complicated, but It really isn’t.  From the Augusta area, take Rt. 17 and follow directions from the Rt. 131 intersection by the Exxon Station as you enter Union.  From the South, via Rt. 1 and Rt. 235, take Rt. 236 straight through Union Common to the blinker at Rt. 17 (at Elmer’s Restaurant), then go right on Rt. 17 and follow above directions, except it will be the 4th left-hand turn onto Rt. 235.  From the Rockland area via Rt. 17 heading toward Union and Augusta, look for Fuller’s Trading Post in South Hope (a general store on your right).  Take the 3rd right-hand turn after this store onto Rt. 235 and follow above directions.

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